Monday, 13 October 2008

Please help me out.............

(photo courtesy Fairy Girl - she is improving)

Do I look cute and need your assistance again...........presenting a workshop on "blogging"........and I am gathering info together but what I want is some help from my bloggy friends..............may even find some cards to send out to someone..........

can you answer the following please

1. why/when did you start blogging?

2. what's the best thing about blogging?

3. what do you like on other blogs (why do you look at them, what makes you come back)

4. biggest tip for a new blogger (good/bad)

.........take care til next time.............

PS just reading some of the first comments and they are fantastic.........I am planning now to print out the comments and give to the participants............


  1. I started blogging to be part of the blogging world, to have my say too. I began a blog about 3 years ago, but abandoned it. I started this one in April this year. The best thing about blogging is it's creative, and a way of getting read. What I like on other blogs is an insight into someone else's world. Biggest tip for a new blogger is to find your "niche" - decide what you are going to blog about.. your parameters, what your "voice" will say to your readers.

  2. I started blogging 2.5 years ago after reading others blogs about Quilting.Bloggers seem to be folk who want to communicate; more so than those in on line groups.

    I enjoy the friendships made and learning how others live and sew . I especially like the photos ( better than a 1000 words etc )

    I learn from others and I share what I am doing and making. ( growing kiwifruit and avocados and nuts and gardening and life in NZ )

    tip - don't be discouraged if you don't get many comments, as long as you are getting enjoyment from blogging. I find it is a great diary type record of some of what I get up to.

    Good luck with your workshop!

  3. 1.I started my blog in July.
    2.Meeting new friends.
    3.I like to see what others do, or have in common with me. Also you get inspired to try things new. The Angels Swap was one for me never did anything like that before.
    4.Just enjoy looking at other blogs.
    Hope that answered the questions you posted....Till next time bye

  4. Hey Donna! Love Fairy Girl's photo - a future photographer! I started blogging in February this year after someone suggested it was a good way to get my patterns/designs/business name 'out there', since I don't have anyone to do the promoting for me. Plus there was an element of curiosity 'what is everyone going on about?!' The best thing about blogging is the great friends I've made all over the world and the encouragement and affirmation of what I'm doing that I've received. It's also a great way to see what projects/crafts people are looking for patterns for to give me direction in my designing. The blogs I visit regularly are interesting, well written, humourous and creative - oh and pretty pictures!! :0) I also find the blogs that are 'honest' are ones I enjoy more - some just seem a little too 'perfect' to be real! Biggest tip? Keep it honest, keep it simple, pretend you're sitting having a chat with a friend over a cuppa and if you want to change something or don't know how to do something ASK FOR HELP! There are a lot of generous people out in blogland who've been doing this a while or who run tutorials (Chookyblue, Geek Boy!!) Biggest tip? HAVE FUN! All the best with your tute, Donna! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  5. Why? I started (a year ago) because I had been reading blogs and wanted to play too.

    Best thing? I don't really know any 'real people' who do raft (aside from my mum)so the interaction with other crafty people - even just through lurking on their blogs made me feel a bit more connected. Also the motivation helps gotta have something to show occasionally!

    Other blogs. I like the ones with a bit of a personal touch, showing corners of their world. I like pictures and a bit of humour helps.

    Tip. Not sure if this helps, but try to remember WHO/WHY you are blogging my case I'm just thinking aloud a lot of the time.

  6. Hey Donna! Oops! Had two 'Biggest Tips'! Ah, you know what I mean - I hope! Tee! Hee! Hee! KRIS

  7. Hello chooky! I started blogging about a year ago because I wanted to make myself known as a bag maker with the intention of then moving on to Etsy to sell. Due to health and other reasons this has not eventuated but I still blog for these reasons:
    1. The high I get when I receive a comment.
    2. Visual, documented proof that I am creating.
    3. Keeping up to date with inspirational craft on the web.
    I read other blogs that inspire me to do my housework; to make something; to budget and cook better; and to be aware of the earths needs. I like lots of photos; not too,too much about family although peoples problems occasionally is OK as we can offer help sometimes; bright cheerful colours that allow the writing to be seen clearly (generally black or bright pink or purple backgrounds hurt my eyes).
    If you are a boring person like me you cannot simulate otherwise but you can still attract likeminded people by leaving your comments all over the blogosphere that interests you. Hope that helps. Cherrie PS Don't give your website to weird friends who might think it is funny to leave smart comments. It hurts. And think of possible connotations in other people's minds before you pick a blog name because that can also attract hurtful comments.

