Tuesday, 4 February 2014

bridging the divide............

I've been thinking too much lately (causes lack of sleep too)..........but after some happenings of the weekend...........I was looking back thru my blog and things started to go pear shaped in August.....I only truly realised this once I looked back.........I also realised your still here reading.............some have unsubscribed - fair enough.........
But as there are very few farm bloggers I must keeping blogging to put farming in your face.............the city country divide is only getting wider........
Some interviews on the radio yesterday proved some people don't even know what a drought is.....
My blog has also turned into a bit of a record of life here on the farm...........I was easily able to find drought pics over the time to hand to the "powers that be" at a drought meeting as I take them to share with you........
I also realised we are going into our 4th bad year..........
2011 was not so good..........we had the cattle out on the road for 6 months and fed sheep for awhile
we had a wet summer 2011/2012
since April 2012  22 months we've had 433mls
our avg annual rainfall is 500-525mls
the last 7 months 69ml not even 3 inchs
And over the weekend I snapped a few pics and thought about sharing so that is what I am going to do...............when I can I will snap a pic and post it........just from my phone......
don't they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"
Also I won't worry about not replying to comments..........if I can reply I will if not I won't stress............

(heading off to feed sheep Sat morning)
Also there is a bad drought in California too...........
basically you need us to provide your food..........
no farmers no food
We can prepare for drought but how long is a piece of string................
we can only do so much...........
Catch you later


  1. Hey Beauttiful Hirl! Not a day goes by when I don't think of you and how you are coping up there. Yes The Great Divide.......what does it take????? I saw a snippet on TV last night and they just don't get it! I said to Hubby what do Farmers have to do to get attention?????? Thinking of you xoxoxo

  2. Donna post what ever you like. My heart aches for you and all the other farmers. I may be a city girl but I get it.

  3. People don't have a clue. The one group I was in online once, one friend was talking about going hunting, and someone else said that was inhumane...they ought to just buy their meat at the store like everyone else. Apparently this person had no clue where the meat actually comes from! Or anything else for that matter. Nobody realizes how important farmers are to our lives! Well, I do because I married one, but that's a story for another day! LOL Hang in there! :0)

  4. Oh Chooky, the stalker in me loves to read your blog but I also understand at times it is a little time consuming when time is poor...I have loved all your photos and it does remind us of how important our farmers are and how much they have to deal with...I don't know how many times I read your blog and wish I could just pop in to give a hand with the chores during this terrible no rain period...I do hope things change for the better...and you don't have to comment on my comments...I am happy just to read your blog...
    Keep your chin up girl..there are a lot of people who love you out here...xx

  5. Hang in there! I hope that it'll all turn for the better for you - with all the necessary and much needed rain. We've almost been snowing in these past couple of weeks - if I could, I'd wrap it up and send it to you. We can manage without snow, but you need the rain.

    You pictures might show drought and dust, but they're still beautiful.

  6. Hang in there! I hope that it'll all turn for the better for you - with all the necessary and much needed rain. We've almost been snowing in these past couple of weeks - if I could, I'd wrap it up and send it to you. We can manage without snow, but you need the rain.

    You pictures might show drought and dust, but they're still beautiful.

  7. Im still here
    Life on the land is hard
    Farming here is not so bad Our droughts only last a matter of months usually
    Hang in there my dear xx

  8. I think about you and the drought and pray for rain. I understand about bureaucrats and being powerless and worrying. I KNOW no farmers/no food.

    I sometimes think the gap is so big I'm not sure it can be fixed. Will the entire world go hungry before people see the light?

  9. I'd been hearing of rain in QLD and was desperately hoping it had made it's way south to you. I don't have an answer, I really wish I did, but please know that here in NZ we are thinking of you and your family, and all the other farmers who are struggling. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress at times. Take care xx

    PS: We've often talked about how in the future wars will be fought over food(or the lack of it) rather than religion, beliefs or even oil...

  10. I was listening to ABC radio yesterday, and I was astonished by some of the city responses to the drought situation. It's very disappointing how little thought people give to where their food (and so much more) comes from. Lets hope their is some government support for farmers SOON. Hang in there my friend. X

  11. Your pictures are how it is. Our land is both beautiful and harsh. Post when you can. You and your family are 'farmers' the backbone of this country, and what this country was built on. Your friends (followers) will be here when the rain comes and we will celebrate with you then!!

