Tuesday, 6 July 2010

blog etiquette............

after my last BIG post I was still thinking too much then BubzRugz wrote this post on blog etiquette and I was thinking a little more.............this subject is something that you usually just work out along the way and sometimes you wonder what to do or how to do it...............what's right and what's wrong...............
here are somethings I think about................not saying right or wrong but what works for me...........or things I find are the common occurrences in blogland.......
.......I will add a link to this post on my list of "how to....blog bits" on the sidebar so if you could leave your opinions etc in the comments that would be great..............
and if your coming to read this at a later date then read the comments too.........
What works..............
- linking to friends blogs (sidebar or in posts - it's how we find more yummy blogs) 
- including photos (we all like to see pics in posts)
- mentioning designers and saying what the patterns are (not necessary but often saves answering several emails)
- linking to the designers if you know what the site is but not necessary 
post regularly (be it several times a week or monthly)
- comment on posts (you like receiving them so make sure you leave some)
- reply to comments as you read them (creates interaction with other bloggers and you make new friends)
- include a mix of photos and writing 
- if someone new comments on your blog go back and check theirs out 
- follow the blogs you like in google reader or bloglines it saves time checking out blogs
- have fun because it is fun
- if you're in a swap it is polite to thank the sender via email and also a blog post for the gift sent promptly

What doesn't work..............
- replying to comments in your comments 
(people very rarely go back to read other peoples comments - except maybe on a post like this)
- using other peoples photos without permission
- tagging people for awards etc.............some people like me HATE them and others like them maybe ask first
- giveaways where you have to do what feels like a 1000's task to get entries
- joining swaps and not communicating well with the organiser or not blogging during the swaps
- not thanking by email and on a blog post the person who sent you a swap parcel
- worrying about what you are posting isn't good as good as "xyz's"' blog
- don't apologise everypost - we are all busy people
- be set as "no reply" (people can't reply to the comment you left)
- taking things from other peoples blogs and posting it as your own 
- google ad's.............I HATE THEM
- music.........I have slow internet and it usually opens and scares the living daylights out of me with short blasting bursts...........do you even listen to it on your blog...........just takes longer for people to download the blog page.........

NOW I could add I have added to this post at a later date but if you could put some thoughts into the comments that would be great for others to read too..........

Catch you later..............

PS if you don't care for this post the pics are totally unrelated and more amazing works of mother nature with frost last week...........


  1. I HATE (and therefore refuse) being asked to jump through a bazillion hoops on someone's blog. Didn't ask for it, don't expect you to do it, don't expect me to do it for you.

    That said I love blog-jumping and finding new blogs to read. The friendships I have made through blogging are a source of enormous joy to me. Some women I have met, some I probably will never meet but all of them have been, are and hopefully will continue to be a source of inspiration, support and comradeship. Have you ever noticed how women who blog are really funny?

    Thanks for an interesting couple of posts.

  2. I love the frost photos! Very pretty!

    I think it helps to have the occassional etiquette post. I know I had no idea when I started. It's really mostly common sense. I love the blog regularly one. I love to read other people's stuff! I struggle a bit myself though, lol!

  3. Those are very wise words. Love the frost pictures because it is in the 90"s F. here now. The next 4 days are going to be hot.

  4. What you say makes good common sense. A little etiquette goes a long way in blogging as in everyday life. Just having this written down so simply will be a great help for new bloggers I'm sure.

  5. I like the way you co-ordinate all this stuff chooky - you could write a User Manual you know!! I'm sadly not able to add anything else as it all makes good sense to me. Long live Blogging!

  6. Hi Chooky, I see your blog name frequently on other blogs and decided to have a look. I have recently started my own blog and would love some feedback on it when you have a moment. http://sunflowerquilting.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for your post suggestions


  7. It seems a bit ridiculous that one should have to tell people to play nice and be polite but there you have it. Seems like a good list so far. Will have to think about if anything else needs added. You can fix up your to you're regarding swaps... pedantic I know. People who are 'no-reply' are a little annoying so maybe mention that... There may be a few people who think there shouldn't be any rules and will give you a hard time, but I think the majority appreciate guidelines as it's such a wonderful community and we don't want to spoil it by doing the wrong things... off to bed now... will check back in a couple of days...