  8. I started blogging after moving into a remote area to feel 'more connected' and I enjoyed reading others blogs about quilting.
    The best thing is meeting all the wonderful like-minded crafters in blogland, admiring all the beautiful creations and getting lots of ideas.
    I like visiting quilty blogs with little family snippets, photos and a recipe here or there.
    I still feel fairly new to all this myself but my tip would be to just enjoy and don't stress.

  9. 1 Started this blog 13 months ago. Fell in love with Monkee maker and Crazy Aunt Purl and wanted to play.

    2.Finding people and having conversations I would never normally have had. Seeing into other people's worlds. Building relationships with people, it may be virtual but it doesn't make them any less real.

    3. I like pictures. More importantly though I like words. I enjoy something that is well written or expresses an idea well. It isn't necessary to look for a Pulitzer prize when blogging but coherency is good.

    Often return to a blog if they are a good stepping off point for new (to me) blogs.

    4 a) write for yourself
    b)comment on the blogs you enjoy.
    c) don't beg for traffic - it is undignified (ha! Get me!!)
    d)comment on other blogs
    e)if you are looking to build a relationship with any readers bear them in mind when you write. If it is just your online diary then write freely and without fear.
    f)comment on blogs you enjoy
    g)blogging comes without obligation. To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt 'no-one can make you blog without your consent.'

    Do you think this answer is long enough? Perhaps I should have put a coffee break in the middle??

  10. Oo! If you are formally introducing people to the world of blogging suggest they understand there is an etiquette as well. You know, credit where it is due, asking permission for using pictures and text, etc, etc.

  11. 1. I started blogging in Feb 2008. My daughter told me about Design Sponge blog and I became interest in seeing if there were quilting blogs. I started reading a few and got the nerve to leave a comment in the form of a question. They answered back and were so nice. I was asked if I had a blog and encourgaed to start one.

    2. The best thing for me is to see the amazing talent of others, learn new techniques, drool over gorgeous color combinations, and correspond with people all over the world with the same interests.

    3. I like good pictures, a sense of humor helps, willingness to share, and keeping the words to a minimum. There are a few I read that are more wordy but they are captivating writers.

    4. NOT have a dark background, use a bigger font, keep the words to a minimum, keep political views off your quilting blog, don't tell me about your hysterectomy (that's just too much information), and reply to your comments.

  12. I started blogging in April this year and haven't looked back since! For me it was initially just to be able to communicate with others that shared the same interests as me and also a place for my family and friends to visit. My blog is a bit of home life and a bit of craft. Just the way I like it! I have made so many friends and have gained so much knowledge and bucket loads of inspiration. I am in awe of what some of my fellow bloggers do! I will visit a blog often if there is regular posting..that is a big one for me. I don't really care about the content as long as it isn't used to be rude about others. I think anything like that does not need to be voiced in a public forum. My biggest tip to any new blogger is to do what feels right for you. If you want to post about things at home then do it...if you want to post about your hobbies..then do it! Remember it is your blog entirely...your layout choice, your music choice your writing style. Quite simply if people don't like what they see, hear or read it doesnt matter..there is no blogging rule that must please others. I love different blogs for different reasons. I feel the blogging community that I am apart of are very generous with their time, support and encouragement and glad to have been able to call on them for help when I need it! Simply put....enjoy it! Jo xo

  13. 1 - I start blogging April this year.
    2- Have fun, comunicate with people over all the world.
    3 - I like to see life of other people in small peaces, not many conversation, but sharing the important of everyday. Ah,... and photos.
    4 - To be honest, share ideas, teatching ways to do things, receipes

  14. I started my blog 2.5 years ago. I enjoy writing and people have told me that I write well. I also was interested in having some sort of a journal of who I am, something that my grandchildren would want to read someday, after I am gone. The best thing about blogging is meeting wonderful people all over the world, and getting involved with them. As quilters, we share fabrics, gifts, tips, patterns, and our craft expands. I like blogs that have pictures and those that tell about people's thoughts, not just their activities. New bloggers should just jump right in; they will learn as they go. I echo the comment above about not using a dark background, and also urge bloggers to use something other than the tiniest font in their posts. Blogging has enhanced my life beyond what I ever would have thought!

