Saturday, 31 July 2010

busy busy............

Wow August is here and i have so much is going to be huge and lots of fun............
this week the kids had a few days home with wet bus running out to our stop and I couldn't be bothered battling the wet dirt roads to sit on town all day while they were at school then try and make it back home.....I did it Wednesday when I had to go out for something else............we were already wet from rain a few weeks wouldn't have driven a vehicle out in the paddocks and then we get another 2 inchs.............the creek is full and there is so much water around............the ground is saturated which is great but this couple of inchs could have held off til September............
I would be a complete failure if I home schooled...........I did get them to do some work but it was a would you want to do school work when you could be playing outside in the cold muddy rain...............
Today they ended up down at the creek and wet up to their shoes while wondering all around the place............can I remind you it is winter!!!!!! 
Yes the sun was out but kids have no feelings............I am sure of that..........they had lots of fun.......
This next few weeks are huge I feel like I am playing a chess game.........strategic planning to fit it in and work out which kid is where and what the dh is doing............actually knowing what the dh is planning is not possible............
I have the most exciting blog visitor coming..........I am so excited and nervous at the same time.........a bit back to the imaginary post..........OMG I hope we get on and she likes me..........
will we have something to chat about.........?????? actually scrap that line as bloggers always have something to chat about...........
Off to Cottage on the Hill @ Nundle for my 7th or is it 8th retreat weekend.........meeting up with some fab blog buddies and some other friends who have moved on from town but travelling to the retreat.........
a school camp with bookworm for a couple of days.........
then the most exciting day of the year ..........
oh yeah I have to fit work in there too............thank goodness it is flexible...........
see a bit like a chess game so if you don't hear from me for a week or 2 it's cause i'm to busy having fun...........
Catch you later..............


  1. Have a wunnerful few weeks, my friend, and remember to pause and catch your breath from time to time!

    rimonis: Tiny, little, baby rimons

  2. Have a great time with your mystery bloggy friend....she will love you...(whats not to love) will get on....and will have loads to chat about....enjoy!

  3. I am with you on the home schooling thing - I would have been a failure at it too. You are right, why are kids oblivious to the cold and wet. I've seen my kids (son especially)swim in freezing cold water and not to seem to notice. As they get older though this stops I think. Curious to see who your mystery blogging visitor will be. Have fun!

  4. Now, I'm tired just reading about all of the things you have going on...about the kids and water and the outdoors: When mine were very small before the farm, we lived in the city and would visit my parents in the country quite often where my wee ones would play with their cousins(sort of like the city mouse and the country mouse)...I learned to pack multiple outfits and shoes because they could not go half a day without being wet and/or muddy...they had fun, though and I know it was a good experience for them...I forget you are having winter when it is close to 100 degrees outdoors here.
    Mama Bear

  5. I hope you have lots of fun in Nundle! I've heard only good things about it & that your meeting with the blog visitor will be fun, too!

  6. You really are busy, busy, hope everything falls into place for you over the next few weeks, and you have lots of fun!!

  7. Sound like perfect sewing weather;-)

  8. Have a Great Time in Nundle...too far for me now..bummer!..Looking forward to hearing who your Blogging Visitor is..I'm sure you will get along Just Fine.
    Have Fun...don't forget to take a Breather sounds like a Busy Time ahead.

  9. Counting the sleeps...yay! Nundle!!!! We will have LOADS of fun! I will have a mystery visitor before then too! Can you guess???

  10. Your Nundle weekend sounds like so much fun... Have a great time!!!!

    I hear you on the rain , whats with the weather we are either in drought or near flooding :) wheres the happy medium !!!!

  11. Have a blast at Nundle and with your visitor!
    Your kids are going to remember all the fun they had in the creek in years to come too!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  12. I had a chuckle about the kids and the water - they love it don't they!

    You have a busy couple of weeks ahead of you. Have fun in Nundle and would your mystery blogger friend be travelling from Sth Aus?

  13. Nundle is nearly here again - seems like it was only yesterday - think about wonderful times ahead - your Blogland friend, well, tell me anyone you can't chat and laugh with - have fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  14. My first can it be August already????

    Sounds like you have lots of fun coming up. Have fun at Nundle and I am looking forward to finding out who the mystery blog friend is!
    Enjoy the school camp with Bookworm.

    I hope the roads dry out soon!

  15. hi Chook, looks like you have been your usual busy self of late. the blocks are looking great. enjoy your retreat. Jodie

  16. You will love your mystery visitor.I stitch with her every week and she's very funny and very clever. Enjoy each others company.

  17. Enjoy your retreat with Kerry and take time to rest as it is cold and flu season

  18. Only 5 sleeps to go now!! Looking forward to catching up. Now.......who is this mystery visitor???!!!

  19. I hope you have a great time and there is not too much juggling. don't forget to breathe :)

  20. Gosh you sound so busy!!! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you catch up with yourself. Very cold and soggy here too!!

  21. August! I can't really believe it either...where has the year gone? Sounds like you have a VERY busy month ahead of you! Enjoy all the wonderful moments, and don't forget your camera :)

  22. It seems to be always a juggling act, kids, husbands, school, other activities.
    My eldest spent most of today (a school day) trying to free a feral cat that is stuck in our hammermill. He got very little bookwork done but will make up for it tomorrow by doing double. Kids need to make the most of the opportunities when they can, they aren't kids for long; and it sounds like yours have had a fantastic time off school!
    Have a lovely time with your mystery blogging friend....

  23. Have a great time with everything you are already sound out of breath!

  24. Wonderful holidays, and wonderful to see them go back to school too. Looks like lots of great times and now your time out. Have a great time with your bloggy friends. Wish we lived closer

  25. Have a great time in Nundle...the kids would have love getting wet...

  26. Hiya! I am convinced children do not feel the cold like their mothers do! I am forever forcing Romily to wear a jumper :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - sorry I've been so absent from blogland lately. On hyperspeed here ;)

  27. OMG! You have worn me out. Feels like my life at the moment too.
    Hope you had a great weekend in Nundle.


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