Sunday, 4 July 2010


remember this picture back here..........
well finally here is the were all pretty much right except for those cheeky blog friends who said it was on dusty cob webs around my house.......
the day I took these we had a huge fog - we only get one or 2 fogs a year..........and this one took awhile to lift........but I braved it and went out in the cold and took all these pics...........
All the spider webs in the garden were standing out like they had been painted white............
great for photos..........
but up closer you could see they were covered with millions of little water bubble...............

The most perfect spherical crystal clear dew drops threaded through the finest yet strongest silk thread in all the world.

Treasure beyond imagination, priceless but nobodies heirloom. 

A moment in time captured and treasured.

Only to be worn by those with gosemar wings.
isn't that just a gorgeous description...........
Now the reason for my delay.............well earlier this month I passed 700 posts........and I wanted to have a give away on that post and I missed then I decided I would pick a post and do a giveaway on that.......

Now to enter a giveaway on my blog you have to do the following.................

- DON'T post about it on your blog (and include a link)
- DON'T need to be a follower
- DON'T have to tweet/facebook about it
-DON'T have to put my logo on the sidebar (I don't even have a logo)
- DON'T have to visit someone elses blog/shop and leave a comment there
-DON'T have to leave 5 comments on this post to cover doing all the above........


you don't even have to comment on this post.......I love retrospective giveaways
.....and if you came here just because you read the word "GIVEAWAY" in the title then bugger off because I don't want you just to visit because i have a "GIVEAWAY" 
I chose someone from the comments on the mystery wasn't the original intention of the post but you all made comments on such an odd post it was fun and then I decided I couldn't post about it again until I had something made for my giveaway - life got in the road and last night I finished something so now i can do this post...........

so after my blah blah.............

I would like to say I am having so much fun in blogland..... is lovely checking out all the blogs, finding new to me blogs and encouraging new bloggers, reading emails and comments I get in my gmail is such a nice positive place to be....... the the ladies I have met (you know who you are) thankyou - you have all been such lovely people - quilters are the best
I would never have met you except for blogging
And to all those that leave lovely comments on my blog THANKYOU......
.......i read and appreciate every comment I receive and there is very few I don't reply to..........usually it is only the people who are "no reply".......

....for newer bloggers here are the tips of what works for me blogging 

- post regularly (be it several times a week or monthly)
- comment on posts (you like receiving them so make sure you leave some)
- reply to comments as you read them (creates interaction with other bloggers and you make friends)
- include a mix of photos and writing 
- if someone new comments on your blog go back and check theirs out
- follow the blogs you like in google reader or bloglines it saves time checking out blogs
- don't apologise everypost - we are all busy people

- most importantly HAVE FUN

slowly and surely people will find you and return and visit your blog...........
now go and comment on 10 blogs see what you find.........

well with such a beautiful comment it has to be Aussiemade..........I wasn't familiar with Aussiemade so i went and visited her blog and she was having a difficult time - her dh is not well - so a perfect winner..........(send me your snail mail details Aussiemade)

Have a wonderful Sunday..............another chilly one here in OZ.........
Catch you later..............
PS if you visit here all the time and never comment leave one now - I would love to hear from you.......
PSS if you're not a blogger and you surf blogs all the time why not dip your toes in the water and start a is different on the "otherside" and we love to find new blogs......'ll be amazed to find it isn't that hard to do....

PSSS - Kris you should have grabbed a cuppa before you started reading this one it ended up pretty long for me............


  1. some of them look almost like strings of tiny clear lights strung between trees.
    Mama Bear

  2. LOved reading your post this morning and look at all the magic spider webs

    have a great day

  3. You have a great day and keep enjoying blog land. Love ya

  4. I so love your retrospective rules. I like giveaways from the heart and I also like your links to new blogs. Congrats on all those posts!!! Cherrie

  5. What a great post...loved it!
    Bet you are pleased you braved the cold as your pics are AWESOME!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  6. Congratulations on over 700 posts!!!