  15. I started blogging about a year ago at a time when I needed to start a new focus and was struggling. I thought blogging would help. My use of my blog has really evolved over the year.
    The best thing has been 'meeting' other bloggers and connecting!!! I have been so inspired by others and have taken my 'art' to a new level!!!!
    I love going back to many of the blogs because they have become my friends and I can find out what they are doing. Other times, I find new blogs through some of my current bloggy buddies. I find giveaways (i have won a couple!) and tutorials which I love keeping in my binders to try!! On other blogs I find inspiration!
    Tip for a new blogger... just jump in and try. I was a little intimidated at first but it has also helped my computer skills. Use the help centers/groups for added help!
    I have learned a few good blogging tips from you too!!! thanks!

  16. i started my blog last january and i never thought anyone but my family would be interested. i've connected with folks all over the world and have learned so much from many talented people. my tips: kindness...share your mistakes and what you've learned, you may help someone else, if you want to connect, you need to comment, ask questions, (this community is amazing and you will be surprised at who is out there to help you), keep negativity to a minimum (we all have bad days and sometimes need to write about it), but i don't want to read downers every day.

  17. I started blogging about 18 months ago, but didn't really get into it until about 6 months in. I was not very computer-literate and it was all quite hard. I also didn't have my own camera or computer and had to jostle for time with dedicated, computer-literate teenagers. Getting my own computer and camera made all the difference and it's all easy-as-pie now! I have noticed that bloggers are so willing to share their knowledge that you need never be stuck!

    I decided to start my own blog because my daughter started one and wanted me to visit it. I did visit and visited her blogroll and enjoyed it all so much that I just wanted to be part of it. My blog started out as a craft blog, but as I have gotten to know other bloggers better my life has started to creep into it. I like it like this because my blog is now more about me than just what I craft.

    The best thing about blogging is communicating with people who like the same kinds of things I do. I don't know many people in real life who craft and after having people tell me I was stupid to craft anything ("cheaper and better from the shops") it is so soul-restoring to meet others with similar passions!

    I love to check out "new-to-me" blogs. I have a huge list that I visit regularly now! I love the photos (blogging has kindled an interest in photography for me), but the words are equally as important to me. I go back to blogs who's atmosphere I like and I really enjoy those that post regularly. I try to do that myself because my blog is, in some measure, motivation for me to craft and to try new things. I think the most important thing to remember when you are blogging is to do it for yourself. Blog to make yourself happy. If you enjoy comments make sure you comment on other's blogs. They will never get to know you if you don't. And answer all comments. If comments are nice, but not that important to you, don't worry so much about commenting. Everyone's different!

    Most importantly, have fun!

  18. can you answer the following please

    1. Oct 2006. Never kept a diary before but thought I would have a try.
    2. Friendships forges through just an off comment.
    3. love photos
    4. when using names of family or friends, develop nicknames to protect the inocent :)

    I am sure you will have everything covered as I love your blog.

  19. Hello. I started blogging about one year ago, after hard pushes from Abyquilt and a lot of help from her.
    I love to watch blogs and read what are going on around the quilting world. And I have got great friends all around the world.It is so fun to see what they are doing on the quilt side and how their life in blog land are. I love to look at new blogs, but I also have some who are closer to my heart. I think it is like allways in life, you will find a soul-friend.To be honest i love it when I can get a new idea or a new pattern....not to forget when someone start a new swap...
    There are so many things for new bloggers, but allways be who you are and dare to tell a little of yourself.I have not meet a singel person in blog land who has not been kind and wish all the best for me. Hugs from Norway

  20. When/Why~ I started my bog so I could articipate in your christmas swap and to participate in the Stitches Angel swap so I guess 3 months ago.

    The best ~ the comments, my dh just doesn't get my love of craft so this way people who do 'get it' get to look and comment.And the friendships

    Other Blogs~ I am a blog lurker, I read many lol. I especially adore all the quilting/craft blogs that are out there and I always pop back to see what everyone has been busy creating and doing. I love the photos too.

    Biggest tip ~ be yourself, make up nicknames for your immediate family, ie I have 3 little girls who on my blog are knwn as girlie 1, girlie 2 and girlie 3. Also be careful of what you put out there, and if you are lie me and live in an itty bitty town just give your state.

    HIH Donna and good luck.

    and to the upcoming bloggers

    Have Fun.

  21. 1. why/when did you start blogging?
    My son broke his leg and we were stuck in the house for several weeks. That's when I started reading blogs. After that I lurked for a while, but I wanted to ask questions about some things I saw people sewing. I thought blogging would help my quilting skills and it has - I tend to get more done - because I want to show it.
    2. what's the best thing about blogging? I've met some lovely people, the tutorials have really helped me become a better quilter, I've tried things I wouldn't have done before - I am certainly thinking outside the box now. After seeing so many great quilts out there I rely less on patterns and more on my own creativity.

