Sunday, 29 November 2009


Yesterday afternoon the winds picked up and so did the dust again..................the winds dropped on sunset but eerie as the dust was still just hanging around.................I think it was fairly still all night but this morning I got up and the dust was still is calm again this morning but the dust is still hanging in the air..........these are pics of the sun rising this morning.............guess the Christmas tidy and clean won't happen today just the point cleaning.............and it is so beautiful and cool outside after a pretty warm day yesterday but I am NOT opening the

While on is the 2nd last day of the
month............for November our average maximum temp is 31deg (90yrs records) for this November our average maximum temp is 35.7 (hotter then our
hot months) so we haven't been going on about the heat for nothing...............and the coolest maximum we have had 28.4 Lets hope this is the worst of summer.........but i am sure it will not be.............

Take Care til next time..............


  1. Photos are gorgeous. Hope we don't get the dust this time.

  2. looks very "Sleepy Hollow-ish", watch out for the headless horseman!

  3. We've got the dust here too...not much good for a singer who has to sing a solo this afternoon.

  4. Hi Chooky...dusty, hot & windy here too! Glad I did the mowing yesterday. I was hoping to do Christmas dusting so I could put out decorations...oh well...they will wait!

  5. Hi Chooky, fancy making the dust in the air look so beautiful, amazing photos....
    between the wind, the heat and the dust I am over the silly season and we aren't even in December yet.... last night we had a huge thunder and lightening storm with good rain hopefully you'll get some rain too...

  6. Wow, the sky looks eerie- almost like a solar eclipse sky- Hope the temperature does not continue to grow hotter for your summer days. It must be very difficult to find places to keep cool and very hard to keep your animals hydrated and cool.
    Wishing you some temperate weather.
    Warmest regards,

  7. Great photos ! Can't complain here , today it rained , yay !

  8. Wow, great pics... We had a bit of raised dust too at the end of the day, very similar looking to what you had...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  9. You got to move up here to my country because we do not have that kind of problem at all but rather to much rain insteed..
    I guess something i the middle had been max. No realy I would never move from here, I love my country and the rain just comes with the package.I just have to remember all the wonderful days and I bet you feel the same way. I can understand though why you do not clean now but wait until the storm stops.

  10. The photos are absolutely beautiful! I’ll send you some of the rain and cool temperatures!

    Thanks for the comment setting changes! Love them!

    119 Santa’s... I can hardly believe all those packages flying around the globe!

  11. we are having some freaky weather this year in australia. we've just had lots of rain, cold temps and wind like you would never believe. i couldn't believe it - one minute we are living through a heatwave in november, the next i'm regretting turning off the heater because i'm cold, cold, cold.
    take care, stay cool and lets hope the weather settles soon

  12. It blew a gale here over the weekend but rained as well so no dust......the pics look positively spooky! The AC has given way to heating again...the quilts are back to cover my legs in the evening (see I really am a Granny!)...and I am enjoying the cooler weather and the rain...although I am not sure the farmers feel the same way!

  13. Great snaps love the last one. Shame about the dust.

  14. the dust is horrible

  15. Very spooky to look at, but a pain to clean up, isn't it?


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