Monday, 16 June 2008

HELP QUICK...........


As bloggers are so helpful I urgently need help..................

If you were to run a workshop on blogs/blogging for people who may or may not know what a blog is.............what would you call the workshop and how would you describe it...............

it has to be catchy and is aimed at a bunch of women of various ages...............

so what I need is

1. a workshop title

2. one sentence to describe the workshop

3. I need it by tomorrow morning

THANKS in advance..............

if you can help me out I will draw a name and send out some cards............

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Lynne in Hawaii16 June 2008 at 19:00

    How about the definition:
    "Blog, a personal online journal for public consumption."
    Description: How to, what to, why to, when to blog! (or a new online addiction!)
    Sorry it is pretty lame but it is late Sunday here...sleep, I need sleep!

  2. Is now the time to come out of lurkdom and say..."I dunno..."
    It's ok people, I'm not a spammer or troll, I know Donna in real life, and she knows I can be cheeky.I'm safe with the 100 ks or so between us (I think!)

  3. Yikes, I'd be tempted to go with something like....."behind closed doors" or "over the back fence"
    and then "set up your own web based diary, and peek into everyone elses"

    this sounds interesting Donna!

  4. I second Jodie's suggestion of Over The Fence for a title. For a sentence how about - Join your backyard to a whole world's worth with your own online journal.

  5. Get with the times, come blog with me!
    Learn about the best way to make new friends, keep up with old ones via the internet, all in the comfort of your own home.

    Know what a blog is? Then this is the workshop for you!

    Blogging 101

  6. What about: title..... Blogshop for Dummies (blogshop is short for blogging workshop!!!), description..... Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about blogging. I know the title is not very catchy but I know you appreciate the feedback. I would love to see someone (maybe even you) do a workshop like this on their blog!! Hope this helps :) Evonne

  7. Ummm that's a hard about "how to make friends and influence people all around the world"

  8. A hard one!

    'It's a blog world after all'

    'Quilting and the Land of Blog'

    Hope it's fun!

  9. Hi! How about "Blogs de-mystified- a guide to an online Journal"
    and you could describe it as...have you ever wanted to connect with others in the quilting community and share your passion- then this class is for you!

    Hope it helps at least spark some inspiration! What a great idea to help others understand our fun little obsession!

  10. "It's a small world afterall . . . making friends and sharing stories with likeminded folk all over the world."

    Learn the tricks and traps of an on-line journal - get blogging

  11. 1. Workshop title:
    Time left for a new addiction?
    2. Sentence:
    Learn how to blog, to create global friendships and have loads of fun!

    Good Luck Donna!

  12. Blogwhat!
    guides to safe online sharing as you expand your world and it people.

  13. Title: TO blog or not to blog

    Discription: Come find out if you are interested in opening your world with the power of bloging, a virtual diary. Oh the fun and people you can encouter.

    Well that's two sentences but you could leave the second one off.

    Good luck.

  14. As English is not my native language I am not good at this but I would for sure let the sentence describe the friendship and kindness that is going on in the quilting/blogging world. It is my believe that if people from all over the world learn to know each other and understand it is a contribution to peace. I hope you know what I mean.

  15. Gosh, I've been blogging for years and I still don't know how to explain what a blog is... I'd love to hear how you go! Not much help I'm afraid, but I like what the first commenter suggested (as in blogs being personal and public at the same time), and I also like "Over the Fence" as title as well. Good luck Donna!

  16. The big blog world - a place where you can get friendships from all over the world

  17. My gosh girl, is there anything you don't do? I think Jodie's sounded good and as my brain hasn't fired up yet I won't put in my 1/2 cents worth. Do let us know how it all goes.

  18. Brain fade here too....."its a blog world after all............" good luck with that.....will be looking out for what you come up with!

  19. "Travel the World - Via Your Computer"
    "Travel the World ONLINE"
    Simple & Easy Lesson's on how to create and use a blog so you can find new friends all over the world.

  20. how about journalling and journeying on the web one post at a time?


  21. Donna
    I am at work and was 'lurking' which is very naughty but could not resist the temptation to have my 2c worth!
    There have been some very good suggeations before me and I would like to 'borrow' a bit.
    I think the title should be short and to the point - attention grabbing!
    Blogging made easy...or...
    Everything you need to know about blogging... this is where it gets interesting...
    On-line journal - bring a world of friendships into your own back yard - never be lonely again!
    OK now I'm switching back to work mode...
    I know I am going to be your best customer when you set this up!
    Good Luck and brilliant idea!
    luv u...bye

  22. Really liking Nicolette's... As for me coming up with something... Yeah Right!

    Blog - What's That?!?!

    Staying in Touch in a Busy World...

    Therapy?!?! Share with a World that Listens...

    A World Away from Home...

    Who Needs to Travel... The World's out There from the Comfort of your own Home...

  23. You Can do it in your PJ's Too!!!

  24. Sorry I can't help but I could probably use the workshop!!!

  25. I know I am too late but...
    simple "Blogging by Chookyblue"
    The do's the dont's...
    The how's the when's...
    The where's the why's...
    Blogland....what a land, you to can become one of us in three easy steps....

  26. Hey Donna! Wow! Glad its you teaching a blogging workshop and not me - I make most of it up as I go along and do a lot of experiementing! Not to mention a lot of editing!!! I think I'm too late to help, but what about "Boo-boo proof blogging for beginners!" will be interested to hear how you go - and meet your class participants!! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  27. Very late, I know -

    I reckon you should call it

    "Cyber Stalking"

    Happy Teaching!

  28. Wow - what great ideas -- I'm late but ...

    "What's a Blog?"
    (because it's so versatile and what you want it to be)

    "Blogging 101"

    (I didn't like the part about 'journal', but that's just me - mine is almost ONLY about Quilting)


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