Sunday, 9 August 2020

playing with the layout with a photo.....

Playing around working out if things are placed right..... I did this before but goodness knows where the pics are at.... They had been grouped but what was supposed to go where???
Anyway I wanted to sew more of this and I was at a stand still till I did this.......
Hope you are all well.
My holidays got cancelled since we can't go thru Queensland now. When will I get to see my kidlet? 
So P%) _#=%ED off as we had 1 covid case back in March in our area. Probably only a couple in our region way back then also..... Punished by the happening in Victoria and Sydney.
So since I have no life maybe next weekend I'll zoom again since it's going to be wet again and I won't be able to have visitors for lunch either.....
I'll keep you posted..... 

It's a cool damp day drying the washing in front of the fire.... 
Have a lovely Sunday..... 
Stay safe
Catch you later


  1. So sorry you can't go on your holiday and see your Kidlet...
    Raining here too but we're loving it, May fill the tanks....
    Washing in dryer which is a very rare thing....

  2. Hang in there Chooky....better days ahead for us all.

  3. Sorry to hear it’s that you can’t go visit. Here in the states I wish more would be more cautious, it is scary at times. I pretty much stay home. I haven’t been to visit family or friends since March. We do FaceTime and Zoom. Thank goodness for technology. Having stitch time with friends I miss. Zooming sounds like a fun way to get it in. Stay safe and like Karen said “better days are ahead for all of us”

  4. Your EPP looks amazing. Love the blue and white.
    I'm in for another Zoom retreat!
    Sucks that we can't travel, but better to be safe at home.

  5. What a stunning quilt! I have never seen that design before. I can't see my girls or my grandsons. I only get to see my parents at a distance when I drop of their shopping. Apart from that life isn't much different for me as I hardly went out anyway lol. Enjoy stitching.

  6. We are getting a bit more summer rain here in our part of Canada. It has been a dry summer so we appreciate every drop. We did some 3rd cut dry hay yesterday. I would love to hang out on zoom again.

  7. Looking forward to that Zoom! The quilt is going to be quite lovely.

  8. Hooray for Queenslanders.
    Trouble is I don't want to leave home at all.
    In and out of the shops in no time flat.
    Hang in there Chooyblue it will get better, if those people stick to the rules
    we will all be safe
    HUgs from me

  9. A lot of that punishment stems back to a few individuals ..and I have no publishable words for them. P%) _#=%ED off sort of describes it.
    Love the b&w photo to check the placement - it will look great.

  10. Your block layout looks wonderful, more hand sewing in the future for you. Shame about your holiday, if people would only do the right thing and stay home we would not be in this situation. So many holidays and weekends away have had to be cancelled, and not all businesses give refunds sadly. Another zoom time sounds great.

  11. Looking amazing! So sorry you can't come on in. The crap really has risen to the top in all of this.....a few selfish irresponsible idiots have caused unspeakable damage as well as keeping family and friends apart......hopefully one day this will be over xx

  12. Hi Chooky blue so good to have you back blogging,yes this virus has played havoc with alot of peoples plans. I really love these blocks ,i havent seen any like this before,well done. Hope you and your beautiful family are well. What a great way to keep in contact with friends via zoom. There is no covid in our town but we cant even visit family and family cant visit us,hope people do the right thing so that we can all leave our homes again ,stay safe and take care my friend ,cheers Shez xx

  13. It was great to Zoom with you. I hope to be able to join your next one but stay a bit longer. We haven't any cases in Mildura and being 6 hrs from Melbourne is also hard for us to be closed to crossing the borders. Frustrating too.

  14. the quilt is going to look fantastic... such a pain having holiday plans put off... sigh. I am missing my lot too.. technology is great but no substitute for the real thing...

  15. Your layout is looking good! :D

    Sorry your holidays got covided.. :(

  16. your quilt is looking doing black and white photo to see placement values.

    Yes I wish all those selfish idiots would be the right thing, stay home, wear a damn mask, get tested if needed. Where I live on the outskirts of Melbourne, we are classed as Metro (but really we aren't, classed are country for everything else except this!)we are in stage 4, we are only allowed out in a 5km radius from our homes for shopping etc, if you're one of the lucky ones still going to work you need a permit to be out of your home, 1 hour of exercise outside per day (still within the 5km) and people just don't seem to get it...
    unfortunately I think this virus is here to stay for quite a while, because people just don't get it!

  17. Always good to check with a b/w photo when planning layout. Stay safe and positive. xx

  18. So sorry that you are stuck, but it does look like you are accomplishing lots! I love the black and white photo. It looks a bit like baby turtles swimming toward the water. Sweet!

  19. I am going to credit you with starting something. :)

    After Zooming with you 2 weeks ago (Friday night here in Canada), I hosted a Zoom sewing / drop in session for my quilt guild members last Friday night. It went over so well that we are going to continue every Friday night.

    I would love to join your Zoom again, but it will have to be Saturday here, Sunday where you are.

    Oh, my blog is now fixed so I will be able to get back to blogging. Again, thanks for your influence!

  20. I would love to join in your zoom again. Sorry I missed the last one. I was out of town. I may or may not be available again, but would like to try.

  21. Blast this COVID thing!! It's a great idea doing the B&W pic of your layout. I'd love to join in a Zoom get together again on the weekend.

  22. Bummer about your trip. We've missed out on a few, too. Sometimes, I just hop in my truck and drive the countryside just to get out. Your EPP top is wonderful! What pattern is it? I really like the fabrics. So, what are you going to bake for us on ZoomZaturday? Nothing too rich, please. I am to be on a diet. See you then.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Blue Lantern. I wasn't so lazy and looked up your tags. Love this pattern.


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