Friday, 20 November 2009


With the temp nudging 43 (109F) there is nothing to do but sit in front of the air con.............not sure if it is going to get hotter or not......
.....but we have a couple more days of this CRAP beautiful weather to get thru..........will I survive?????

I am so sick of chasing hoses morning and night to try and keep things alive...............
to my Perth friends enjoy your day if my minimun gets to your maximun (20) I will be very happy.................

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Horrible isn't it. Getting a few spots of rain here now, hoping for a downpour so I don't have to chase hoses tonight.

  2. Yes the weather has been VERY here in Tassie too! We dont usually get weather here like that until the kids go back to school which is in Feb! We have actually had a little rain today - hope it is cooler for the workshop with kerry this weekend.....
    x Sarah

  3. Oh Chooky...I feel for you!
    We would love it to be a LITTLE warmer, but should not complain really..hope it cools down for you tomorrow, the poor animals must be feeling it!
    Julia ♥

  4. You poor thing, although I don't want to wish you the wether here - so many crops have been lost in te hail and storms. I just hope it cools down a bit.

  5. Its a gorgeous day here, very low 20's, with a cool wind I feel for you though, last week we had days of 38.8 with a hot desert wind. Not pleasant at all

  6. you will make it chook, sending you cooling thoughts! although it is mighty steamy here, I am just thinking back to this arvos swim. Have stopped the girls swimming lessons and have taken over myself. How clever am I?.....Now I am supposed to take them swimming!!

  7. We've had lower temps in the past few days but the humidity is hard to take. Feeling very sorry for you with such highs.
    We had a huge lightening show last night and the strongest winds I have ever heard - sounded like a freight train going through. This morning, our yard was littered with twigs and leaves from the gum trees and our neighbour had a big bough come down off his gum tree. Thought our pergola and colourbond fence were gonna take off!
    Wierdest weather I have seen in a long time.

    Cheers - Joolz - SA

  8. My car temperature told me that outside was 47oC.... That made me want to get out and walk around. NOT!
    Think of us in the heat on the back of a motorbike tomorrow.
    Will let you know if I'm still alive when I get back...

  9. It got to 40 here today! The "cool change" arrived with lots of dust and very little rain. thankfully we are expecting much cooler and damper weather over the weekend.
    I hope you get some rain too.

  10. Oh poor hot you! It's not even summer yet.

  11. 45 deg here today, still 35 at 9.30pm...yuk! Lots of dry lightning around...worry about fires now! Hope you survive!

  12. we had 43C yesterday and right now it's raining and quite cool - go figure!!!
    hope some cool weather comes your way soon.

  13. Incredibly unusually hot here for Nov. as well, but not that hot thank goodness!
    You really notice it when it is months too early, look after yourself..and I've given up on the hoses, my garden looked spring great for about a week and now it's summer deslote, oh well, always next year! Tracey

  14. ONE-OH-NINE????? That's AWFUL! The poor animals! I hope it cools down soon!

  15. Yikes, I sure hope you are able to stay cool.

  16. ok... I'm sending over some cold wind... are you ready.... can you feel it.....
    There was that better.
    Karen xx

  17. I'm feelin' for you guys....our regular heat in the low 30's is the norm but we really feel it when it gets to mid to high 30's....can't imagine the heat you are having to bear!!!! Hope there's a break in it reeeeeeeeal soon!
    Thank goodness for A-C!!!
    sugary air-hugs (real ones are too sweaty at this time!!!)
    XX Wendy B 'o)

  18. Boy do I know what you mean about the heat. We have the humidity too. I can see the fish swimming past there is so much moisture in the air. Enjoy the a/c - it's not doing lots here....sigh. Ohh and it rained last night and is still gently falling. The farmers don't need it but it's a welcome change from the hot sunny days.


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