Saturday, 31 March 2018

Retreat giveaway.................

We'll get back to a tally of the walking in a day or the mean time i've been thinking lots while walking........its been great.............
Moon rising last night......almost a full moon and it looks amazing...........
So big and bright and no photo will ever do it justice as seeing it as it happens........
Sunrise this morning..........
I'm getting ready for Scrub Stitchin' next weekend.........
OMG I cannot believe it is only 5 sleeps away........
the piles are starting of stuff to take......mostly show and tell so far.......
I'm so excited!!!!!!

1. At a workshop with a project provided - what sort of project do you like to make?????

2. Besides sewing what do you love to do at a retreat?????

3. Your favourite retreat - where did you go and why was it so good............

The giveaway...........
Answer all three questions and I will do a draw next weekend ............
Make sure I can reply to your comment otherwise I will not be able to contact you.........

Catch you later...... Chookyblue......


  1. How exciting Chooky ,now let me see
    no 1 -i would like to make a sewing holder ,loving the ones with the clear pockets.
    no 2- eating and talking and maybe a bit of walking ,got to look after the back.
    no 3 - my favourite retreats are the LGS ones because its a different state each year
    thankyou Chooky for hosting this fun giveaway xx

  2. Geez, I haven't been to a quilting workshop in ages! For the past eight years, I gave the quilting workshops! lol If I were to choose a workshop, it would be like the ones you attend with Gail Pan etc. Besides sewing, what I like to do is eat, drink wine and chat with fellow workshop members. Like I mentioned, I haven't been to a quilting retreat in over a decade. However, I do go to the Kripalu center which is a spiritual center. I go there to get away and relax. I can ignore people by wearing a badge that says "in loving silence" so no one speaks to me! LOL Oh, and I'll book a massage too! If it has to do with quilting, perhaps quilt market would count as a retreat. I like to check out all the new patterns and new fabrics, talk to designers, as well as drink frozen margaritas and eat mexican food! LOL - Cheers!

  3. Lucky you - headed to a retreat. I have only ever been to day retreats or sew-ins. I have never been to a sleepover type of retreat. When I go to sew-ins I like to work on scrappy string or crumb blocks so I can visit and I don't have to concentrate on my sewing. 😀

  4. Beautiful evening and sunrise photos... no you can never capture their true beauty on camera.
    You sure are getting organised for your retreat.. they are fun...
    1. There is not one thing I sew on Retreat as I take a pile of projects, just happy to sew with good company.
    2. Catch up with friends ,chat, eat, drink and have lots of laughs.
    3.As I live in the West there are not many retreats to attend but our Patch group goes to Avalon in Toodyay every year and it fabulous. The rooms are great and we get fed watered and there's an amazing huge sewing room . It's all under one roof. Also we can have a massage. Lovely.

    Thanks for the giveaway Chooky and have a great time at retreat

  5. Lovely photos.
    1.i love to make bag patterns at quilt shops
    3.warwick. Lovely shop and accomodation

  6. Hand applique is my absolute favorite type of quilting. Love reading your adventures from the land down under!

  7. I just returned from my retreat! 1. I don't usually take part in the pro9jects because everyone uses a machine (and the projects are for machines) and I do hand work. 2. I love the Inn we stay at and my favorite thing to do is take a walk in their 130 acres - I keep hoping I'll find a bear someday, and I love spending time with the inn keepers. 3. Inn at the Rustic Gate. Twice a year. It's wonderful and we keep extending our stay.

  8. 1. Machine piece using a technique that is new to me, is my preference for workshops. I dont mind if that is a bag or a quilt, so long as I am practising what I learn 2. Talk! 3. Just been to Robe for a retreat. Its a pretty town with great shops, but the attraction is the company - meeting my quilty friends from Adelaide, once a year to really catch up on whats going on in their lives, have lots of laughs, forget our worries (and share some) and see what they have been stitching.

  9. Wow, love your sunrise ! Very nice !

  10. Beautiful sunrise.... lots to get ready ...


  11. I just love retreats. No housework and no interruptions and sewing til late. I love to work on a combination of applique and machine sewing and mostly I like to learn something new. I love to talk with the girls and share show and tell til late and lastly my favourite was the one at Nundle at Cottage on the Hill when it snowed and you could see snow on the hill from the cottage. I love it to be cool on retreat. May be not this time.Looking forward to it though.

