Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Yesterday I was back at the was a #*^%^&$%(^ day everything was going fine......till I went to leave........flat me and Fairy Girl ended up on the motor bikes all day at the cows...........NOT my windy to stitch..........the grasses and wind was seriously driving my hayfever NUTS........
Not sure if I am going to make the SAL deadline for eyes were so yuk last night I couldn't sew............
the grasses above are the worst for me.......barley grass and the little thin one at the top makes me want to scratch my eyes out...........lucky I had the eye drops with me...........anyway as i knew my day wasn't going to be fun I decided to snap some photos of the beautiful things I saw.......I couldn't stitch and you can only play angry birds for so long and I had read all the posts in google reader........
"r ap e flower"
Milk thistle
gum blossom
not sure this trees name but i'll try and get a better photo of the flowers today............
here is the tree.......very pretty
a new baby for the mob........
a stray sheep who thinks he is a cow now........
Have a great day...........thank goodness I have the car today........'s going to be very windy once again.......but hopefully tonight some rain............
Catch you later..............


  1. Hope today is better & that hayfever eases. Great pics!

  2. Some days are just not worth getting out of bed for. lol
    Love the photos, so it wasn't all bad though. Good luck with your TTS. I'm up to making the binding but also not sure if I'll get there in time!

  3. Hope that today is more productive and you can hide yourself away in the car a bit more!! The photos are cool though!! You did achieve something!!

  4. I would really love to live in your world. I don`t have allergies so I would be good...hope they clear up for you soon.
    We used to drive by a farm that had a `cow horse` this horse was always with the `new cows`then one day no more we do miss him.

  5. Hope that your hayfever is not so bad today, Chooky. Dreadful when your eyes are so puffed up that you can't see - no scratching of eyes either, so lucky you had your drops! Great photos though :)

  6. It is great that you made a crappy situation into a positive one by taking those lovely photos-hope you get some rain and the wind dies down

  7. Great photos! Hope you have a better day today... and that it rains soon.. sounding promising for the weekend.

  8. Hot windy hay fever weather down here also. Had some rain through the night. Love the Gum blossom snap and the the new baby.

  9. you do well chooky as it is a tough life farming,hope you have a better day today.xx

  10. What is it with us farm girls and allergies?? What a cruel twist of fate!! Absolutely love the photos chooky.. There is lots of rain forecast, so hope some goes to you..

  11. Loved your photo's chooky! Hopefully you get some rain soon. It looked hopeful here this morning - but I think the wind has blown it all away :(

  12. I hope you find some allergy relief soon!!

  13. You even make the weeds look good
    Nothing worse than hayfever to make you feel !@*%**
    Hope you have a better day today

  14. everything looks better through the camera lens. hope today is better for you.

  15. You have the gift of making every day into a something day-- Did you see that I turned my swap material into a something ?

    But this is for you although I know you do get mad at times, but underneath these virtues shine through your blog.

    "Humility is perpetual quietness of heart.
    It is to have no trouble. It is never to be
    fretted or vexed, or irritable,
    to wonder at nothing that is done to me,
    to feel nothing that is done against me.
    It is to be at rest when nobody praises me,
    and when I am blamed or despised,
    it is to have a blessed home in myself
    where I can go in and shut the door
    and kneel to my Father in secret and be at peace,
    as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and about is seeming trouble."
    (Author unknown)

  16. Hayfever is the worst isn't it, esp surrounded by it like you are there. I hope today is better and you get some rain too. I adore your photographs Chooky. xo

  17. As my eloquent teenagers would say - allergies SUCK. Hope you have a better day today! Love the photos as always. Please keep sharing - so interesting to s city bound country at heart girl!

  18. Sounds like horrid day Chooky- I hope today is a better one.

  19. Love the sour thistle photo.
    Yuck to barley grass it is so bad at getting in eyes and spoiling pelts.

  20. Hope your allergies are better today! The sheep sure knows how to have a good time.... :-)

  21. fingers crossed for some rain. Shame about they hayfever - never a nice thing. Great photos to show for your not so great day .

  22. Hope the hayfever has improved and you get some rain, my son has also come home from school suffering from it!


  23. Great photos, greetings from germany


  24. Sounds like both of us had ordinary days...more on mine later....hope you're feeling better with the least you're having time with Fairygirl.......

  25. oh get that hayfever under control, horrid!!!Love the photos!

  26. Love your flower photos - and sorry about the conditions - glad I have an office job !!

  27. Bleechh! Hayfever! I hate it! I love to be inside more than outside and that's the main reason. Hope you get some rain. We had some here in Melbourne today. Also some flash flooding (Melbourne just seems to do that every time it rains.)

    Hope you get the TTS done. I'm getting closer. Might make it. Or it might not be finished till September 31st. (Planning to machine sew the binding here for sure, lol!

  28. love your photo's, hope sitting in the car makes your hayfever not so bad...

  29. Thought of you when I heard the forecast for this week and hoped you would have some rain.
    Good rain here around Melb but black black sky and thunder to go with it.

  30. I hope your eyes are better now !!


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