Saturday, 1 August 2020

international coffee time

So who's on at present..... 
Holly in Canada
Gail in USA 
Lou in New Zealand
Raedene in USA 
I'm currently doing some hand stitching on Edwardsia. 
Karen can you get on on your phone? 
Catch you later..... 


  1. I am coming soon, running a bit late this morning, see you later.

  2. Running late too, will be with you all later.

  3. so sorry, errand running went a whole lot longer than anticipated this time...I'll have to join in the next one...

  4. Thanks for the company last night. I have a couple of things to catch up on here this morning and then I will pop back in. 😀

  5. Sounds like you had a good time - sorry I could not join you. xx

  6. It was great catching up with you and the girls Chooky. Hope we can do that again sometime 🥰🇨🇦

  7. Thanks for the invite, apologies that I am reading it 24 hours too late. Unfortunately full time work with a 2 hr daily commute and now mask making on weekends along with domestic chores means I have not been reading my blogs. Or sewing patchwork. Still there is some creative fun in mask making and its better to be safe than sorry. Take care, hope your getting some rain. Dry as a chip here, had to start watering the garden!

  8. Thanks for the invite. Our daughter wanted to have lunch away from home and then we had a small family get together for dinner which was lovely but very tired once home. I would love to join you at another time.

  9. On such a beautiful day we all went to the park and then I simply forgot...ooppss... sorry.
    Perhaps next time...xox


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