Thursday, 9 October 2008

meet Curly Pops.........

Just when I was madly preparing for the visitors I had to take a break and
go and collect Curly Pops........she was a little big for her first time
Mumma and things went bad......mumma died and hello I am now the
mumma.....she couldn't stand up when I got her...she must have hurt her back
end when she was born.........anyway she was a huge hit with the kids over
the weekend and has gradually improved and you would hardly notice anything
wrong now.......she has had some time in the garden since she could not move
very much......
..........why the name........she had a curly coat when I got her last I thought Curly Pops was cute.......then a few days later Tutti
said there is a blogger with her name......oops.....apologises if your
offended but too late now........she really is cute so it is good
Curly Pops got a new friend yesterday afternoon so will get some pics and
show you "Blackie" guessing what colour he is..........

.........take care til next time.............


  1. I bet it's white - considering the peverse soh of us country people!

  2. Way to cute! But like everything I bet they grow up way to fast. Have a nice day...mum!!! Jo xo

  3. Awwww, how very sweet and sad. She's so lucky to have you for her new Mum!

  4. Oh, she is soooo cute! I love the pic of her curled up in the garden.

  5. Poor mommy cow. Curley Pops is precious!

  6. What a sweet thing! Welcome to the world Curly Pops and Blackie!! Cathy

  7. WOW! You have all the "FUN". Another mouth to feed. Great. He/She does look cute. Sorry to hear the mum didn't make it. That's life on the farm isn't it. Love your new header. Fantastic photo.

  8. I hope curly pops (what a cute name :) is doing okei. I guess she is spoiled a bit.
    And love the bag you have received.

    Take care and get some time for sewing now.

  9. Curly Pops is so cute! Really lovely!

  10. You have a good heart chookyblue.Lovely to see Curly Pop and look forward to seeing Blackie.Nothing like a newborn babe, human or creature. Regards Lyn

  11. She is a sweetie and that name really suits her. I am sure the blogger Curlypops will be honoured that they have the same name. Pity about her mum but now you're her mum and she is lucky that she has you!I think she sure likes your garden!

  12. oh how cute - but i can imagine that it's a lot of work. i feel for the mum too - i'd never make a good farmer really - i'd be bawling everytime something died.

  13. Curly Pops is so cute. Sorry about here Mommy. At least she has a new friend. Can't wait to see Blackie.

  14. Very cute indeed, another mouth to feed, you must have been

  15. Hi Curly Pops you sure are a cutie :)

  16. What a sweetie. Sorry to hear about her mum.

  17. You just gotta love those additional mouths to feed,-but very cute!
    Well done on the bag swap stuff, I went green over the chook stuff! Love the new header, pleased the weekend went well, tracey

  18. I think curly pops is beautiful. Sad to hear about her Mum, but it's good to hear that curly pops is getting over her difficult entry into the world!

  19. What a cute new addition to your family.Curly Pops is just very gorgeous...:)


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