Saturday, 21 November 2009


It was looking so hot and desolate today..............very hazzy.........

But the day got worse just after I did my last if I wasn't feeling like a big enough COW it got worse way worse..........
.........the power went off for 4.5 is the culprit below...........dh said there was a bit of a fire where the wires hit the ground but it burnt itself out thankgoodness cause he wasn't home when it fell down - one advantage of NO feed in the paddocks......

...a pole fell down (just because it wanted too) we had no power last weekend too for 16
hours when some cross arms broke............but it was way cooler
then............36 deg when the power went off and 41.7deg when the power came back on and rising..........hassled Maree on the phone for a bit to take my mind off
it..........thanks Maree.........became even more of a
COW once I hung up.......probably got a bit sunburnt while I sulked in the pool for awhile.......(don't usually swim when it is this hot in the middle of the day) my wonderful power men have fixed the pole and the air con is wiring away double time......
maybe I might have that sleep i was talking about earlier
.....Take Care til next time..............


  1. Oh, It looks so dry and desolate. Just the opposite of Europe, lots of rain over here. I saw the news about the fires. I hope everything is fine where you live. groetjes Caroline (The Hague - Netherlands)

  2. just have to smile really!It's horrible, hot, no power & sunburn to top it off. But I guess we are one day closer to a cool change...keep safe!

  3. Oh no!!! Thats the one fear on these hot days isn't it, the power going off. You just can't get the house cool again after that can you.
    We had one summer when it used to go off at 4pm when all the dairy farmers started milking, overloading the power grid I guess.
    At least you had the pool. You poor COW. xx

  4. Oh, you poor dear! When summer storms hit and we lose power, I am not a happy camper. The humidity really gets to me. We normally have snow at this time of year but today it was near 50 again. Really strange weather. Hope it cools off soon for you!

  5. Oh it looks horrible! We have just had our cool change come through with good rain, I will try and send some up to you (been stinking hot before that)! I'm glad you have your power back xo

  6. Hope you get some relief soon! We had a change come through last night which came with put out the fires that had unfortunately burnt down 3 houses and properties about 4km from where I could have been a whole lot worse...

  7. Donna there so hot and here so cold and rain.........
    I would like a place where the temperature is perfect!

    Are you very busy for the Christmas Swap?

    Ciao, ciao

  8. Teodolinda could come to we have the perfect temperature! :)

  9. Oh I wish I could send some cooler weather your way! Happy to hear noone got hurt!

  10. What a hope the cool change has arrived it has here we even had a few drops of rain.

  11. hello my fellow COW!!!
    how awful for you with the power going off, I dread that happening here. I do not do hot LOL
    HOpe things cool down there a bit for you. Hugs.

  12. I think it is better to have the dark and the cold here than the heat you are having.


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