Sunday, 22 November 2009

Since I have become a COW (even though Lurline thinks I am not "old" enough - so kind of you) there is one subject Nancy has been bugging me for awhile so here goes............
I found a site that runs swaps and although not charging to enter the swaps at this stage (I can see it coming though) they have a "DONATE" button on there site to help with the costs of running a swap..................HELLOOOOOOOOOOO
what happened to just running the swap for the fun of it...........if you don't want to because it cost you money well don't organise them...........
As you may or may not know I am into my 3rd Secret Santa Christmas Swap cost me lots of time but not much money (a couple of extra parcels) ..............I run the swap because I want to not because someone may donate money to me.......... (well quite a few others want me to run the swap but donating or asking for money - it is just wrong wrong wrong..........well that is my opinion and I can say what I want............all I need to receive from SSCS participants is "thanks" and they all do that..........


Also get rid of the google ad's..............I HATE them..........I don't go to blogs with them usually............

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........
PS this weather better hurry up and cool down...........who knows what I may be blogging anyone can be bothered to read my ramblings of the last few days hang in there things will get better............


  1. Hi Chookyblue,
    Well many people are out to make money theses days...keep up the great job of doing your swaps for fun. I get turned off by the google ads as well. Keep blogs simple and for the enjoyment of others I say!!

  2. You go girl - I'm with you all the way.

  3. Dear Chookyblue,
    You go Girl. I agree 100% with you and I just love reading your blog. So just keep it coming alot of other bloggers out there feel the same and it is nice to see someone that just says it like it is.
    Big Hot Hugs

  4. Gee, you really have got your Cranky Pants on! Lol!
    I've never participated in a swap but I agree with you - the idea is to swap so you get something of like value in return so money shouldn't need to come into it.

    I dislike Google Ads too! And I hate hot weather even more.... Holy Cow - I think I'm a COW too!

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. hey Donna....ditto Leanne's comment! Nancy was my swap partner in my first SSCS and I have read her blog since her honesty and yes...I can say - I am a COW....and you know we love ya for running the SSCS and we live in fear of not doing the right thing and sending off our parcels on time....LOLOL....raining here after the 43 day last week.....I can hear the garden sighing with relief...the birds have all gone nuts and the street trees might get to keep some of their leaves after dropping heaps last week....may your power stay on and the airconditioning keep running....if not there is always the pool!

  6. Oh I think you are a bit hot under the shirt....

    well said,I did my first swap and loved doing it, wouldn't want to be paid for it.
    I have removed the Ads from my blog, only put them there as I thought it might help people find quilt related businesses. Never received any money for it as they give diddley squat for it anyway.
    I know people say they don't like them, but they are on a lot of blogs.

    Hope it will get cooler for you soon,I too have already had enough of summer.

  7. I agree 100%. I think I know the site you are referring to and I found it interesting that there are quite a few people who flaked out on the swap. A friend of mine had an issue and was told to email her partner directly - so I am wondering what exactly the "donation" is for? I know managing a swap is a pain but charging rubs me the wrong way. That said, if you ever need help with your swap, please call on me I'd be glad to help!

  8. I agree with you. But I joined a fat quarter swap and sent to my partner. I never heard from her as if she recieved or never got my package from her. I told the person in charge and she said to e-mail her, which I did to no satisfaction. She never replied. I am one who loves swaps and making things for others. I would love to be in your next swap if you would have me. It hurts when someone does not at least e-mail to say they could not follow through. Okay I am a COW too!

  9. Preach it, Sister! I run swaps for the joy of it. Sometimes people send me little gifties -- a FQ or and extra block or something that they have made, and I am always BOWLED OVER by the kindness and generosity. Mooing all the way, Near Philadelphia

  10. g'day Chooky
    I used to organise a monthly signature block swap, and I swapped them on a set day, and let people know when they were posted, but sheesh I copped abuse so I stopped doing it.. it cost me money only for fuel and maybe making extra blocks for when others didn't send them in..
    I wouldn't pay to go in a swap, cause its a SWAP.. I still haven't got two PIF's I signed up for, but hey thats life.. I did my bit and I can sleep at night..

  11. Totally agree! Charging for a swap! Anyway, hope it cools down for you really soon...and your power stays on! Jo xox

  12. Hi Chookyblue
    Hear hear!
    I have just done the quick Christmas swap from among the gum trees girls, it was easy and sending to USA no problem.
    Google adds what the!!!!and yes I don't like them either.
    BTW can I put my name down now for next years swap I like the idea doing something for someone else for christmas

  13. Get it all off your chest. You are saying what everyone thinks but are too scared to mention. I've sent stamps before to swap organisers just because I thought they would be out of pocket but I wouldn't "donate" if asked. I don't go for the google adds either.

  14. Get back in the pool chooky ! We are having cool weather and rain this morning after a killer week - I would happily share it with you if i could. I DO NOT DO HEAT !