  8. Thank you...a much needed post.

  9. Hi..
    I very much agree with you on this post. I feel guilty though because I sometimes do not respond back with a mail but usally I do.
    New to me bloggers I always answer and go and visit their blogg later on. I find bloggland a wonderful place to be and I always enjoy visiting other bloggs. I have friends who always comment on their bloggs and other I do comment on from time to time. It depends if they comment on my blogg. I cannot comment on every blogg that way I would not have time to sew...
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I wish you a wonderful evening or maybe it is already night at your place ;-))

  10. I was nodding my head in agreement as I read your post. It is amazing how these simple rules of etiquette can open up the wonderful world of blogging to a higher level. I treasure the new friends I have made via blogging and appreciate your words of wisdom and experience on this subject, Chookyblue. Thanks for taking the time to post about this.

  11. I am pretty new to blogging and I have looked at a lot of blogs lately. I love reading the comments people make and I always go back to their blogs after I read the comments. Should I send an e-mail too? I do that sometimes. Love your pictures...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm still new at this too...but have you on my blog Chooky. I like reading Aussie girl blogs! My blog has a free BOM going on right now...would love to have you take a peek and see if we could be friends too! :) Thanks for addressing these etiquets and helpful ideas. It helps all of us! Nichole

  13. Thanks for sharing these tips and helpful hints for us out here in bloggerland! I have you on my blog Chooky and very much coming by for a daily read. If you didn't know it, I am doing a free BOM called Life On The Farm and would love it if we could be friends! I like looking at other's blogs and getting to know you all! It's my therapy...and pretty cheap too! Nichole www.happywren.wordpress.com

  14. Beautiful pics, as always. I LOVE the list of what doesn't work -- replying to comments in comments and jumping through hoops are two of my blogging pet peeves. Thanks for the great list!

  15. Well said...to everyone in the comments...I think it about covers it....nothing worse than being expected to jump through hoops, simple is nice!
    I always reply to comments left on my blog even if it's just "thanks" and go have a look at the persons blog...always a good way to find new ones.
    It's really only common sense and what you would expect if you were meeting someone face to face....

    One thing that does bug me, is if in a swap, your partner doesn't bother to contact you until it's almost time to send and you are left wondering if there really is a partner....use the email addy...that's what it's for ladies...OK having said that...love swaps, have received lovely things....keep them going.
    Great photos as usual...
    cheers Julz

  16. This post is great, really helpful to newbie bloggers like me! I really appreciate the tips you offer on your blog sidebar too- especially the one about emailing your photos straight to your blog. That one has saved me so much time and doesn't chew through my broadband as fast as loading pics thru blogger. Thanks for being so supportive, and for sending some help my way a while back. Love your blog!!!

  17. Is this time for a new word? Like
    It is mostly common sense isn't it but I think for new bloggers like me some ideas are really helpful - and we can avoid any offense.
    Some people even reply on a reply to a comment.... and there starts a conversation -

  18. Lovely frost pic's!
    An excellent post and the only thing I would have to add is a tip to keep spare camera batteries; as mine are often flat when I want to post!

  19. I tend to agree with all that you have said, I try to reply by email to comments, if a no-reply blogger, I leave a comment on their blog. Sometimes people leave a short comment (nice picture or something similar) in that case I usually don't reply.

  20. Great post and lovely frost pics. It all makes sense to me so I have nothing to add.

  21. I am loving those frosty photos, they are stunning....
    thanks for the etiquette lesson it was helpful and thanks for all your blogging lessons, you are so helpful and make it easy to be part of the blogging world...