    3. what do you like on other blogs (why do you look at them, what makes you come back) I love the eyecandy - quilting related of course - but also travel pictures - people lives outside of my own little town. Lately though I'm struck by how more alike many of us quilters are no matter if we are from the US, England, Italy, Bulgaria etc. I think that's neat!

    4. biggest tip for a new blogger (good/bad)
    Comment on other's blogs so people will read yours. Also keep your blog entries short and to the point. A vent every once in a while may be okay but don't make a habit out of complaining and never ever show skin wounds healing - yuk ( I've seen those out there). It's nice to hear about a blogger whom you follow life - the good things like a birth or a wedding or just a happy child picture every now and again. Even a sad occasion so we can give some support. Just remember we come to blogs for quilty inspiration that's what I enjoy the most.

  22. 1. I started almost 2 years ago as a way of keeping a little online journal of the projects I complete.
    2. The friendships and the inspiration from so many blogs.
    3. Pictures!
    4. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you DON'T have to blog everyday, and everyday can get boring. Reply to your comments, but NOT in your comment section as commenters will rarely get back to your comment section (unless they don't have an e-mail.)

  23. 1. Started blogging last fall, I loved to read other people's blogs keeps me focused and helps with my goals.
    3. Reading other peoples blogs gives me ideas, helps me stay motivated, and reminds me how much we have in common. I love pictures and directions.
    4. Make sure the text is easy to read, the colors are soothing, a nice header is eyecatching. Practice picture taking! and when you see something you like--comment! Always keep your blog positive.

  24. I started blogging to keep family, who were living far away, updated on the quilts I was making for them. I had no idea of connecting with other quilters at that tim.
    The best thing is meeting other quilters form all over the world.
    I like pictures of quilts. I tend to skip over a lot of text because i read a lot of blogs and the time I want to dedicate to blogs is limited.
    My biggest tip is to remember that it's YOUR blog and you can do what you want, publish when you want and talk about what you want. No apologies necessary.

  25. I started blogging in July after stumbling upon some amazing quilting blogs. Although I wasn't sure anyone would ever want to read my blog, I finally decided I wanted to write and document the creative side of my life. I love the daily dose of inspiration I receive from reading other blogs, and I love the information I also get! I love beautiful photos, creative ideas, quilts of course, and humor on other blogs! My biggest tip for a new blogger is to start an idea list right away for posts you want to do and ideas for your blog! Happy blogging!

  26. I started blogging June this year I used to look at everyones blog So my daughter in law Linn said I should have my own Blog so she set it up for me.
    The best thing Is all the new people you meet They are all so friendly.
    What I like is All the different things people make they are so clever.
    I have a big list that I follow and I feel like I know them all.
    To a new blogger do it Its the best thing you will ever do Their is a big world out there and you can bring it into your lounge room Do it. Happy Blogging.
    Hugs Mary.

  27. Thanks Donna, for making me look into how long I have been blogging...since 23rd September 2005 - wow that's three years...

    The Best thing about blogging, is it makes me stop and think about what i have been up to, I am not good a writing in a diary, but for some reason I do it on my blog...I love looking back and reading older posts too....

    Other blogs - inspirational...i keep going back, if i like the way they photography, scrap or stitch, or if they just have items that make me laugh...its a feel good thing.

    Tips for a new blogger, be brave take the step, it is really lots of fun and not that many great tutorials out there to help you too.

    take care and have fun blogging!!!

  28. Hi Chooky,
    You've probably got enouugh comments but here's mine
    1. Janury 08
    2. Friendships, getting ideas, giveaways, freebies, tutorials!!
    3. The humour on some blogs, makes my day. Feeling like I've just visited a friend and had a cuppa with them. Show and tell, what people are working on.
    4. Don't lurk, leave a comment, could be a new friendship in waiting!
    Don't tell the blogger to change something on the blog because you don't like it, blogs are a way of expressing your personality, if you don't like something then don't visit that blog.

    Goodluck with the workshop!!