  12. I'm glad you've turned back on the comments cause I think there are a lot of us who want to say hello and give you a big computer blogger friend hug. And you never even have to respond back. Thank you for continuing to blog , I think you do us all a service when you share the your farm life.

  13. Chooky I work for a Stock and Station agent, my family if off 'the land' my boss has a property out your way, also friends out your way. Most 'people' have no idea you see the 'city' weather people on the news every night and you want to reach through the screen and throttle them for saying another beautiful day! I feel for you and every farmer. When will this country stand up and realise? This is no some isolated drought, it is so wide spread. Your are so right no farmers no food.

    Continuing to pray for rain!
    Libbie :@

  14. with the government i just shake my head with shame,take care my lovely friend and sending big hugs.xx

  15. we are still with you even if you don't have time to post, praying for rain

  16. Don't you dare stop writing ,you worked it out why you need to .Then we need more farmers blogging ,telling the joe public what its really like.
    We need to use blogs/social media to show the public and the govnt how bad it is and how important farmers are.
    Lots of bloggers don't reply to each comment ,they have lives to live and so do you.So don't stress .
    We are here to support you like country folk do, during good times and bad.

  17. we are still with you even if you don't have time to post

  18. I'm a country kid and you know this post has caused me to stop and think.(actually I think it just hit me like a brick on the back of the head) I know what a drought is and about farming life but do my kids? I really need to educate them and make sure that they know what the farmers of today are going through and where our food comes from and what farmers do for this great country of ours. I need to make sure that my adults of tomorrow are possibly better educated on this subject than the politicians of today as they clearly have no idea.

    I'd also love to know if there is anything practical that "City dwelling" people can do to help.

    Hugs xx

  19. I hope things improve soon Chookie.
    I love to read your blog and really feel for you,but if you can't make a post for ages we understand,sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to get on with it.Keep going Chookie we are all clucking for you my friend.xx

  20. Reading you blog about life in the country is one of the reasons I started to blog. Don't feel like that part isn't relevant to any of us. It's what your life is about and so it's relevant to any of us. I would gladly send some snow if I could but I can't so I pray.

  21. You are amazing women,you and hubby are the people that shape our country.Love reading your blog and often
    about you and the farm.Will prayer for rain.
    Love and Blessings <3

  22. Hello Donna,

    You are not alone, blogging about what is going on in your life is important. Interesting watching Q&A last night about this same topic. Hope you get the rain soon. I see your average rainfall is a lot higher than our farming/town area.As Australians I believe we should be looking at all items we purchase, the industries that were vibrant are now just about extinct. We are left with crap from overseas as a replacement.The one thing that annoys me is when the weather people say it is going to be 34 and hot, 34 is just nice, getting over the 40's all the time is not nice.
    May rain come your way.
    For those that no longer read your blog well bad luck to them I say. When the rain comes I can't wait to read your post.

    Happy days and happy farming.

  23. It has only been six months since we left the farming life and we fully understand the struggle you are having... as you say the powers to be need to come and live in these conditions and work side by side with farmers/station people for a few months during the tough times... then they might understand a little of what its like... the continual worry of money, food on the table, educating children, plain old cost of living, the strain on our partners, lack of sleep due to worry............ and to the wives are the ones who seem to shoulder the most and keep the family together... why do we keep doing it and stay on the land???? who knows but someone has to do it but it can be an awesome life... and when it does rain it is totally amazing how the land comes back to life.... keep ranting Chooky keep writing keep dreaming and most of all keep crafting xxxxxxxx

  24. Hang in there my friend. I try and buy as much as possible from local produce and farmers markets. This in no way changes your plight but if we all buy Aussie produce it may help. Tony and I talk of you often when we see the weather and wonder if you are getting any rain.

  25. Think of you every day.
    I Know its bad. Dont know how to help.
    Its a diabolical wrench to see hungry stock, and too tragic for words to see the dustbowl that drought produces. I hope your family can hang in there.
    You dont have to reply to us..keeping your husband and kiddies from despondency is all you need to be doing.

  26. Chooky - I'm so sorry you and your family have been going through these hard times for so long. Please keep posting when you feel up to it because we are all concerned for you.

  27. I think it is important you do blog about how hard it is for all the farmers.
    Praying it rains for you soon.
    Hugz Maria

  28. Keep blogging, hope the city girls are reading and understanding where food comes from. Love reading your blog and look forward to seeing your pics however bad things are. Just pray that summer rains come your way and the animals get some feed growing.

