Friday, 13 June 2008

bits and pieces.........

Well I have been cruising Quilting Bloggers and found some new to me Aussie bloggers............

Lurline's Place and Luv 2 Cre8te and I also found this blogger The Quilt Nook

I was on quilting bloggers last week and there were 500+ blogs listed and this week there is 800+ so check it out and if you are not listed and want to be just submit your site...............


I got this little bundle of fat quarters at the quilt show they will go perfectly with some others i have........very soft and pretty..........

In other news when emailing a newer blogger today we got onto the subject of bloglines................she had no idea what they are so thought I would say something here.............this is helpful for bloggers and lurkers alike.............

Bloglines are a way to keep up to date with the blogs you want to visit all the time. You just go into bloglines and add the blogs you want to watch.............then when you go in next time only the people who have new posts will be bold and you can check them can easily sort them into folders for countries or types of craft to make it easier to keep track.

It does save a lot of time opening blogs only to find they have not done a new post. For those on limited downloads (like me) you don't have to open the whole blog each time.

As for commenting if you want to leave a comment you just click on the post title and it opens that post for you to comment as usual.

If I have totally confused you email me.....(but I just run it by the computer illiterate dh and he got it)..........but check out bloglines.........


These are the "scraps" I got from Tutti lucky am I........

............take care til next time.............


  1. I keep thinking I ought to set up bloglines - but I'm just too bone idle! I also keep threatening to set up the calendar in Microsoft Outlook at work as it would make my life so much easier once done but I haven't got round to that either - too busy reading blogs, working and quilting I guess - some day maybe..............

  2. Never got the hang of ...but might look it over again...have been using RSS instead.... And wow...I do recognize some lovely fabrics...;D...and been lucky too...congratulations...!!

  3. Beautiful eye-candy. Can't wait to see what you are going to make.....
    I love bloglines but mine is soooooo huge. I get a little behind with my looking/lurking.

  4. Bloglines is the best for sure.

  5. Hey back from computer exile. Love those fabrics...... looks like your had a great long weekend. I use google reader which is also good for keeping up with blogs.

  6. I agree - I don't know how I managed without Bloglines! Only problem is my list keeps growing.... Love your new fabrics!

  7. Thank you for explaining the bloglines link!!! It's a great idea!!!
    I love your sweet fabrics!!!

  8. beautiful scraps.
    i love the fat quarters you bought - i think most of them are in a jelly roll i've just used. very pretty.
    have a great weekend.

  9. Thanks Heaps for all your Help today Chookyblue... Such a new world out there... whilst still trying to contend with & handle the very much present older version... Tricky @ times but Luv the challenge!!! Oh & just ask Tutti Frutti if she needs another friend??? These...Are Scraps.!.!.!

  10. You're gem!! I wondered if there was anything like bloglines that you could do. I think that's where I used my downloads last month. THANK YOU!

  11. You sre lucky! Great fabrics!

  12. Love all those yummy fabrics, and you are just so techno savvy. I still haven't worked out the signature thing yet. Maybe this weekend.

  13. I use google reader - it does the same thing. It's amazing how many quilting blogs are out there!!

  14. Gotta love that bloglines...I thik I am all thanks to you on that one already!!
    Love what you have been up to, fabulous chooks and quilts, promise I will be over much more regularly for a cuppa in future-life's been mental
    I have been looking at the quilting bloggers site tonight-who knew there were so many! Tracey

  15. I have yet to set up bloglines and something I should/must set time aside to do.

    Fabulous prints!

  16. I love the Simplicity line too! And those scraps from Tutti Fruiti are beautiful!

  17. lovely fabrics and thanks for another great blogging tip.

  18. Such lovely fabric, Donna! What plans do you have for these beauties?
    Thank you for the info about bloglines. I'm definitely at the point where using this would make keeping up with blog friends easier.

  19. More lovely fabric! Must get around to setting up bloglines too..

  20. Thanks to you I have the fabric

  21. Hi - thanks for the bloglines instructions - yeah - now have myself set up on this too - much easier and kinder on the bandwidth! Love your blog and often pop in for a 'lurk'. Happy quilting.
    Hugs Jx

  22. Lovely fabrics. Another program that I like more than blogline is Google Reader. For me it works better! You've been busy! How do you do it? Gosh, I just cannot wait until my life gets back to normal. Wed this week should be the day! What a relief that's going to be. Of course we won't talk about the stress I'm experiencing at the moment. lol Cheers!

  23. oh my I love the polka dot fabrics!!! Those are lovely!!!

  24. I'm in love with your Blog! LOL. Blueberry Lane sent me over to you. She saw my post here;
    About the chickens I use to have. Loved the picture of your blue egg!
    I plan on coming back for a visit often.

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog.
    Love the quilt show photos and the food ones too. Just gorgeous scraps, what a nice friend.
    Thanks also for the tip on bloglines will check this out sounds like a good idea.
    Kind regards from Liz

  26. Great post Donna!! Thanks for the heads up about bloglines. Someone just emailed me recently about google reader, so I definitely need to get going on one of them. Sounds like a real time saver. Like your slide slow up top on your blog - and the header is wonderful!

  27. HI

    love your fabrics :o)


  28. Hi from another Aussie blogger.
    Loved reading your blog and your fabric purchases, most of those are also in my stash.
    Lurline is a good friend of mine
    Christine Brisbane.Australia

  29. Haven't got my bloglines set up but on my 'to do' list! Thanks for explaining it so well!


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