  29. All these comments are fascinating reading. I started blogging earlier this year after encouragement from my sister-in-law. I kept e-mailing her my latest creations....she kept e-mailing back "you NEED a blog". So I gave it a try and I love it. I've never been any good at keeping a diary so I just love looking back and seeing what I have accomplished for the year, I've also met so many like minded people around the world. I love looking up new blogs and getting different ideas for my crafts, garden and cooking. My tips would be to leave comments, always reply to those that leave comments on your blog and remember it is your blog so you are in control of the subject matter. Another reason I started blogging was to promote my business, I am finding I people interested in the business don't really want to read about family happening and visa versa so I am considering starting a second blog, one for quilting and one for personal goings on.

  30. Well asked for it....
    1. I started blogging in May this year after Girls Day in the Country where I met a great bunch of like minded stitching ladies and was literally 'bullied' into it!!!
    I didn't really know much about it but with the help of my new friends like Donna and I am!
    2. I have made some lovely friends it still amazes me that we can have the feeling of being in each others homes from almost anywhere in the world! I have also learned heaps about blogging and stitching and one of the most important things for me is - it motivates me to do more stitching!!
    3. I love the feeling of being part of someone's life without actually intruding personally. It is not hard to find blogs that you feel you have some sort 'connection' with. I also love the creativity of some of these people.....amazing!
    4. It was a whole new world to me but people offered help and I took it and now I can almost fly also have become braver and have tried things for myself....with varying degrees of success - but that's part of the fun! kids can't believe that I am a blogger!!
    Good luck with it Donna and thanks again for all your help.

  31. Well Donna,
    I am a newbie blogger - I began blogging about a month ago so I am still finding my way both in terms of learning how to do the technical part of blogging and trying to figure out what to write.
    I have read many blogs over the last year and a half. I often would leave a comment and almost every time I wrote I would get the comment back- you need a blog. My husband has a hockey blog and has encouraged me to blog for ages.
    so here i am trying to find my way.
    People have been very kind and left me nice comments.
    I do try and respond to comments and I have made some new friends that I would have never met without owning my own blog so I have to say that is the best part- meeting new quilters.
    the thing I like the best on the blogs is when I get some sense of the person. I like to see the photos and especially enjoy the blogs that people use humor. I also like to visit people who share their zest for life.
    I am too new to have any good tips but I am enjoying reading all the other excellent tips.

  32. I have been blogging nearly 2 years and LOVE it! Started because I love looking at other people's blogs, not always just about craft, love all those lovely photo taking skills too!! I am going to attend a Tasmania Blogger Get-together in November, some of the ladies I have met and others I have only 'met' via emails so that is pretty exciting!! A good tip I think is to make sure you receive an email for your comments!! The reason for that is, if someone leaves a comment for a post, say, 4 weeks ago, you are not going to miss it (sometimes they go in my 'junk box though'!!)
    x Sarah
    Actually, I have just encouraged a friend to start blogging, she has 2 because she wanted one for a particular topic. I have seen on some blogs, in the side bar they have a 'label' for their posts...... how do you do that?? I notice you have one on the bottom, but how do you put it in your sidebar do you know??

  33. Hi Donna, I've been blogging since May and it has been a blessing. I had a shop and then set up at Market with my goods. Talked to people all the time. Since I've started having just an online shop I've missed talking to everyone. The blog has helped and I've met so many people with the same hobbies and thoughts. They are really great friends even though we haven't met. Showing people how to sew gave me such pleasure in the shop and I hope to do more tutorials on the blog. The laughing and cutting up, as us girls can do, needs to be added to blogland. Wouldn't that be great! The best thing I could say to a new blogger is just be yourself. I'm not a writer, but had to just put that a side and write like a talk. (all over the place) This is a place if you are going through a tough time, it is so nice to read the prayers and comments to help you along. Thanks for asking this,

  34. Started blogging 1 year ago, I joined a Christmas Swap and required a blog..(I wonder who did the swap).
    Best thing about blogging..the motivation...and the people...
    My list of blogs that I visit have mainly come from in the early days them visiting me.....other bloggers suggesting to visit this one and that....I go back because I have been motivated by what they do, interested in what they are up to....we have become friends by chatting, so I like to visit....
    Tip for bloggers.....just enjoy...