  22. Wise words Donna, I think we were all taught growing up if we haven't got anything nice to say,don't say anything at all. On occassion bloggers have vented steam and I often wonder if they regret this. Your list of common sense obligations to blogging are spot on. The great thing about blogging is you can find so much inspiration out there. Your garden photos are wonderful,we have had about a fortnight of frosts and below minus temps,a record since records were first taken. Happy days.

  23. A few months ago I read an "etiquette" post where readers were told the "good bloggers" posted every day. Your list is much more the way I see blogging. I like to think we are a bunch of friends who just haven't met, yet.

  24. Great post and good tips

  25. What a great post thanks for taking the time to remind us all. A question for you how do you kniow how we can get out commnets numbered as they come. I would love my blog to be able to do this.

  26. I absolutely agree with all your thoughts regarding blog etiquette. I really don't have anything to add at this time but will let you know if I think of anything.

    It did take me quite a while to learn blog etiquette and not because I'm rude or didn't want to do the right thing. (smile) I just felt a little lost in blogland. I think someone such as yourself posting these points may be very helpful to others especially if new to blogging. My blog is my third.... err, might even be the fourth one I started and the first one I finally feel comfortable with. So I guess it can take time to understand this blogging business.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  27. Thank you Chook...this is very helpful. It is a far cry from frosty here! Hot, hot, HOT!!

  28. Another great informative post thanks :-)
    I think these posts can be helpful to new and not so new bloggers alike.
    Thanks again!

  29. oohh my Mr.B is Glad he is not out your way on his Annual Trip with the Boy's when he saw your Pics..brrr..Lovely pics though.
    Well I'm pretty much on the Good List but will agree with Shari..the No-reply is annoying ...I even make an effort and chase them up and reply by email or comment...being a New blogger can be daunting and think the list is helpful...
    Thanks for taking the time to put it up...
    keep Warm

  30. Great post Chooky!! I agree with all you had to say. I can't imagine not commenting on a blog that I visit, it's like walking into someone's home and now saying hello.

    One of my pet peeves are those people who troll Blogland in search of giveaways. I never enter a giveaway unless I already follow that persons blog and even then I don't always add my name to the list of possible winners, if I can't use all of the gifts, I bow out. If I hear about a giveaway, I'll go look at the blog but rarely add new ones to my list. Slow dial-up puts a crimp in my blog reading :0)


  31. What a really lovely way you've taken to say things that are better learned early in the blogging routine than late. I think most of us want to have an enjoyable experience and to make it so for others as well.

  32. Great post girl!!! I too had left a hint for 'good manners' on my recent post concerning those who just take-take-take all the info and tutorials they can find...doing the project themselves and never EVER giving credit where credit is due...to those who take your photos without asking...yes, I feel flattered to have them feature me on their site, but they should have asked me first...and to those who take your PRINTED WORD...PHRASES and TERMS and use them as their own...that is a big NO NO! My suggestion would be...if you have any of these things happen to you...just take a day or two to calm yourself and don't do anything rash...if you make a public fool you WILL regret it. I do remind myself that if I'm willing to put it out there I guess I should be willing to have some incidents over it. When I first started blogging I didn't realize that the projects I posted were for others to DEMAND a tutorial...DEMAND I share my pattern if it is one of my own creations...Demand is a strong word and YES...I have had others demand and when I am not forthcoming they go ahead without my blessing. I don't mind sharing but my first thoughts on why I blog is for my own journal of my quilting adventures and to be in a world of like minded ladies.
    Well...LOL, sorry, I guess I wrote a novel here. You hit a nerve...I had ANOTHER incident this week and this post is a badly needed reminder to other bloggers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving ME a place to 'vent'!!

  33. Lovely frosty flowers! Your pictures are always beautiful Donna!

    Great tips on the blogging stuff! I waited some days to comment cause I wanted to read what others had to say. I think you pretty much summed up what most of us feel and think. I made some wonderful blogfriends and I think we all can by just behaving like we do in our every day life. Blogs are a source of inspiration and it’s wonderful to see pictures of parts of the world we will never be able to visit.

