Thursday, 17 December 2009


Finally we are on school holidays...........not back to school til early Feb which seems like ages away but I am sure it will be here in a nothing planned for the holidays except maybe a weekend in the "big smoke"..............otherwise some sewing, swimming, tv time, some farm work and that is about it.........nice and easy - no school rush and no bus runs.........
Fairy Girl is full of Christmas excitement as we organised another swap with the "Little Stitchers" this time adding Miss Paradise...........
This time the girls had to make a needlecase and send on............Fairy Girl >> Tink >> Jessie Girl >> Miss Paradise >> Angel (who sends to Fairy Girl)
Angels Mum and I have already started to plan for next year........the excitement of the girls once they have finished their project is worth it...........

It is another hot day here and heading for above average temps again this month............thank goodness for air conditioning..............the rose photo was taken weeks ago when the garden was much nicer.......I like this photo.........the garden looks terrible at the amount of water is making
things look nice.........we haven't had a day under 28deg since late October...........were have those cool changes gone too????

Take Care til next time..............Chookyblue


  1. Hope you're enjoying the air con. I know I'm certainly becoming an inside hermit. Can't wait till it's cooler and the kids can be outside. Snake tracks everywhere around our house.... two D.E.A.D. snakes in less than a week in the yard. We aren't going outside!

  2. After a day of 40deg yesterday we have rain and a cool day today!!! Enjoy the hols, my kids are loving not doing anything!

  3. Hi Chooky,
    Lovely idea to organise a swap for the budding crafters..... My Miss 10 would love to be included if you do another at some stage.

  4. It's great to see the younger girls getting involved in sewing and swapping.
    Wising you some cooler days. We're down to 1 - 2 degs, some parts of the UK are even cooler as low as -10 with wind chill. You don't want it that cold do you?

  5. Enjoy the school holidays!!

    I hope you get some cool days soon......and some rain!

  6. Love the name you came up with for DD1, that will stick. Have an idea for DD2 too, will chat with you soon.

    Hmmmm got me curious, what you are thinking for next time.

    Signed, Mrs Paradise! LOL

  7. I wonder where you live and your blog is so different. I like it.
    Calling all bloggers I am having a huge giveaway on my blog and will be adding a new item everyday until 12/24. Check it out.

  8. Hey we live in Australia and it is summer ---- Now that sounds a little loud - I went to the skin specialist today at 71 I know it is summer .In my younger years we never heard about slip slop slap - He told me to use sunscreen twice a day. Really !!! Enjoy the summer in N.S.W. we had a 40c day then glorious rain. Excuse the raving on. Lovely to hear aboput the girls swaps.

  9. hmmm starting to hot up here too! Hey it is so wonderful how you include all the budding stitcher's in the swaps, it's great!

  10. always good to read your blog!
    i have been reading it now and then for ages now!!!
    and so appreciate your comments on the weather.

    here in sudan we are having really really lovely weather, the highs are only 34C and lows at night of 16C.(plus very low humidity..)
    and since we are nearly in midwinter its only going to get better. hooray!
    which compared to summer highs of 45C with humidity is absolutely gorgeous.....

  11. I loved school holiday when my kids were at school most probably due to the fact I didn't need to be organised. It's not tooo bad down here temp wise.

  12. i love the fact that fairy girl does swaps too - it's a great encouragement for crafting.
    our temperatures are all over the place here - but we do get relief in between the heat. i'm sorry that you don't. it makes you wonder though, how did they survive without air conditioners??? we only have one in the lounge room - but it's enough to keep me sane. if only i had a pool.....
    keep as cool as you can

  13. Is this weather usual for this time of year, what about rain?

  14. Ohhh you should come overhere, it’s nice and cold and covered with snow!


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