Saturday, 21 November 2009


I am so tired..........I am sick of
  • the million gazzillion blowflies hanging around my house trying to find a cool spot (i need a change in the weather to get rid of them)
  • the bugs that turned up last night that were everywhere even thought all the doors and windows were shut
  • the bugs that annoyed me all night during my sleep
  • the smoke alarm that went off at 2am.....(maybe because one of those bugs set the alarm off cause there was no smoke or fire)
  • moving hoses
  • forcing myself to eat something (heat and food don't go well for me)
  • kids and dh pestering me (well not really but because I am tired it feels like they are)
  • the heat
  • it's 9.30am is it to early to have a sleep??????
Nancy has an interesting post............go see what a COW is............seems she is not alone reading the comments.........

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Haven't been to see 'Nancys COW' yet, nearly gave birth to one though when I popped onto your blog, 35 days to Christmas, right there, no escaping it. And I have been trying so hard to.
    Hope you get some rain or at least some cooler weather soon.
    Love your blog, it lights up my day.

  2. Ugh, what an awful night. Do you like smoothies? When it's too hot to eat, I usually just blend up some fruit and yogurt and drink my meals. Seems to cool me down and doesn't feel quite like eating.

  3. Here's my all time great tip for cooling down at night. Go to bed with a spray bottle. The kind you damp the ironing down with and give yourself a light spray whenever you overheat. It's too fine to wet the bed and works a treat.

  4. I'm with's the bugs & flies that will drive you nuts! They seem to be able to squeeze through anything to get inside. Is there really only 35 days until Christmas?

  5. Love the COW thing, however you are not old enough to fit into that category, LOL! Oh, my Darling, I am so sorry for you with the heat and what comes with it - hopeing for better times ahead!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. I'm with you Chooky- the only place to be is in front of the air cond. Braved the shopping centre this morning but there were too many kids having tantrums (not mine!)- the heat is getting to everyone.

  7. OMG I am so glad I finally have a name... I am definitely a COW today. I cant handle this heat.. it makes me headachy, cranky, tired, lethargic, I can't get motivated ...everyone is cranky..Must move to somewhere cooler. The bugs are insane. Hope we get a break soon. Take care xx

  8. Mooo! Mooo! I'm so flattered that you linked to me. And I'd be cranky too if I were dealing with what you are! Here it is late fall, cool, but clear and just lovely. Need a light jacket to go outside, pull up the quilt at night, and consider whether it will be cold enough for a fire in the fireplace on Thanksgiving!

  9. OMG I am so glad that we are not the only ones that the bugs seem to invade. My poor Dyson is going to explode if it has to do another morning like this morning.
    I couldn't believe it at 1am last night when both kids did not even stir even though the smoke alarm is right outside their room.
    I hate having to turn it off but it's that or no sleep at all.
    Hugs to you, I really know what you are going through and we live right over near the NSW Snowy Mountains.

  10. hang in there.... I like the smoothie idea, with lots and lots of crushed ice.

  11. Well that was a good read. I tend to agree with much of what Nacy says, love the COW thing.
    Hoping you find a nice patch of green grass under a shady tree to chew your cud and start felling a little better.
    Wish the bugs would buzz off here too.
    Julie xx

  12. Hello Donna, we had the blowies a few weeks back,hung around for days. I ended up putting some vegemite mixed with water into a bottle with a few holes in the side,it attracts them and then they drown. Hope the rest of the weekend improves. Happy days.

  13. What are blowflies? I have never heard of them.

  14. I hate the bugs too! And the heat today!!!!!
    I agree ...I must be a COW too, but I am in good company it seems. The best thing about blogging is the people you meet & the interests you meeting you!

  15. Oh dear.... it's just a cranky time isn't it! ;) Thanks for the chat. I got my two hour sleep! :) Guessing that your power isn't on yet.... hope it doesn't take all day again.

  16. Hope your day improves. Our smoke alarm went off the other night at 2.30am. No smoke(thank heavens) but I think it time to change the battery. It runs on electricity and backed up by the battery.
    Hope you have a great rest now the air is working again

  17. I hate summer too.. I hate australia from about September to March, I dont do even 30C too good.. I can recommend lots of icy cold watermelon, crushed ice in drinks and air conditining.. it was 43C at work yesterday, today its only 36C at home.. the dog has a wading pool to cool down in, but I think i might join her!

  18. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. SOme rain would be nice too

  19. Oh I know those nasty tiny bugs , grrr sick of them , mooooo !

  20. Ditto to everything but the smoke alarm! I even had to empty my SSCS package of those horrible little buggy things that manage to squeeze through the screens *grrr*.

  21. Love the COW post!

    9:30 is not too early for a nap! You *deserve* it! :)

    Why is it that smoke alarms always go off at 2am. Ours did that at least once a year for years. We even received a call from the kids at 2am once when we were on vacation. We discovered that it was defective and replaced it. No trouble sine.

  22. Are you sure you weren't at our house on Thursday night???
    1. Stinking hot.
    2. Squillions of little bugs getting through the fly screens.
    3. Little bugs attracted to the light of the clock radio and then landing on and annoying me until I threw a tshirt over the light.
    4. 2.01am - smoke detector went off. Wouldn't reset. Found fresh batteries, found stool high enough to reach ceiling. Mick changed battery. Peace and quiet.
    5. 2.10am - THE OTHER SMOKE DETECTOR WENT OFF! Fortunately had second spare battery. Peace and quiet.
    6. Tiny bug flew in my ear - right in my ear so no more sleep.

    I was a bit of a zombie (possibly also a bit of a cow)at work on Friday. Bring on the cool weather tomorrow.

  23. Can I join the Cow club too?? Sounds like it's just my thing...vbg.

    Got to agree with you on the heat - throw in humidity here and it's horrible. As for the bugs.....ewwwww.

    The midges are attracted to the LED lights on your smoke alarm. Solution - paint over the light with white out until you can't see the light anymore and they will stop zooming their way to it. They build up in enough numbers that when they fry on the light (and yes a LED light is strong enough to cook them) the smoke they give off is enough to set off the alarm. We had that problem a few years ago and of course hubby being an electrician had to find a solution. It does work and we have had no further problems since.

    I was listening to Shannon Lush the other week on the ABC and she gave a recipe for an insect spray that is supposed to help with the problems of mossies and midges.

    In 1 litre of hot water put 4 teaspoons dried mint leaves (or eight tsp fresh) and 1 teaspoon lavender oil. Allow to steep like a tea then strain and put into a spray bottle. Spray it on the fly screen doors or anywhere you don't want the bugs to be. She said it is also safe enough to spray on yourself as in insect repellent and if you do get bitten it will help to stop the itch. I have made some up and am using it will fairly good success. It doesn't seem to work with flies so much (we have millions) but the mossies and midges are down to moderate levels.

    If you try it I would love to know how you get on.

    Hope it's cooler today for you. I had a jumper on this morning....for just a little while...vbg.

    Sorry for the long answer.



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