  34. Love those frosty pictures.
    Thanks for the tips. Some times I am not sure what is proper etiquette. I am glad you mentioned the "noreply" It is bad when someone asks a question and you can't respond to them personally.

  35. I think that everything you mentioned was just good common sense and it is nice to have a reminder. Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget some of the niceties and it's nice to rethink.

  36. Great post Chooky, both for newbies and not-so-newbies as well. Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

    I believe that most people who have set themselves as "no-reply" do not realize that they have done so. I'm sure that when they set themselves up to 'not show their email addy' means that they are also then a 'no-reply' blogger. If I remember correctly I inadvertently set myself up that way when I first started blogging thinking that I would keep myself kind of 'anonymous' from internet lurkers. But it didn't take me long to learn that the best way to avoid that is to set up a "hotmail" (or something similar) account, rather than use my "home" email address.

    My biggest pet peeve in blogland is having a giveaway and making people jump through hoops to "qualify". I very seldom enter giveaways anymore, unless it is by someone whose blog I regularly visit and it must be something that I want and will use.

    To insist that someone become a follower in order to qualify for the giveaway is a huge insult to my intelligence. I do not need to be bribed into becoming a follower.

    Second in line is to be asked to blog about it. I think we visit other blogs for their interest, not their advertising.

    We all love to receive comments, myself included. My personal opinion is that if someone takes the time to leave a comment then that comment should be acknowledged, even by a one word reply saying, "Thanks".

    I really enjoyed reading everyone's take on your post, Chooky. Great post and great feedback! Thanks!

  37. Thanks for sharing the way things should be..... curtesy is the key..
    Hugs Dawn x x

  38. Hear hear, well said and totally agree. I don't jump through hoops, I try to use good manners and give credit where it's due.
    I've been reading some blog posts occasionally about blog burdens where a blog becomes a burden rather than a pleasure. It made me wonder what the average life of a blog is. I congratulate you on over 700 posts and still enjoying it.

  39. I don't care for music on blogs. If you have music then I leave your blog. Your taste is not my taste. And anyway, I'm reading, not listening.

    Just my pet peeve. :-)

  40. Thanks for all your info on blogs. Being new to writing a blog I find it very interesting. I just have to find time each week to leave comments on blogs. I constantly check out blogs but can't seem to find the time to comment or post on my own blog.

  41. thought I'd say 'hi', found your blog via Tag Along Teddies, good post especially about the swaps/giveaways. I've made some things for people, one of which was a christmas swap, I made a stocking and matching lavender heart and it wasn't even blogged about, this has happened twice before too (different blogs) and I don't know why, I find it rude and it just upsets me as I've taken the time and trouble to make something specially for them. I hate music too!

  42. I think you have covered it all in this post. It`s mostly common sense, but nice to know when new in bloggland.

    I find the no-reply bloggers annoying because I have to go to their blog to leave a comment instead of sending an email back when they comment on one of my posts.

    I`m thinking of posting something about this in norwegian as I know someone who would like to read this, but don`t like reading english. If or when I do I`ll link back to this post.

    I like your photos too.

  43. Good stuff Chookyblue. A well written and explanatory post on how to do it.

  44. I'm not sure that I can add to this as it is too early for my brain to have woken up yet but I agree with everything you say although I am not really good at replying to comments that don't really say anything. I love comments that are interactive. It is great to receive ones that say how much a person likes your product but I prefer those that offer more than that and it makes it easier to reply. Cherrie

  45. I had meant to leave a comment when you first posted this, but life took over and this is the first chance to get back! My biggest 'pet hate' is (like most others) having to perform like a circus seal for a giveaway, especially on blogs I've followed forever. I never, ever expect people to pay homage, that's really ego boosting stuff!! I try to comment on all the blogs I visit but sometimes it just doesn't happen and I do try to reply to all comments left, no-reply is frustrating, especially when it's something you really want to have a say on!!! Blogging is part of my life and if it ever became 'a chore' then it's time to shut it down and say adios, hopefully that will never happen. Thanks for the post..

