Saturday, 26 December 2009

Best Christmas present ever.................

For as long as I can remember I don't remember a WET christmas.........[dh assures me one Christmas day we did a 360 turn in the lane but it was in my Laser i used to have and I said it could not have been too wet or we would not have been able to go anywhere].......we have been soooooo dry here and the rain started mid morning Christmas Day and it has not stopped was just gentle all day Christmas day and most of my visitors were able to get here and stay for lunch and enjoy the day............they left late afternoon and about 8.30pm the rain really set in for a bit and poured down.........we are over 3 inchs (80mls) of rain so far and while we are not flooding yet they are still forecasting it and it has not stopped raining since yesterday morning which may be common in your part of the world but in mine it is rare and they even have rain forecast for the next week which is something we have not seen for years and is the best Christmas we could wish for...........the garden is completely soaked and the paddocks are nearly that way now too and most of our dams are full again.............not much water in the creek yet but if it keeps up it will start to fill............I had started to plan my garden watering cut back so the rain has come just in time..............and the nice cool days low 20's is soooo nice

We have had a lovely day with family and then today I cleaned everything up and the neighbours slopped down in the mud and enjoyed all the left overs with us for lunch and some bubbly to celebrate the rain................

I also received some wonderful goodies from friends and family for christmas

Miriam - Yellow Roses sent me this little thankyou parcel for bloggy assistance and organising the SSCS.............totally not needed [to send me goodies] but I love it all..............

This book I got in one of my Christmas parcels..............also Fairy Girl got a kit to make one of the projects in the books..............dh was instructing other family members where to shop at online..............quite a scary I should start some creations now for next Christmas.............

A non bloggy friend gave me this charm pack and also a great quilty plate that i used yesterday so it isn't here for the pics.............

Another non bloggy friend gave me this parcel of goodies last week.........she saw the blue chook and just "had" to buy it for me..........and also a craftapoolza apple pincushion

she also included these panels for me..........

this one sums me up the best....time is my problem but if it rains all week that may be the only thing I am able to do....

.........I wasn't planning on doing much this week but I will be going no where at all if it stays wet.......I have plenty of food and stashed some chocolates that I received for Christmas as that is one of the things I get "desperate" for when we get stuck at home like this.............but it has been years so I will just LOVE every minute of it................Take Care til next time..............
PS back soon with my SSCS gift, advent swap goodies, and fairy girls swap goodies............think they need a post each then it will be onto the SSCS posts..............


  1. I hope the rain continues without any flood damage...I love the sound of steady rain on the roof and to see your dams filling up and the garden looking refreshed must be a great Christmas present!! Enjoy being "stranded"....I know I would!!

  2. I really hope the rain continues for certainly sounds like it is very welcome indeed. Your garden will love it....nothing beats the rain from above - no amount of sprinklers / hoses works quite as well......and the smell of the rain - there's nothing like it. Being stranded is a dream if you have chocolate and stitching.....enjoy!!!

  3. How wonderful I am so please for everyone.
    Merry Christmas


  4. Oh yay! even better you get a few days off from chasing hoses and can have a relax.

  5. We're watching the weather Chooky...hope it doesn't flood your way..just enough so you don't have to water yourself..
    I love the crinoline wooden thread holder!
    have a lovely rest and enjoy your chocs.
    Hugs Julia ♥

  6. So glad you are getting rain - but hopefully no flood. The earth must be sighing in relief...

    Just love that blue chook - too perfect.

    Sounds like you've had a lovely couple of days! Hope they continue!

  7. Glad you got some rain, hope it continues nice and steady but without flooding! We have had some much needed rain here too. Love all the gifts you received!! Merry Christmas to your family!!

  8. Yay! It's raining! So glad you are finally getting some rain. I have been hearing the flood warnings and wondered whether you were included in those. Hope it continues into next week! Being stranded sounds wonderful (as long as you have enough of the basics - food, chocolate and quilting fabric. I know sometimes they do drops of food to those stranded, do they include fabric? They certainly should!) Have a wonderful, wet week!

  9. I thought you surely must get some rain from Cyclone Laurence - it's a big country but nature's forces are bigger! Is all the greenery at your place - can't help but wonder? I'm so happy for you and yours!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. Happy Christmas Donna :O)

    I really hope the rain doesen't cause any flooding!! We are snowed in up here in the northern hemisphere...... We really got the white Christmas and a winter wonder land........

    X-mas hugs :O)

  11. Fabulous rain....I do hope some is headed our way; we really need it to size the fruit.( hot and dry here )
    I hope that sets you up with moisture for quite a while.

    I love the blue pincushion and chooky. Enjoy being indoors!

  12. how lucky are you ;-)
    we were forecast to have rain on Christmas eve, but it didn't get here :(
    i happy that you got rain though and i share your thoughts too - it is the best christmas present ever.
    enjoy the rest of the festive season.

  13. So pleased you had 'nice' rain! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. I'm glad you are getting plenty of rain (but not too much!).
    I'm happy your gift arrived safely and you love it.

    Love that blue chooky!!! Very cute!!!

  15. yay for the rain chooky, I heard about it on the radio....That blue chook is so chookyblue it will surely have to feature in a header of yours one of these days. I hope you get heaps more rain but not enough to stop the chocolate supply!

  16. ohh lucky you to have all that beautiful rain. We had a whole six spots...sigh. Gorgeous presents too - aren't you the spoilt one. Hope the rest of the week is relaxing and damp.

  17. So pleased to hear that the weather behaved.

    May your chocolate stash last long enough :o)

  18. So glad to see that you got some rain! We ended up with..... wait for it....... 5.5mms! Better than nothing!! Here's hoping that there's more coming our way soon!! Hope you're enjoying the big wet!! :)

  19. It is truly the best present ever.
    We got it on Christmas eve but none since. Looks like New Year may be hopeful.
    Love to see the green lawn.
    And oh to see dams full and rivers running.

  20. So glad you had some wonderful rain and cool temps.

    I'm enjoying looking at everyone's SSCS gifts. Such talent!


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