  12. Interesting questions:
    1. At a workshop with a project provided - what sort of project do you like to make?????
    Something smallish that can be completed (or almost) at the retreat - so no new UFO!!
    2. Besides sewing what do you love to do at a retreat?????
    I just want to sew.

    3. Your favourite retreat - where did you go and why was it so good............
    I go to two regularly - and each is the "best" for different reasons. Basically I just want to be away from home - a comfortable bed, preferably my own bathroom (I did say preferably), good light, good space per person and overall, happy fun loving people, some jokes, food provided, no domestics!
    Cool weather - even cold - would be nice....

  13. Ooo you must be getting quite excited and counting sleeps LOL. I like to do workshops where you can make a project by hand, no sewing machine required. What do I love to do? I just love the socialisation with like minded gals and sometimes a quiz night. I haven't been on a retreat for a
    couple of years now but my favourite was at Flowerdale where we stayed in a beautiful place that survived the bushfires.

  14. Retreats and workshops have been off my radar for the 23 years we have been in France! When I lived in Somerset I belonged to the local Embroiders Guild and we had an annual 'retreat' although it was never called that. We went to a wonderful place called Dillington House and had someone come along and teach for two two days and an evening. I really cant remember now what we did or who came sadly. I just remember it as being a wonderful time. Great food and great chatter. If I was going to a workshop now I would love to make a small bag - or a large bag! depending on how much time was available. xx

  15. Love your sun and moon pics. You are so right, we never seem to capture the moment do we, the pictures never reflect the true beauty of our skies.
    On to your questions...
    1. I've never been to a workshop, but I love quick finishes, so a wee bag or some other small project would be perfect.
    2. LOL I've never been on retreat.. but when I get together with Debs and Claire we love to gossip, go out for lunch and have a mini show and tell of out latest finishes.
    3. RLOL I've never been on retreat!! But getting together with like minded people, people who just understand why I sew, why I quilt, why I want to..... They make it all worthwhile.

  16. Beautiful header photos Chooky, love the sunrise photo too. Have a wonderful time at Scrub stitching!!!
    To answer your questions #1...something that is achievable on the weekend, a huswif maybe.
    #2. Well I love to sew as I usually have a project I want to get busy on, but I love the company, chats, learning from the other ladies, seeing what others are making, going for a walk, and G &T with chees and biscuits late afternoon.
    #3. I have been very lucky to go on several retreats, hard to choose a favourite, but i did enjoy two retreats at Burragurra, near Colac in Vic. The venue is the old hospital, that had been converted to a B & B and is full of antiques. Our meals are cooked by the owner, so we sew and eat, with an occasional walk thrown in...there are some geocaches nearby so that is great motivation to get out and walk. It was also good as all the ladies there get on well together and we have fun.

  17. Great pictures as always. Now... to answer your three questions.
    1. Favourite project - something that can be used is always ideal - it is always a nice reminder each time
    it re surfaces.
    2. Of course lots of chatter is the main priority, followed by food and wine.
    3. Favourite retreat by far would have had to be Nundle - it was the first of actually meeting "real" people all from blog world and many of which are now great friends even though we don't see each other often.

  18. Oww, glad I made it back intime to enter - thanks chooky for a chance to win something..
    1. Fav project - I love to come away with something small - something I can complete quickly, so it doesn't end up in a ufo pile - and can be kept as a sweet reminder of the retreat..
    2. I love to catch up with people that I don't see often, although I tend to hang back a little - insecurities I guess - but I do love to put eyes on people.
    3. Fav retreat - oh dear - might not be able to answer this one - all the retreats I have been on have been great but I think its not the "retreat' but the people that make it great - so I am going to say - All Retreats..

  19. not interested in giveaway but my bestest retreat was lancaster, pa....great quilty friends, plenty of shopping nearby, luxurious venue and quaint amish community....perfect!