    Thank you for all the blogging help and encouragement you have given me over the last 12 months.

    Heres to your next 700 posts!!!

    Great giveaway idea! :)

  7. Great post and snaps, but come on don't we all love to leave 5 comments and jump through hoops for a give away LOL.

  8. I agree Blogging is so much fun and I too have made some wonderful friends and have met one which was just lovely

  9. what a clever idea chooky!!!!....I loved it! Don't you just love strings of spiders webs hung with dew.....nature's jewellery!!!!
    have a great week ahead
    warm sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  10. Great pics as always & congrats to Aussiemade!

  11. Hey Donna! You read my mind! :0) Here I was reading your post (in my RSS feeds!), enjoying the awesome pics (looks like the spiders were celebrating Christmas early with fairy lights!) and thinking, "Wow, what an epic post for Donna!" Then you go and leave me a message in the ppps that cracks me up! Tee! Hee! Hee! You were one of my early blogging buddies and I loved meeting you in person, looking forward to us managing to arrange it again (you know, that retreat halfway between you and me!) Here's to many more posts, comments, giggles and stitches! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS (who didn't realise she'd need a cuppa! Tee! Hee! Hee!)

  12. LOL! This post is definitely worthy of the mousework I needed to do to get from my Bloglines to the actual post so I could leave this comment.....I remember meeting you....also remember the "who are you?" look earlier this year and then a little later when our paths crossed again and we realised how well my DH knew your family....LOL....all because I read your Blog soooooo long ago!!!

  13. Your photos are gorgeous. Wow, 700 posts...I obviously dont talk enough :-)

  14. Wow, I think that one was a record for you! But every word was worth reading! Loved the winner's comment on the spider web pictures!

    Congrats on 700+!


  15. Chooky I love you to bits, your honesty and caring is fabulous.
    Those potos were absolutely stunning and the verse most appropriate.
    Congrats to Aussiemade.
    hugs Deb

  16. Congratulations on 700 posts!

    I just love your spider web photos. I find spiders creepy but their webs magic... what an anomoly!

    Love your advice about blogging - and I totally agree with how much fun it is and the many wonderful people to be met! Let's shrink the world some more and get more people blogging!

    PS Are you thinking of doing a secret santa this year?

  17. Great spiderweb shots. Thanks for braving the cold to get them. Congrats on passing 700 posts and congrats to the lucky winner!

  18. Love those piccies....I'm coming to your place to have lessons! (mine are so crap at times)
    congrats on 700 posts (I obviously don't talk that much either...but hey, who cares...we all love you to bits...with your honesty and caring ways!!!!)
    love the no rules for giveaways...always avoid those that make me jump thru hoops...regulars and even lurkers are better....
    have a great day...and THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL BLOG

  19. Amazing, amazing pics Chooky and such wise words from one so young.

  20. Very nice advice to new bloggers.

  21. I'm all for retrospective giveaways, I'd rather my giveaways go to my regulars too!
    Love your cobwebs and I loved the description Aussiemade left!

  22. Ha, I guessed right too! Spider webs are fascinating in the dewy light of day. I posted about some a while back on my blog, go to 'webs' in my links. Funny how we complain about the winter chill but it is no where near as bad as the summer heat we endure. Love, love, love winter!

    My big girl is home for Uni holidays so I am off to make a batch of pumpkin scones - I tried a CWA recipe and they would have killed a black dog, they were like hand grenades! Back to my recipe, thank you!

    Cheers - Joolz

  23. Hello Donna,

    Just love the description of the spidersweb. They certainly know how to sew there webs. I agree with you about the lengths some people make you go to to enter a giveaway. The Simple things in life are best.Hope you warm up soon.Congratulaltions on those wonderfull posts.
    Happy Sunday to you and your family.

