Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Chookyblue's name.........

Dawn was asking about blog names.....................mine is very simple..............
love my chooks (chickens/hens) and love blue..............jammed it together..........sounded okay so that was it..............
I never knew then the repercussions that would have................
all good............so thank goodness I picked something I really liked................
When I am with other bloggers everyone calls me Chookyblue, Chooky or even some Chook...........
sometimes people email me and say sorry I have to call you Chookyblue but I don't know your name...........well I like it so no need to apologise..........it's what everyone calls me.............
Back early in my blogging days I was in a swap and I sent a parcel to Margaret...............she was so happy and that started her bag addiction..............
She makes the most gorgeous gifts..............I was blown away when this parcel arrived as Margaret wasn't sending to me ........the post about the bag is here............
So in answer to someones question about my blue chook icon.........did my name come from it.........no I used to have a daisy and then I changed it in the last year or 2.............
Margaret designed this bag especially for me............I feel so special..........I carry it everywhere and it always have a stitchery project in it and it always get amazing comments...............it super special..............
I wasn't going to post about my name as last week just disappeared............but as I still see some posts popping up I thought I would do it now............
It has been fun reading why/how you picked your names...............
thinking I might need to get a security guard....... especially when you read posts like these.........
here and here............
So leading on from Dawn's post of whats in your name............a couple of girls said why they started blogging
Why did you start blogging??????

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. wondered when you were going to share your origins! Always love that bag. I started blogging for crafty inspiration and friendship...email penpals!

  2. Love your story .........and your blue bag is wonderful. I started blogging because I was spending so much time reading them it made sense to join in the fun. Love the friendships made through blogging, swapping etc.

  3. Yes, it was about fun for me too. My daughter had started a blog so I had to read that and then I started reading lots of others. I wanted to join in with the fun, but thought I was so computer illiterate I'd never be able to do it. My daughter helped me set up my blog, it was very funny, but I got better at that whole computer thing and here I am more than four years later completely immersed in blogging! I absolutely love my virtual friends, I needed a wider pool of people to meet some kindred spirits I think!

  4. A difficult question... maybe to share our passion and meeting another persons and technique? And you choookyblue, why did you started?

  5. ok... im gonna ask,i feel really stupid asking... and i probably wouldn't have thought to until you said you love your chookys but... whats a chooky?

    I found you because ive been following cardygirl for a while and if your the bay city rollers (actually i probably identify with duran duran more) then i better follow you!

    lol... but i still dont know what a chooky is!

    why i blog... I enjoy blogging, but i was following several and felt i could also contribute inspiration and ideas if i shared what i am doing.

  6. Having been a failed blogger once before, yes I can own up to it, bit like AA :@ I re-found my stitching mojo. So started blogging about cross stitch and visiting some truly beautiful stitchers. Love the camaraderie, and tremendous support received.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  7. ... and it is a name we all love - yay, Chookyblue!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. Gorgeous bag Chooky. I started blogging because I thought it would be more fun than just stalking/lurking around other blogs. I can't believe how easy it has been to get started (thanks for your help). Bloggers are my virtual quilting group, and a quick blog will save my sanity most days!!!

  9. Your blue chooky bag is really lovely, something to treasure thats for sure. I started blogging cause I loved reading everyone else's blogs and the friendships that had formed, so of course couldn't miss out!! Best think ever!! And I look at my blog list which has grown and shrunk as people came and went and the one name at the top from the beginning is "Chookyblue". Thanks Donna for your friendship.

  10. Great story Chooky...and how special is that bag!!! I wasn't going to post about my name either but been thinking about it!!!

  11. Your blue chook bag is beautiful!

    I was given the link to Lurline's blog by a friend and that was my introduction to blogging. I read a few blogs for a while, then dived in.
    I started blogging so I would feel like I had to finish things. Trouble is I have found far too many new wonderful things to make!!! Lol

    Thank you, Chooky for all your technical help getting me started! :)

  12. You do have some ardent admirers! Love your name and your blog looks interesting. I would like to follow in Google Reader but I can't figure out how to....

