Sunday, 25 September 2011


Just popping in to say hi............I've have had a great week...........3 days at work (busiest week of the month) and then after work on Wednesday straight into a choir camp for 3 extremely full days and nights (24hrs/day) as one of 2 main parent supervisor of 24 mostly primary girls (in our cabin) with one other main supervisor and a few others popping in at breakfast or tea/bed time to help out our cabin which was a wonderful help........170+ kids in total take a lot of food, supervising and WATER..........we had a fairly warm week for spring..........the big concert was last night and the kids all did sing and perform so well.........a few tears here and there from some very tired kids over the last few days but all in all we had a great time.......yes I would be crazy enough to do it all again.............even if my knees and feet are killing me right now.....
I'll tidy a bit here and then find where I am up to............I know I need to sort out a couple of things for the SSCS.....with a quick look on reader I see much excitement for the swap......I have lots of posts to catch up on.............and my backup assistant for the Stitch-a-long blog Maree has helped me out there again this week updating the blog - thanks...........I MUST get my Tis the Season finished this week.......DEADLINE 30th Sept............
i'll try and get back here soon with some sewing news or you will all stop visiting my blog..............
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Busy week! I can't imagine feeding that many kids

  2. Im tired just reading about it!

  3. JPB -

    Hello dear sister!

    Lucky I stopped by your blog ..... I forgot about going to Hatched and Patched for you. I'll try to pop in Monday morning or Tuesday. Sorry. I'll bring it with me to Mum's next week. If you want something else ring the shop early in the morning.

    Have a rest today. You have been very busy. Soooo proud of my very clever niece. Nanny would have been very proud watching on too I'll bet.


  4. I will not stop to read your blog. You have had a very busy week so I hope you can relax a little bit.

  5. We all have weeks like yours now and then - not enough to make me stop visiting your blog. Hope the school hols aren't too hectic for you.

  6. We wont stop popping by to mlook at your blog - just in case! But for now you better have little rest - gosh 170 young kids - mmm so glad mine are grown up and I no longer feel the need to volunteer for that sort of thing

  7. You are amazing so much on you plate, yet you can managed to stitch and blog as well and the organise a mammoth swap. incredible lady

  8. Sounds like a big productive week....I am working on my TTS....

  9. Stop reading your blog!! Now I'm worried about you... you must have lost your marbles somewere in your busy week.
    Take some time out for yourself do you hear.... relax

  10. Does this mean you're through at the cows?
    I loved hearing about your work at camp. I did some of that with my Daughter, not the singing but the camp.
    I'm going to try and make some progress this week but it will be hard as its a busy week for me....
    Go rest now,
    Mama Bear

  11. So busy!! Hope you get some sewing time this week!! :) Deadline is looming!! Do I need to crack the whip?! I've got my #2 tts to quilt top form. Might try machine quilting this one!

  12. Hey Chooky, been thinking of you especially the lack of rain in your area. I was watching the weather maps last night and it appears a little rain came your way. I hope you got some.
    Take care or yourself, you have been so busy with the choir etc.

  13. hey Chooky
    wish you would take the Bl..dy rain, went camping on the weekend when we woke sunday morning our matting under the awning had about an inch of water covering it.....
    i know i know you would love it.....

    music camp sounds busy but fun

  14. Volunteer mums make it all possible!

  15. Choir camp sounds busy and fun! I am sure the girls will remember it for years to come!

  16. Do you sometimes forget to go to bed at night?!? Don't know how you fit it all in.
    Take care!


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