  24. What a really great post... thanks :)
    Love the beautful and a huge congrats to Aussiemade!

  25. Oh wow, they really do look as though they are painted white!!! How beautiful! We had a heavy fog up here the other week. Sadly, no one could see where they were going, there was a crash and two people died. Very sad.
    Love the description of the webs! Well done Aussiemade!
    And such a sweet and awesome way to have a giveaway. lol

  26. Hehehehe way too funny - I thought about grabbing a coffee 1/2 way through LOL but loved it - The photo's are just awesome wish I could take lovely pics like that..... There are so many lovely things right under our noses that we look at every day aren't there? Congrats on over 700 posts - That's an accomplishment for sure. Hugs - Fee XXX

  27. Hey Chooky blue, I have ocassionally left a comment but now that we have broadband instead of dial-up I can do so more often! Thanks for all your gorgeous posts!

  28. Gee, I wished I grabbed a cuppa before reading this post, lol. I like long posts...especially on weekends when I have time to read them, haha.

  29. Today you made me smile....
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  30. Hi Donna,
    My what a hoot of a post, I laughed and laughed!!!(especially when you told the giveaway hunters to choof off well done you!!)
    You caught your webs in the rain, and I captured some last week frozen. Magical.
    Congrats to Aussiemade, off to check out her blog, ta very much
    I hope you have had a great weekend

  31. What can I say - you are one awesome lady - taking time to help bloggers, encourage them, and doing an unbelievably fabulous job keep yours so well posted. I just dont know how you do it all. Love your photos and there are so many great bloggers out there who have you as a wonderful friend.

  32. Goodness, Chooky I am exhausted....way to go 700 posts...hope you know how special you are to

  33. Hi. Congrats on your 700 post. Wow that is a lot.
    I love to read your blog - it is so great getting to "know" you on the other side of the world..
    Your spider webs photos are great :-)
    Hugs from me "on top of the world"
    Ps.Hope there will be 700 more :-)

  34. You're a cheeky Chooky. Love it!

  35. Congrats to you for 700+ posts and also Aussiemade for her wonderful words. (I'm off to check out her blog next.) I love your thoughts on blogging. It is such fun, opening up a whole new world of friends with common interests.

  36. Congratulations on over 700 posts. I just love all your spider webs. I also love blogging and getting comments and meeting so many blogger from around the word.

  37. Ahh... blogging! It's the best. Congrats on the 700 posts Chookyblue. I love reading you.

    I did read blogs for about 3 months before I started my own blog, but it never quite felt enough. I kind of wanted to belong more to this community than reading allowed me I think. This part of the blogosphere is such a lovely place to be.

    I look forward to reading you many more times and maybe even one day having the opportunity to meet you! Have a great week!

  38. Good on you Chooky - I love that you speak from your heart. I am pleased to be one of your bloggy friends, and congrats on 700 posts - WOW! LOVE all the spiderwebs too.

  39. Great blog post. I haven't been following for too long but enjoy your posts. I am most definately not a fan of spiders....but they are definately the worlds best spinners. Your photos are very magickal.

  40. I always love webs in the mornings... there is just something magical about them...

    Love your blog by the way... and have for sometime now.


  41. I like how you did this giveaway! I also appreciated your advice on blogging! Have a wonderful day.

  42. What beautiful web pictures and what talent you have for showing them.

  43. Your photography skills are top notch, right up there with your quilting. I always enjoy visiting you1 Carline

  44. 700 posts!!! What a great way to do a giveaway. You are a generous person sharing so much with us (your talents, stories, photos, the sscs that unites so many quilters all over the world). Thanks!

  45. Always read your posts..but don't comment. You did make me laugh today with your "don't leave a comment" conditions etc. Love the photos..just beautiful. Have a great day.

  46. Your cobweb pictures are lovely - I think I'll go and look for some gardenart in my backyard!
    I just did my blog and asked about comments.........only to see your tip... you are answering me before I even ask the question! (haha). I agree, Aussiemade is great reading........

