Wednesday, 14 July 2010

friends sewing.........

like I said there was lots of sewing..............this is my friends first quilt..........I made one for her daughter and last visit in Sydney we picked out the fabrics for a quilt for her son.......
.....the blue blocks are a cowboy print she had a piece of fabric and luckily we found some more.............she was so excited and couldn't believe how quick it came off to be quilted............
This is her daughters first projects with some help from her mum and me..............
a journal which she has started writing lots of stories in..........and some recipes as we did some cooking too..........
they both worked on this rice hot pack...........
and also a joint effort on this kit that they picked up at Stitches and Craft in Sydney last year..........
a Wonky from Juicy Roo I love it.........I made one too but I have to find the photo........
Catch you later..............


  1. wonderful effort by all! Cute journal cover, and rice hot pack too.
    cheers Julz

  2. It makes me very happy to see young people starting out making things themselves and keeping a journal with all sorts in it. I do so hope she keeps it...cause later on when she looks back and can do better the urge to throw the first attempt away is maybe Mums should hide such tresures so they don't get thrown away. ( I have some of mine but not all. )
    You all did well!

  3. A hand embroidered wheat pack! What a brilliant idea. Post and rail as well as log cabin are so simple and yet so effective. I already liked her quilt when I saw it on your floor but was too tired to comment. Looks like you guys accomplished a lot. Cherrie

  4. All the Projects are Great...what a Wonderful Job you have done Inspiring New Sewers...I bet there will be more to come..

  5. I bet they went home all excited and inspired too! You all did such a fantastic job!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  6. You did have a productive time and lovely results

  7. Beautiful results for a productive time, they all look fantastic!

  8. Love the Cowboy Quilt - really has a vintage charm using those colours!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. Yay for her first quilt!!!!
    And the wonky is so cute!!

  10. oh some lovey goodies, fun with friends huh

  11. Looks like things have been very productive at your end of the world......gorgeous...

  12. Wow that is a great first quilt!

  13. Congrats to all on their efforts - the new quilters as well as you, as their teacher! The quilt you chose to make is a wonderful beginner's project & I'm sure your friend will love the result for years. The book cover is just beautiful...and the Wonky...beyond cute!
    I wish I had someone amond my friends who shares my interest in quilting (other than liking the finished product - but given that there are some peeps out there who like the stuff I make, I think I should call me happy! ;o) ) - I would happily introduce her/him to this hobby .

  14. Well done spending the time with a Junior member to create two great projects and even better that they can both be used.

  15. Great first quilt for her...glad she thought it was fairly easy and will be eager to do more (maybe?)
    You gals were busy busy bees!! Very creative!

  16. i love that you teach kids to sew - it's great to see these skills passed on.
    I love the boy quilt - I'm pretty sure he will be very happy with it.

  17. Lots of great work - I love the quilt - the red strips really lift it.....

  18. Wow! Lots of lovely projects going on. How lucky your friends are to have you to help and inspire them, Chookyblue.


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