  46. I will keep all these things in mind when blogging. I hope I can really add to my blog by taking on board all the great suggestions.

  47. Great post, I think we've discussed these things before in an email and pretty much feel the same way then that I do now, especially now that I've been blogging for a couple of years. I hate too giveaways that are so complicated that it makes my head spin. I've seen some that go back and pick a comment on a previous post to win, that is simple and a real treat for loyal readers of a blog. My rules for blogging are as follows: Try to be positive, not too much complaining as reading blogs are a nice way to spend a few minutes in a otherwise busy sometimes stressful day. Also no pictures of wounds or injuries, I hate that ... yuck. Visit blogs that comment regulary on your blog, that's polite and who knows you could end up with a nice friendship, seek out new blogs and comment on them - it makes new bloggers feel good. Always give other bloggers credit if you use or share their ideas, work or inspiration. Lastly thank people for good or inspiring posts - like this one - thanks!!!

  48. I believe you asked for suggestions and comments regarding what we did or didn't like in some of the blogs we read (or websites for that matter). I totally agree with the music. My problem isn't so much the loading issue, it is hearing the same flipping song over and over again. And the google ads..I understand if one needs to help with $$ but at least use a different font or put the to the left or right, so I can tell what is blod and what is ad. All that said, I noticed two things right away that were irksome when just being on your blog for a few minutes..center justifed text that is centered, and not right justified, is hard on the eyes to read for very long, and when clicking back to the main page after checking out one of your beautiful photos, it would be nice to have the cursor at the same position on the page as when I clicked on the photo, not back at the top of the page. All that being said, you are a natural teacher, explaining things very clearly for people like me that get lost easily - I don't have any stitching or sewing experience and get lost quickly. Thanks very much. Now I'll try to remember my user name and password for this blog-engine...thank you for sharing your talents and passions. I have passion but as yet have not found my talent!

  49. And a postscript as I am reading Kaaren's comments way down this page regarding no reply...I don't know if I'm a no reply. I didn't do a profile and I don't want my email listed because I have some creepy people in my past and want them to stay in my past. So I may be a no reply, but I'm not sure...will have to do some research on that (i'm lucky I remembered my gmail username and password...so many user id's and passwords to remember these days! I think I will start writing on the wall next to the computer! Oh, and the other thing I can't stand is when I can't read the "word verification." I can never follow a yahoo user group because I always type incorrect characters! Thanks again! Stay warm! Did you know that some spiders and other bug-types have a type of antifreeze in their "blood" (don't answer, I might be a no-reply)? That keeps them from dying in the freezing temperatures. I know more about that kind of stuff than stitching at this point! Again great spider picture on the hibiscus!

  50. ok so part of commenting on someone's blog is that the blogger inspires comments with exceptional blogging. I have only just found your blog, and this is my third comment! I wanted to tell you that I love your Chookyblue logo cross stitch, with the little Chooky's in the chooky tummy! And now it is after 3am in California and I'm supposed to get up for work in 3 hours! Yikes! I did this last night too! So many talented people in this world (and a few obsessive-compulsive ones). Cheers!

  51. Thank you for this post! Some good advises.

  52. Once again you floor me with your generous comments. An interesting read and thank you .

    p.s. love your new header

  53. I'm new to blogging so I think I'm probably one of the annoying ones! I know I was a "no reply" but girls, go easy on "no reply" bloggers as they probably don't know they are or even what it means! I have yet to figure out how to reply to a comment with an email...
    My pet hate is hundreds of buttons. It's fine if they are at the bottom of the column but when I'm trying to find the labels/archives and there are 200 buttons in between, it's a bit tiresome!


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