  47. I hate it when people just comment for a giveaway and I don't even blog !!

    I found Aussiemade a couple of weeks ago and accidently closed it before I saved it so thank you for finding her for me. Now I can go back and 'catch up' with the blog again.

  48. Dear Chookyblue, Well i am glad that i had my cuppa to read your blog today and i would like to give you a big shout of thanks. Because of you i did dabble my feet and now have a blog and it is because of the help that you have in your sidebar that i come back to for help. You made it easy for me to start a blog and i blog hop all the time and feel that i no quiet a few of you ladies. I will go now and take a photo of what i have been up to and will have to blog about it as i have not blogged since March. So a big thank you for your blog i just love it.
    Big Crafty Hugs

  49. I love reading your blog because I like to see what's happening on the other side of the globe. I also loved the pics of the spider webs. I live in Indiana so we see things like this occasionally but they are still beautiful each time I see them. Please visit me at

  50. Loved reading this post.. you are a gem in Blogland...(HUGS) Andrea
    PS R u on Facebook???

  51. Lovely spidery webbery goodness and congratulations on ALL those post wowwee!!!

  52. Oh I am so touched Chooky my sincere thanks for this delightful surprise, my eyes are moist..

  53. This post really made me LOL at times. What a cracker!

    You have been so helpful to so many people. I don't know how you find the time to do all that you do but I've gotta tell ya, you've been instrumental in getting me to take a little more time with my own blogging and reading.... and leaving comments on other folks blogs. Sometimes when we're new to blogging, unless someone mentions it, it can be difficult to learn what good blog etiquete is made up of. It's so nice to have someone who can gently direct you.

    So a big thank you to you Chookyblue. Oh and a big congratulations to Aussiemade. What a wonderful writer. What a beautiful blog she has. Tassie and chooks too! Bliss! Now I have another beautiful blog to follow.


  54. Loved your post! Thanks to you I have met(in real life!) lots of wonderful blogging buddies!!
    And yes, I really must post more often LOL

  55. Beautiful pictures Donna! Loved what you said about what we DON'T have to do to be entered in a giveaway. What a fun way to do a giveaway!

  56. Oh! Donna you make me laugh and smile and that is what blogland is all about becoming friends with people you have never met , yet know you are just like them in some ways.

  57. Hi Chooky I loved your post. Looking at your spider webs I think all the spiders down your way must have crochet hooks they all look like doileys.LOL.
    Hugs Mary.

  58. Hil-a-ri-ous...I wrote something similar too!

  59. I'm not here for a giveaway because I know it's already been won but just wanted to say I love your list of what you DON'T have to do to enter.
    The spider web pic is magical!


  60. Congratulations to the more than 700 posts. I read your blog very often but are a non-blogger. I have thought about making a blog many times over the last two year but I am 68 years and feel it is too late to start one. I love to read in blogland and I get inspired and in a good mood every day.
    Jytte R

  61. I have to be honest and say that I did not even see the title but I did see that spider web and wanted to see what you had to say about it and then I saw the other photos. They are awesome. I love spider webs and I actually like spiders too. I know a lot of women don't. Congrats to you. You have certainly been blogging a long time and congrats to the winner.

  62. I love the way you address the rules - doesn't it just make you crazy the hoops you have to jump to enter a giveaway. Congrats on your 700 posts!

  63. Great post ;o) The picture's are just so great! And I did smile a few times as I read the post ;o)
    I did read it a while ago, but today I also left my comment :o)

  64. Thanks for the wonderful early morning smile you have left me with.

    I loved your photos needed to see some wonder in the world today, feeling rather low.

    Reading this thread made me laugh...long but laughable...listening to hubby snore in the background just enhanced my enjoyment more.

    Thanks again for the wonderful beauty of nature photos too.

    I read but don't often comment thanks again.

  65. Hi Chookyblue, I can not say thank you enough for your beautiful prize gift. I have my crochet in your bag and it is just what I needed. Your photographs are stunning, and ohh both DH and I were stunned at your generosity.


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