SSCS 2013....

Check out the list of Secret Santa Christmas Swap elves for 2013.
So many wonderful ladies - thanks once again for joining in with the christmas fun.
Have fun secretly stalking your partners blog.
Swap details can be found here 
Chookyblue and Googy Girl

S Ana Portugal
SR AndreaM United Kingdom
SR AndreaB United Kingdom
SR Anita Netherlands
SR AnneHeidi Norway
SR AnneLise    Norway
SR Annette Australia
SR Annik  Norway
SR Anthea Australia
SR Berit Norway
SR Carin Sweden
SR Carole USA
SR Caroline Netherlands
SR Catherine New Zealand
SR CherylS Australia
SR CherylH Australia
SR CherylT USA
SR Cheryll Australia
SR Christine Switzerland
SR Clare New Zealand
SR Dagmar Germany
SR Deb Australia
SR Denice USA
SR Diane British Isles
SR Chookyblue Australia
SR Fiona Australia
SR Fiona Australia
SR Florence France
SR Frederika Norway
SR Grace USA
SR Grethe Norway
SR Illene Australia
SR Isabel Portugal
SR Jan Australia
SR Janice Australia
SR Jeanette Australia
SR JennyM Australia
SR JennyJ Australia
SR Jocelyn Scotland
SR JulieG Australia
SR JulieD Australia
SR Karol-Ann United Kingdom
SR Kate Australia
SR Kerry Australia
SR Kerstin Germany
SR Kris Australia
SR Laila Norway
SR Laura British Isles
SR Lea Australia
SR Lurline Australia http//
SR Lyn New Zealand
SR Lynda Australia
SR MariaW Australia
SR MariaG Australia
S Marica Sweden
SR Martine Belgium
SR May Kristin Norway
S Megan Australia
SR Melanie Australia
SR Melinda USA
SR Michell New Zealand
SR Michelle New Zealand
S Nancy USA
SR Nicky New Zealand
SR Noela Australia
SR Oddbjørg Norway
SR Patricia Australia
SR Peg Australia
SR Raewyn New Zealand
S Ruth USA
SR Sabine Austria
SR Sandi Australia
SR Sandy Australia
SR Satu Finland
SR Shari Australia
SR Sharmayne Australia
SR SharonB Australia
SR SharonZ USA
SR SharonJ Australia
SR SharonT New Zealand
SR Sharyn Australia
S Sherry USA
SR Sheryl Australia
SR Simone Australia
SR Sonia Australia
SR Stanislava Croatia
SR Susan Australia
SR Suze Australia
SR Tonje Norway
SR Tracee Australia
SR Vickie Australia
SR Wendy  USA


chrisi said...

again as many women,beautifull, il visit every blogs ,

Frederika said...

So nice to join this

Fiona said...

wow... so many .... this is a lovely way to show it all and fun to pop in to others...

gracie said...

Received mine! Hope the one I pout on Santa's sleigh arrives in time.

Sandi said...

Hi Chooky, I received my parcel today...woo hoo..

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

I have received my sscs present. I'm doing a bit of detective work to find out who sent it.

Jan said...

Hi Chooky:
My parcel arrived last week and I've just had an email from Dagmar in Germany to let me know her parcel has arrived too. Thank you, Santa! (and you Chooky and Googy Girl too of course!)

chrisi said...

hello Googy and Chooky, my Parcel arrived last week, Thank you Patricia....i wait for open

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

Present received....just stalking the elves from Norway to see who it might be from...HE.HE....I Mean .. HOHO!!

Motherdragon's Musings said...

Ooops, forgot to post here, was so excited at receiving parcel all the way from USA, left a comment on my blog with photos of the package :)

Stalking here to find out who my SS was so I can send her a thank you xo

Ana Maria said...

I got it!
My parcel finally arrived and it sure is a traveler one, from Australia to Portugal by air, back by sea.., and back again by air!
4 months travelling.
Thanks to my partner who had to spend twice.