Sunday, 2 August 2020

stepping out of life

This weekend I needed to step back and take a breath. So I did. 
I had a massive day chatting and sewing on zoom and sew I did. I achieved heaps.......
I started at 6am and went thru til 10.30pm......yes very long but it was so much fun catching up with's like they were all sitting in the Chookshed with me stitching away.......with lots popping in and out around the globe as the day is weird working in all the time zones and that someone packed up and went to bed and when they woke they joined back in......but so much fun.........and we all have the common link of patchwork and quilting.....And there may be another person coerced to make Trail Mix with Maria and Janice.....
Early on I added the green and white block into the gap. 
Goodness knows why I had a gap anyway it's filled now.........
Not having the next block prepped I moved onto another long time project.....see below.....
Scarily I looked it up and in August 2011 I started this one........I remembered Leanne @ The Stitching Room had shared a photo of hers finished just after I had just got the pattern and papers. I didn't even know she had been making it. 
I should have taken a photo when I started today but at this point I had added 4 blocks on the top part of this section...........I have all the cream and blue blocks made for this quilt except the edge ones. 
By 9.30pm I had added 15 blocks and I would have added the last bottom right blue block but my hand was starting to cramp after so many hours of EPP so I thought I best stop.....
Yes yes I know what you girls are thinking who have been on retreats with me...........
THIS IS A MIRACLE.........I was a top
Thanks to all the girls who popped in......with no distractions other then a quick trip into the house to find food or use the bathroom it was so good to be out in the Chookshed......
(I tidied and cleaned a little more on Friday afternoon - still more to go)
Sew sew sew.........
I will be doing another one. We all love it. 
Stay Safe.........
Catch you later..........


  1. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for organizing it. Looking forward to the next one. Maybe I can stay longer then.

  2. Thanks for your organisation again Chooky, it is always a great day. Sorry I had a come in and out, had a few interruptions. Well done, on your progress, another zoom day and you might finish? I also achieved a lot in amongst the visitors, as I did the binding on a quilt, spent an hour finishing a quilt on the longarm, and even hand sewed button eyes, and mouths!!

  3. sorry I couldn't be at this one...the day just turned upside down trying to get stuff done before I went back to work again (this roster of 2 days on 2 days off, doesn't leave a lot of time for doing stuff I want to do!) hopefully next time I will be there!
    that blue and white top is looking stunning, what is the name of the pattern?
    love your new banner too

  4. It sounds as if it was a good day. I know what you mean about your hand cramping when doing EPP. In my case, I think it is because I hold my needle too tight!

  5. Thanks Chooky for a great fun day and you did get a lot done.. EEP blocks look good as your header ...
    Hahaha! you MAY start TrailMix.... it's addictive....

  6. I love your blue and white - you were busy! xx

  7. it was lovely to join in agin, meeting old friends and making new ones. Thank you for hosting another great day.
    You made amazing progress on your blue and white EPP. it looks amazing.

  8. I had such a great time! Can't wait for the next time we chat! Both projects are looking lovely!

  9. I am sorry I missed everyone but we had a full weekend and I couldn't squeeze in one more thing. I look forward to the next chance!

  10. Thank you for a wonderful day Chooky, I had a great time catching up with everyone, even though I had to come and go. You go so much done on your epp, it looks fantastic! Looking forward to the next one.

  11. Love what you have been up to.....must feel great to be stitching once again. Nice for you to have some company in the chookshed too xx

  12. It was such a fun day, Chooky. Thanks for making it happened. I think we all achieved a heck of a lot, while chatting away about all sorts of things. You made amazing progress on Floral Lanterns. Who else is looking at doing Trail Mix? Is it you?

  13. love your blue project....very nice indeed...

  14. Oh I love both these projects! SO happy to hear you all had loads of fun on Zoom. In the words of my sweet 2 year old grandson, "maybe next time Nana".

  15. I'm really pleased for you that you could "step out of life" for even a short time.
    You did get a lot done - do a gold star for you!

  16. Sounds like you had a very fun productive day and what better way than with friends.

  17. Your work and progress looks amazing! Sometimes things take their time, and sometimes things need to "mature" a little between stitches.

    Sounds like you had a fun day zooming :D

  18. Oh wow! Your ENglish paper piecing is so amazing! It is perfect for zoom parties!


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