Thursday, 21 February 2008

Found some blogs.......

As as I was cruising around blogland I have found some new blogs to me..........thought I would share.........
Tiriltunge, Scrap Basket and Kviltstina - thought I had another one but lost it for now......
....also Day Day's blog is being updated more regularly now she does wonderful sewing besides a pile of bags and so does Peg (if you have not found them yet) and Bloom is back on air....

Here is a pic from my trip to Jodie it is a cactus flower - I have made it into a card also...........

Take care


  1. Thanks for all the links Donna. I love to see there is a Swedish blogger in your links!

  2. Thanks for mentioning us "out west girls"...the other blogs are great and thanks for the links....take care

  3. Chooky, I love how you share your findings of good blogs. That cactus flower is beautiful. I have quite a few cactus's that have magnificent flowers. It will make a great card. I sold 11 cards at school today. I stopped at a florist and mustered all my courage to ask them if they wanted to buy and then they put me off b/c the manager wasn't there. How are you going with it??

  4. Hi, thanks for the bolgs you find for us. I like them. And I like the pictures of so lovely flowers,too.

  5. Lovely picture of the cactus flower - it certainly would make a pretty card. I am thinking I need a new camera. My old Canon automatic is about 4 years old now and it is starting to have a few hiccups. Any suggestions?

  6. Glad you found me!!!I´ve been lurking around your blog for some time...and it´s lovely. Such lovely flowers..I do long for spring ...have to wait a couple of months though....:(
    Hugs from Stina in the middle of wintertime!!

  7. Thanks for the great links!!! Can't wait to go check some of them out...
    Gorgeous pic of the flower, it'd look fantastic on a card!!


  8. wonderful flower pic and thanks for the new blogs.
    ciao ciao


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