  29. My heart goes out to you. Sorry you are still having a bad time. Hope there is a change soon for you.
    Hang in there . Take care.

  30. You know, its your blog. You do what you want with it. Having said that I think its important for you to record all the drought stuff - its a record of your life after all.
    I wont stop reading and commenting even if you don't reply.
    I don't often hear much about any drought affected ares - even the Qld areas - so really us city slickers can just sit here and pay no attention at all.
    Still wishing rain for you.

  31. Unless you have lived in the country and on a farm, it is so hard to understand just how bad and stressful it is. Thinking of you x

  32. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would see that you have been doing it tough. Where as parts of the country are out of drought others obviously aren't but as it isn't affecting city areas and therefore it isn't being reported like it was 2 years ago. The Duopoly in the Supermarkets don't help they screw farmers for every penny and the general public just don't equate their cheap prices actually mean to the primary producers bottom line. FYI I live in the city, never lived on a farm but it scares me the way this country is heading.

  33. I'm with Shez, surely the government can spend money on the backbone of our country. Keep blogging Chooky, it's good for the soul. Sharyn:)

  34. I for one want to say that I am very happy to read your posts whenever you get the time to do so. I love that you give such a passionate voice to the difficulties and beauty of your life on the land. And yes! No farmers! No food! Sending you hugs and positive thoughts for some wet stuff xxx

  35. I for one want to say that I am very happy to read your posts whenever you get the time to do so. I love that you give such a passionate voice to the difficulties and beauty of your life on the land. And yes! No farmers! No food! Sending you hugs and positive thoughts for some wet stuff xxx

  36. I hear you and I feel your pain. The drought is making things hard for everyone that is on the land. We have probably had similar rain fall to you. I guess I see less of the effects first hand because we don't pay the bills. But I do feel the heartache as we see cattle struggling to find enough food and also facing the probability that there will be no crops in the ground this season.

  37. Your are always in my mind. Even here in Holland your drought is on TV. I hope it will be soon better.

  38. Thinking of you and praying for rain. I can only guess at how stressful farming life is these days, when I was a kid my uncle had a dairy farm on the Ettrick Road out of Kyogle. It was always fun to visit but a hard life for them, none of my 6 cousins wanted to take on the farm when my uncle got to old.
    We need people like you to keep making a noise about the drought. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  39. Thinking of you and praying for some rain to head your way, don't feel you need to reply, just know that you are in our thoughts and if there is anything we can do just ask.

  40. You know when you go to the fish counter at the supermarket and the labels read BASA " product of thailand. Prawns - product of Thailand.
    I hope I never have to eat beef or lamb from Thailand. Not that I have anything against the Thai people.

    I really felt like sending your " more babies,insidious drought post to the media and the government to show what it does to people, families, animals and the land . hang in there girl.

    If you can find the time perhaps a little stitching might be good therapy. You won't be deserted friend.

  41. Donna, I grew up amongst farm land so I have a great respect for farmers.

    Here in NJ many of the children of farmers have sold the farms to developers so the "Garden State" is rapidly becoming "warehouse central".

    Your blog is your creation so you should not worry about what you are posting. . . you should be doing it for yourself -- not for us -- and that means if you do not want to post then you should not worry about it.

    Drought conditions are bad in several areas here in the US. . . Texas, California and Nevada are three states that come to mind right off the top of my head.

    Hang in there. . . I've been praying for all farmers so I'll just keep on doing it.

  42. Hi Chooky, please keep up the farming "in drought posts, and I urge you to send them to the relevant people, Barnaby Joyce for one as the Fed Minister for Ag, and probably to all members, both government and oppostion in parliament. Some will answer their emails, but most should answer their "snail" mail.
    We no longer farm, 16and a half years now, thanks to Govts, floods and droughts, and our very productive property has been sold of in smaller blocks, and noone has made any sort of a living of them. We know because we still have the front"paddock" and we see what they are all doing, it is a joke.
    As Doretha (sp) McKellar penned " A land of droughts and flooding rains", we would have hoped by now that some people in the so called offices of the land would have twigged by now.
    Many hugs and prayers are always going your way, just dig in and keep going, don't let them bet you,
    Chookasmum (Lorraine)


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