Friday, 27 June 2008

How to....leave a comment

I had been thinking about doing this for a little while when I saw a lurking friend a few weeks ago………

….I said “why didn’t you leave a comment” and she said “I don’t know how to”………so let’s just dive into this and we will see how I go……

….here is a pic of the screen with a post (a post is what we call it each time we put some new writing and pics onto our blog)….

….see towards the bottom of the post it says POSTED BY CHOOKYBLUE then it says 32 lovely people said……(other may say 32 comments)…..well click on that to leave a comment…….

The a box will pop up like this……………leave your comment in the box then scroll down…………type in the letter you see into the word verification box (this is a precaution to stop spammers)

(Pretend this is joined)

Then you can click into the anonymous box if you don’t have a blog and google/blogger account………………

Click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT then you are done………….

Make sure you write your email address in the comment if you want an answer or you are entering a competition..............

.........take care til next time.............



  1. Hi,

    the pics on your how to blog aren't showing through :-)


  2. Hi Donna, What a great idea...I think this is great what you are doing...I know how much I appreciated your help when I got stuck. You are definately the best person for the job. Oh, I never have had any problems viewing your blog! Jo x

  3. Well done ..... you will have a job in IT soon.

  4. Wish Q&A's with Chookyblue had been about during My Trial & Error *mostly Error... when attempting to "Leave A Comment" for the first time ever.........!!!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I enjoy your blog.

  6. Sometimes I would like to comment and could not be bothered with the hassel of registering. This is great.

  7. You asked about not seeing the top of your post. At the moment your slide show (I am sure there is a more technical term) is obliterating the first inch approx of the text.
    ze computer gremmies.

  8. Hello from Idaho!

    I sure enjoy your
    beautiful blog! I read it often - had to put you on my list so I could find you quickly!!
    You've shared lots of pictures - I feel like it's a
    special tour of your area!!

    Your sewing is wonderful - love the fabrics that you work with - you've got lots of creamy, gorgeous prints!

    Enjoy Sewing!
    ~ Jes

  9. I have the same problem with the slideshow hiding some of the text, but I read it first in bloglines and that showed it all. Actually just wanted to say, this was a great tut!!

  10. Great explanation! Now I thought of a couple things I don't know how to do (and I am blogspot). First, put a new header (my daughter did mine). Second -some of the blogs on blogspot have cute backgrounds that go all the way down and around the edges of their how do they do that?

  11. This is something I do know how to do but thanks for all your tutorials on blogging, they are a fantastic help for us challenged by the whole process!!

  12. Great help For those like me That are new and dont know what they are doing.
    Hugs Mary.

  13. Beautiful blog. I really love the header. I also like the list of what you have finished and what you need to finish. I might need to start a blog just for my quilting. You're inspiring me.

    I linked over from "Happy in Quilting."

  14. This is great! Next time you can teach how to set up a blogger page so they don't have to remain forever - Anonymous.

  15. Great Job Donna!
    I am looking forward to more. I could give you a few topics when you are ready!
    I would not be doing any of this without you!

    Take care & try to enjoy those pet lambs!

  16. Thankyou for this wonderful tutorial. I hope you don't mind that I have put a link to it on my blog.

  17. I have tried this before, and it didn't work, but since you said it might I will try it again...
    I have hated trying to comment on blogger blogs.
    Scott at Blue Nickel Studios

  18. my comment is that I love your little needle case and you said the pattern would be available around june 20th...can you tell me the exact name, designer, etc.?

  19. The only problem I have been having so far since setting up my blog is posting a picture so that they go with each paragraph. They all seem to always wind up at the top of the page. If I mention something in a paragraph I want the picture to be able to be beside or in the paragraph somewhere. I figured I would ask for help from the blogging expert herself. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. Hey Chooky - I was out for a Sunday "Blog" session, and whilst I was browsing came across your comments about "how to's" on your blog - I hadnt realised you had so many tutorials. You are wonderful doing this. Even I didnt know about this one - ie the Anonomous if you "werent" a blogger - now no one has excuses for not leaving comments - hope you are having a big "sewing" weekend.


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