Wednesday, 30 December 2009

SSCS 41-50..........

Am I going to fast with these posts.............???
Aust Peg for USA Sherry

Aust Rachel for USA Mary Grace

Aust Rebecca for USA Kim

Aust Renee for USA Emily
Aust Shari for USA Teresa Marie [inspiration from Teresa's boys who all play waterpolo]
Aust Shelley for Poland Brigitte

Aust Sonia for Norway Laila

Aust Tatania for Norway Oddbjorg

Aust Teresa C for Croatia Simona

Aust Toni for UK Andrea

Take Care til next time...............


  1. No, you’re not going too fast...LOL! Love to see everything made and send. It’s amazing to see so many different gifts!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. I wouldloe to be a part of this swap nest year, do you think it will be run again?

  3. Just curious on what SSCS stands for... Mmmm...
    Those swaps arre awesome! Both thumbs up for you, who, I understand, organized it all! Not an easy task, thats for sure! =)
    Hugs from the sunny lands of Brazil!

  4. wow all the gifts are amazing
    hugs Beth

  5. Lots of wonderful stuff flying around the world in those last few posts.


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