  15. I see that the hot, tired, grumpy lady has left SA and headed east. :) Hang in there cool change can't be far away. Cool here today, have even had some lovely rain.

    For me the idea of being in a swap was to get to know other people. Yes the gifts are lovely but I'd far prefer to get to know others.

  16. Hi Chooky, I'm with you girl about the money making ventures of people these days. What happened to the good old days of fun, friendship and enjoying doing it for the enjoyment!
    ....I love COWS.... I feel the category is suiting me well at the moment also.....

  17. There's a difference between being cranky and have opinions (that in my opinion are correct). I agree with you. I read Nancy's blog and I agree with her too. See when you 'talk' with the right people we sound anything but cranky. We sound right! I liked her point of the giveaways that make us do so much - so I don't enter those.

  18. Hmm, swaps, I like the idea, alot. I did pay @ $15.oo USD for a shop south of our equater, to line me up with a partner to swap with for Christmas. You know I did it, I thought it would be fun to get to know another lady from a different country. I was told to email her directly, I did and she emailed to me...some months ago, one time. I have written to her to since her first email to no avail. I am not writing threatening letters or being nasty at all. Actually, I am writing to her like she is answering my emails. It isn't the money, I don't even want the money back. I haven't written to the shop to ask because, what if the lady is sick, or really has a problem? I am just hurt about it. Will I do it again...I don't know. We were told, by the shop, to find out what the other person might be interested in. The lady told me she was a beginner quilter. Maybe she felt overwhelmed. You know, all she would have to do cut out a pic of a kangaroo, glue some glitter on it, hang a string and call it an ornie...I would love it! I know you were blogging about google ads, of which I hate and are very distracting on some blogs I used to read, but I had to tell someone. Hello, my name is Elaine and I am an oreo cow from Texas!

  19. well said chooky. gosh! it costs no money to host a swap. just the electricity you use for the pc, which we all do anyway.
    julie x

  20. Hi, I loved the cow article but I was concerned that people were getting all het up over the issue. No decent cow would do that or would they. I just wanted to say I come to your site not so much for the sewing but to keep up with what the interior of Aus. is looking like and going through. You give a true picture of something other than city life. Thankyou. I wish I could send you some of our sea breezes. I feel for you know how unremitting inland summers can be. I hate ads but even more I hate to come to a blog with a black background or one where you have to click another time to see each post. I don't bother with them anymore. Cherrie

  21. I so agree! I hate all those ads!!! I hope you'll soon be cooling down -- and I don't mean the COWishness -- I mean the weather LOL!

  22. blue! I love that name.
    I am with you on this one, I do enjoy reading your blog.
    Keep up with the good work.

  23. Hey Chooky,
    I'm with you and all of the others....swaps are meant to be fun, getting to know others with similiar interests, so NO to money making ones!

    Hope your weather is starting to cool down a little, we've had some very welcome rain in Vic this's wishing some for you.

    Moooo!!! to all of us COWS.....
    cheers Julz

  24. I’m so with you! I love cows, but now I have to find out if I’m one myself...!

    I don’t like blogs with ads either. Raising money for swaps isn’t OK. Times... they are changing!

  25. Hi donna. ;-)
    I just want to give you a big hug and a thank you for let us all have all the fun with the SSC swaps. It is so fun and I know you have a lot of work with it .... and it is free. ;-)
    Thanks again from me here in the snow..

  26. LOL Donna! I never see the Google Ads, as I use Firefox with the AdBlocker add-on :)

  27. Hi Donna!

    The weather kind of makes me wonder what summer will be like when it eventually comes! Hope you get some cool weather soon. Our weekend has been just lovely.

    As for the rant, I think we are all with you there. I love the term "Swap Mama", cause when you run a swap you are like a mother. Looking out for the kids and sacrificing a little so that they can have a good time. Selfless I guess. I admire all such swap mamas.

    Hope you have a great week!

  28. Looking for those plaids...but I agree, I love blogs who are all about the fun and fellowship, not $.

  29. Well Chookblue, you can have a cow, just don't be one, grin.
    I do not do swaps and that button is one reason, but the other is too many people forget their 'obligation', I have even made up a gift for the person who got 'cheated', but finally just gave them up, at 73 who needs that! BarbM

  30. Oh I hope it cools down for you soon. We have actually turned cool now, seems ridiculous, one minute we're roasting and the next we're finding jumpers again!! A 'donate' button - you have to be kidding!!! I'd rather no swaps than ones that are done for the wrong reason. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in with the SSCS, it really is appreciated.

  31. I do hope the weather will get cooler just for your sake.

  32. Hi Chookyblue
    Go you good were the person that got me going into swaps...You are a very clever girl your blog is so great!!!! Your Camera work beautiful..and a thank you for doing the SSCS!!!!Thank god it is cooler today....


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