  13. What a lovely thing for margaret to do,and it is such a pretty set,she has put a lot of thought into it.

  14. wow this is going to give you a big head....
    because of you.... well i better explain....umm you were running the secret santa swap and i wanted to join in but i couldn't cause i did nt have a blog and also all you gals seem to have so much fun yakking and such i wanted to join in.....

    now i love it because of the friends i ve found

  15. Great story Chooky....I did have a giggle when I visited Cardy and Trish....you do have a lot to answer for....you know I luv ya...xx

  16. Great blog name, could only be an aussie! goodonya!

  17. Love your little bag! I started blogging so I could be the same as the big girls LOL

  18. Your chooky bag is lovely and really suits you. You've opened a whole new can of worms with your question. I was just googling patchwork and quilting sites and started to come across some blogs. It was so refreshing to see a whole community out there that had the same interests as me. Many of my real life friends and aquaintances just don't get it about the crafty thing. I finally decided to join in and have found everyone to be just lovely and I've made so many new friends both on line and in real life. Also, who'd have though I would be sending and receiving gifts from all over the world. Starting a blog was the best thing, although many of my real life friends and aquaintances still don't get it.

  19. What a great story !!!
    Your bag is very nice...just for you !
    Blogging is a good way to meet people who share the same addiction ...even on the other side of the world !!
    I like it very much !

  20. Taking it all the way back to the beginning, a quilt shop I frequent started a blog so I checked it out. The blogger for the store always had interesting links, and you know how you can just keep going and going on people's links. Somehow I found your site and Snappyfriends and I knew if I started a blog I'd be able to take my trip to Australia after all. Even if it wasn't in person. I wanted overseas penpals/quilt friends and I found them! I may not be as prolific in my quilting but I love the idea of being all over the world in a single evening.

  21. explain to this Okie what a "chooks" is? I'm assuming chicken?
    I've about quit blogging! My quilt habit has slowed down so much, that I don't have time to do much of anything!

  22. I'm loving reading all these stories of how the names came to be....I had read about yours before...I started blogging at the suggestion of my daughter. She and my X son-in-law whom I used to call my son-by-love both had a blog and I enjoyed reading them. He had suggested that I get a gmail account so I could access my email wherever I was and he was the one who attached bear to my name. Because of my love of bears. When I began to create my blog, the name I wanted was taken and google suggested Bears in Exile since technically Memphis wasn't my home but I lived there at the time. So that is how I began to blog. My first post was about going out to buy food for the bears and the theme was born.
    Mama Bear

  23. I love your blog name and it was so easy to come up with an idea to make the bag for you.
    Yours is one of my most favourite blogs.
    I might not always have time to comment but I look at, and enjoy, each and every post
    ps still love the bag you made for me.
    I had never even heard of stitchery until I saw what you made for me
    now I can't get enough of it :)

  24. Well, what can I say, the name of my blog is Supergoof,...
    Even my DH is called mister Supergoof,...

  25. Here was me thinking that you named your blog after a particular breed of chicken. How wrong could I be!
    I started blogging mainly because sheep don't talk back and I was tired of one sided conversations. Thought it would motivate me to finish up some projects too... how was I to know it would tempt me with new stuff faster than I could finish up the old.....
    It's so much fun though.. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  26. It was so long ago I can hardly remember why I started. Just thought what the heck this looks like fun. I remember wanting to ask May Britt something and I thought I'd start a blog. I think The Chookster also suits you LOL.

  27. I started blogging because I'm working in ICT/IT. Everybody was talking about it, and I thought, oh I have to figure this out. So I started with a post of my dog. And then another, and another, there is my blog for 4 years now. My blogname: good friends call me Caro (from Caroline). I never could have thought that blogging would change my life, and meet so many new people. have a nice sunday, bye bye Caro

  28. I am Quilteuse Forever, well it's just true ! And my blog tells the little stories about my friends and their quilts. We are like busy bees, so our blog is called La Ruche des Quilteuses, The Quilters' Beehive.
    VoilĂ  !
    Katell quilteuse forever, France


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