Monday, 28 December 2009

SSCS parcels 1-10............

Ok by accident you have this first post of the SSCS gifts................enjoy you have to wait a few days for the rest..........I stuffed up trying to schedule it 2 times and I am not doing it again.............
Have you thanked your SSCS for your gift with an email and done a post..............??????

Aust Alison for USA Carole [sewing bag]

Aust Annie for Neth Judith

Aust Bec for Neth Nicolette

Aust Beth for USA Carin

Aust Cathy P for Sweden Marica

Aust Cathy U for USA Nancy B

Aust Cheryl G for Norway May K

Aust Christine C for USA Karen

Aust Christine L for USA Tami

Aust Claire for Iceland Gudrun

Take Care til next time..............


  1. Wow, what awesome SSCS gifts! WTG everyone! I love them all!

  2. Thanks again Chooky for putting a smile on the dial for so many people worldwide - a mammoth yet successful effort

  3. WOW. Gorgeous. Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. Merry christmas!!! And happy new year!!! Regards for you and The best desires chooky !!

  5. Such beautiful gifts from one to another. Your efforts were well worth it! It's refreshing to see such talent out there. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. -karen

  6. So many wonderful presents santa has brought this year.

  7. Lovely to see all the pretty things!

  8. This has been another fantastic swap the gifts all look amazing thank you Chookyblue

  9. Great swap! How many people do you have signing up for next year already?! ;)


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