  35. Very interesing post, Donna, and great reading everyones responses so far...I began blogging a little over two years ago. I began as I felt it would be a good way to meet other people who enjoy multiple crafting and sharing about life. I have enjoyed the chance to meet other people from far and wide that I might otherwise never have had the chance to meet, so I enjoy the immediate connection and sharing blogging brings. That is the best thing--the connection and sharing, the friendships made along the way. There are so many blogs I enjoy, and my reading list grows and grows--LOL! But it's fun to see what other people are creating and doing, it provides great inspiration. I like blogs that are personal, personable, where the author freely shares a great variety of things. I like seeing other places around the world. I enjoy coming across new-to-me crafting techniques, recipes, and other sources. A connection with the author keeps me coming back--I feel so blessed to have made many true friends through blogging. For anyone starting a blog or thinking about it--go for it! Enjoy your blog, be yourself, be comfortable with what you present, don't feel you have to "keep up with the Joneses"...Be willing to reach out a little to people, and they in turn will reach out to you. It's a great place blogland, the spirit of community is uplifting! :o)

  36. Good luck with the workshop-you certainly are a woman of many talents!!
    1.Been blogging for a year and a bit-just reached my 100th post-was interested in what others were doing and wanted to keep a record and reflect on the things I was doing
    2.Communicating with like minded people and seeing all the wonderful inspiration out there in blogland.
    3.I come back to friends I have met through the blog world and like to keep in touch with what they are up to. The photos are just as important-if not more-than the words often.
    4.Don't be daunted by all that is out there-be true to yourself and enjoy!
    Hope this helps Chooky:)

  37. 1. July 2005 is when I started.

    2. Knowing that family and friends all over the world can see and hear what I write, the feed back is brilliant and great for my elderly parents to see photos of their grandchildren and great grandchildren

    3. Everything... I watch about 80 Blogs through Google Reader which makes it easy to pop in and out.

    4. I have 6 Blogs -
    One I keep as private as I can for family and friends and post almost every day this way I can put photos up of family and children and know they are safe.
    Another I update each month for the Sydney SCQuilters, that gets about 500 hits in the couple of days after I update and is a great way to communicate with other Quilters.
    Another I update once a year for a Patchwork Challenge Group that only meets once a year this has photos of 10 years of Challenges on it.
    One is finished and covered 6 months of our living in the UK... I'm in the process of printing this one out.
    The other two are my DH's Double Decker Blogs... they don't get much of a update... not a lot of people are in to restoring a DD Bus!

  38. 1. I started a blog to see if I could set one up. Surprised myself it was so easy.
    2. The best thing about blogging is I can stay in touch with family and friends no matter where I am or what time of day it is and I've made some new friends around the world.
    3. I look at other blogs to see what's new, and because they are very interesting to read so I want to go back and see what is going on now.
    4. The most important thing I would tell a new blogger is to have fun with it. It is what you want it to be and you can make it as creative as you'd like. You'll learn as you go and pick up ideas from other blogs on what you like or would do differently.

  39. Hi Donna,

    I started blogging about 18 months ago because I was spending alot of time reading blogs and I wanted to be part of the 'community'. I felt rather isolated at home and wanted some like minded friends.

    The best thing about blogging for me is that it encourages me to be creative and it kind of spurs me on. I have a tendency to be complacent or to procrastinate, but now I feel I have to make things in order to blog about them. I love the encouragement I get from other bloggers - it's wonderful.

    I love seeing what other people make. I'm not good at coming up with ideas - so I surf around and see what other people are making and get ideas or inspiration (without plagerising!!!!!). I also like reading about people's lives and knowing that we are all quite similar and share similar problems.

    I don't really have any tips for new bloggers, I just suggest that they just have fun - and keep in contact with you - cause you're awfully helpful!


  40. Hi Donna,
    Just popping by first thing in the morning our time - just love your new header - at least leave it be until Christmas. Let me know if you haven't got enough blogger participants for your workshop - I'll fill it in if so - off to weed the garden now!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  41. I've been blogging a little over 2 years. I love an outlet. Being a SAHM of five, I enjoy the feedback and interaction that blogs can bring. I find that some of the most difficult times with my children, seem to get the most responses on my blog. I think people like to hear about the rough things too. Either that or they like to stop and see the car wreck.

  42. (1) 03/2008
    (2) The camaraderie, getting to visit with people with similar interests from all over the world, all walks of life, and all ages.
    (3) The pictures, the tips, the day to day life that I get to share in.
    (4) Join bloglines or google reader, web rings from groups if you belong. That way, you only pull up new posts, and you have more people becoming aware of your blog.

  43. Addition to
    (1) Having others with your interests to share your goodies and accomplishments with.
    Forget part 2 of the question.

  44. This is my first time visiting you! You have a Beautifu blog! Sounds like you are a BLUE girl but the PINK for October sites you well to! Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Maryjane

  45. 1.I started my blog in August.
    2.meeting new friends.
    3.I like to
    see what others do. 4.and ... just enjoy looking at other blogs.
    Piret from Estonia

  46. Well I hope this is a bit helpful to you & yours ...
    1. why/when did you start blogging?
    I started my first blog about 18 months ago ... it was going well but somehow I did something to it & it didn't work properly - don't know if blogger fixed that kink or it was 'me' learning to operate better but started this one just over 12 months ago & am loving I don't seem to have put any kinks in it ... so you could say they are child-proof as well as
    2. what's the best thing about blogging?
    The bestest thing about blogging has got to be getting comments from complete strangers who soon become great blogging friends who have so much in common with you ...the blogging community I have found to be extremely giving - sharing whatever knowledge they can with you & happily doing so as well... I have somewhat foolishly asked for help with doing some crafts only to find that the person that I've asked is doing it for a business [how rude am I???] but I have never been brushed off everyone has been wonderful actually sometimes going to the extreme to help... thanks girls if you are reading this...
    3. what do you like on other blogs (why do you look at them, what makes you come back)
    One of my greatest pleasures besides doing my craft is blog surfing ... I love looking at others blogs checking out their creativity which means they have lots of photos - I'm afraid I'm not a great reader but if there's photos to support the written word I'll come back often especially if they happen to comment on my blog & let me know they have dropped on by too ... of course I do the same... & I'm always very thankful for those that do little tuts to show you how to do things ...
    4. biggest tip for a new blogger (good/bad)
    Gosh I don't know what I'd say is the biggest tip for new bloggers ...
    I was told to be annonymous ...well that didn't really work as my photos & name tell you where I am & I'm proud to be Ozzie but I keep my email address private so I actually got a Gmail account to put on my blog & then it is up to me if I want to correspond privately with the other person so I guess that is one way of privacy.
    I like the new feature that blogger has where you can put post up that aren't delivered to your blog for a few day which is great to use when you are going to be away for a while... instead of letting everyone know you are "not going to be home"...
    I would also recommend doing some/lots of blog surfing to see what others have on their blogs that you might like to incorporate in your blog - if I don't want it now I save it too a folder for later should I wish to use it when I don't have much to say.
    I organise my photos into a special folder within my cp that is so I know what photos I have available that I can use - when used I delete them from the folder so I don't repeat myself [done that before ... embrassing somewhat but funny ...]
    Plus the biggest thing is to comment on others blogs to bring them over to visit with you & maybe they will become your blogging friends.
    Following Challenge blogs by participating, is also another great way to get more traffic onto your blog.
    Sorry you can see I can waffle on somewhat so I guess this also satisfies another part of my character by blogging...
    Best of Luck with your workshop... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  47. 1. Why/When: I started blogging earlier this year in an attempt to (a) keep a diary (b) let my friends and family back home know where I was and what I was doing without having to send out repetitive emails.
    2. The best thing about blogging is that it has been a learning curve about technology, software, myself, it's been very inspring and showcases crafts that others are passionate about and you can do it anywhere.
    3. What do I life about other blogs: Due to a hiccup in my personal life my blog has remained untouched for sometime. However, reading other peoples blogs, observing their honesty, inspiring thoughts, simple every day achievements that we take for granted, generosity of spirit and the extent to which people share has helped heal the wound and get me back on track again.
    I have no tips for new bloggers as I still consider myself a 'newbie' and know that I have lots to learn still. Reading the comments posted before has been useful.
    I'd love to participate in a blogging workshop to learn more tricks. To you and all other crafty bloggers, keep up the goodwork.

  48. Hey Donna,
    I started Blogging about 18mths ago not sure why.
    I think it is important to be visual eg photos but you know that.
    Blogland is an amazing place full of amazing ideas and amazing people you would otherwise never meet.
    My only word of warning it is addictive and time consuming.

  49. Wow I started blogging because of depression. You know Its sometimes easier to talk to total strangers and It was a journal a way of seeing where i was.
    The best thing about blogging is I have been able to converse and see pictures of people and places I very well never get to go to and I have made a few good friendships.
    I come back because of the inspiration of the quilts, the colors, patterns and of course the fabric!! Most of all I identify with all these other quilters. I was a solitary quilter for a long time.
    Biggest tip. Don't flame people on your blog. Its distasteful and rude. Oh you can talk about what upsets you but a personal attack should be off limits.
    And have fun

  50. Hi Donna
    You always pose the most interesting questions so here are my thoughts on blogging.
    1. why/when did you start blogging?

    I started blogging in June 2008 after meeting up with Natalie Ross from In Stitches. Nat suggested I start a blog to promote my website and patterns that I sell. I found that advertising in the craft magazines was becoming too costly and this medium was so much more personal. Blogging has evolved into something way beyond my expectations and I would miss it so much if it wasn't a part of my life.

    2. what's the best thing about blogging?

    Meeting new friends who inspire me with their ideas and outlook on life.
    I have always wanted to write but as I am dyslexic I have never been confident enough to put my words onto paper for others to read. Blogging allows me write anonymously thanks to spell check I now have the freedom to express myself. No one will understand what blogging has done for my self esteem.

    3. what do you like on other blogs (why do you look at them, what makes you come back)

    I love the brief in site into other peoples lives with the ability to stay at arms length and not get overly involved, unless you want to. I really enjoy seeing the wonderful work other people do, and it never ceases to amaze me that after all these years of people crafting there are still new ideas emerging.

    4. biggest tip for a new blogger (good/bad)

    Not sure how I was able to do this....Natalie Ross helped me set it up but....I have set my comments so that I can decide whether to post the comment or delete it. I dont know why people would bother but I have had a couple of nasty comments left for me and I simply delete them before they can do any damage.

    Thanks for all of you wonderful efforts and dedication to the art of blogging.

    BTW I just love Curly Pops.


  51. 1. why/when did you start blogging?
    I started towards the end of 2006 - I have a blog for the family to see what is happening with my two munchkins - but wanted to share what I was crafting with everyone so set this one up. (after joining the craft community on Crafty Mamas)

    2. what's the best thing about blogging?
    Meeting new people - Getting so many ideas I dont know what to do with!

    3. what do you like on other blogs (why do you look at them, what makes you come back)
    I like seeing what everyone is up to and creating. I like it when people put a little bit of themselves into there blog and blog about where they live and themselves.

    4. biggest tip for a new blogger (good/bad)
    Comment Comment Comment - get out there and comment on others blogs - I try to leave a comment on a new site everytime I find or come across one - I have found that by doing this alot of people will take the time to look at my little piece of blogland.

  52. How great this is reading all the responses!!! I had a couple friends that had blogs and I was hooked instantly..started blogging a year ago. The best thing for me is all the creativeness/friendship--they go hand in hand with this group. Love looking at what everyone is working on and pictures from where people live. Biggest tip -- hang in there and ask other bloggers for help. Like anything else there is some trial and error that goes on, but I found fellow bloggers are always there to help you out with a problem -- like yourself Donna!!

  53. I first started reading blogs then decided to give it a whirl, I live alone, this was away to share my quilting world. I have met so many nice folks I have my morning coffee with all my new friends, share ideas and get new ones. Blogging will be with me as long as the old pc hangs on.

  54. I started blogging late this past summer. I started blogging to be part of this great community and have made a lot of new friends as well as getting to know old friends better. The best thing about blogging and reading other blogs is seeing what projects everyone is doing. The inspiration I get is priceless. Advice: Keep your blog fresh. Post a little something fairly often so your loyal readers don't lose interest. I am guilty of reading others but not posting on my own blog.

  55. I don't know exactly when I started but I have passed 300 entries so it has been a while -- 3 years at least.

    I started out thinking I would be a quilting blog but life happened and I just didn't get to quilt that much so there wasn't enough quilting to blog about. I wanted to just share random thoughts so I continued my entries.

    I enjoy reading other blogs but I don't understand what makes one blog have 400 followers and another 4. I have read some of the blogs with huge following and I just don't see them as being that special.

    Di made some comments that helped -- my random entries left people visiting to find the same old entries. I am trying to post more often. She also suggested always including a picture or two. I love using pictures and seeing other people's pictures so I'm trying to post more of them.

    I especially love blogging because I like looking at the way other people live. I especially like the people who are now living "off the grid" but their blogs are hard to find. I love people who are artistic and I love blogs from other countries.

    I try to leave a comment whenever I visit a blog. I find it discouraging to find I've had 10 visitors from around the world and no one said a word. But then, I ask myself, why should this discourage me. I'm not blogging for them -- I'm doing this for myself. So, if no one comments, so what. But still, I do like comments -- and when I get one I always go and visit the blog of the person who commented.

    Chooky, I don't always visit you but I always enjoy the visit when I do. I love your pictures and your comments and you have been very helpful when I was just getting started. Thanks a bunch!


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