  20. Gorgeous sunset and moon rise last night.
    1) I love making quick projects like table runners, candle mats which are quick and finished before you leave
    2)relax and catch up with friends
    3)My favorite retreat was in the Hill Country of Texas where a group of ladies gathered for a great time of food and fun! The food and being with people of like minds was so inspiring. The views were stunning and an added bonus of being able to see huge elk up close was wonderful. At that time we were into making banners for our church, so we made several at the retreat. Great fun. We no longer live in TX, so its been a while since I went on retreat.

  21. I love pictures of full moons.

    Regarding retreats:

    1. Any project that can be completed at the retreat. I don't like going home with something that still needs to be finished.

    2. Relaxing, being able to spend more time with people than just at a meeting that lasts a couple of hours.

    3. My favorite retreat was at a Boy Scout Camp. We had one entire building for our group. The building had a kitchenette and since I get up at the crack of dawn (whether I need to or not) I loved being able to make myself a cup of hot chocolate and sit on the back porch, facing the stream that ran behind the building, and quietly greet the day before the hub bub of activity started.

    Our meals were handled by the kitchen staff. . . . and we had a massage therapist come in to do chair massages for those that signed up.

    It was great being out in nature and very relaxing.

  22. Great photos from your part of the world. Have not been on a retreat for awhile, as I am usually the one hosting and doing the looking after. But I think most people that come here like to do something that they can achieve in 2-3 days, so that is why the Mystery Case retreats are popular. Number 1 -I would like something quick to piece on the machine, that I don't need to concentrate on so that I can chat at the same time. Number 2 - The chatting and sharing is as important as the sewing, often a therapy retreat for some. Number 3 - I love the weekends that I share here with those who come to Number 8.

  23. Have a fun few days. I love retreats. Generally I like a smaller hand sewing project at a retreat. Always happy to come home and finish it. A retreat I went to recently had some fun games organised with a sewing theme, ie one was abbreviations like ufo etc but there were lots I hadn't heard of. I do mostly one day sewing days but my favourite overnight one was recently in Mooroolbark (Vic) set in beautiful bush land which is one if the reasons I loved it so much

  24. I love retreats and love to do a small sized mystery project... like a baby quilt or a lap size, in addition to the other projects that are on the go. I also enjoy a quick 15 or 20 minute game in the evening with fabric prizes of course :)
    My favourite retreat is mid winter at a place about 20 minutes from home. Good walking trails, great lighting, lots of table space, and delicious/nutritious food made for us!

  25. Great shots Chooky!
    At a Retreat I like it if I can see a project coming together with not too much to do on it back at home.
    Retreats are really special as I don’t get to them that often due to being a Carer but I just love being there chatting, sewing and of course eating and drinking.
    Girls Day in the Country at Nundle was fabulous as it was my first one! The girls (Girlfriends as JoJo ended up calling everyone) and community accepted JoJo and were so,kind, The bonus was Mr Armchair could come along and keep her occupied at Tamworth Country Museum and I could attend to her at night time.
    Thanks for the giveaway Chooky and have fun at Scrub Stitching!

  26. No need to say have fun as I know its a given. Beautiful shots and I love your header.

  27. Here we go....
    1. At a workshop I love to work on something that can be finished during the workshop.
    2. I love to enjoy the company of the other participants and Always enjoy to see the work others have made.
    3. Stitchweekend in Vaassen (the Netherlands...;)).
    And now cross my fingers....:)...

  28. Here goes...
    1. Quilts, bags, boxes and Samplers. I like to take home a finish from a retreat.
    2. Seeing what everyone else is doing and getting envious lol
    3. My favourite retreat was in 2016, it was a Philippa Naylor quilting retreat at Fobbles in Cumbria. Four days of expert teaching including Perfect Piecing, Binding Ideas, Applique, FreeMotion Quilting, lots of food, friendly people and came away with a tonne of newly acquired knowledge. It was so good that I am doing it again next year. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Philippa, she is an incredible tutor.

    Thanks for a chance to win and enjoy your retreat :)

  29. Hi Chooky,
    Retreats wow if only they were possible here in Nz. I never hear of them anymore.
    I love to do some small, achieveable and maybe with a challenge or something new to learn.
    Just being on retreat with the laughter and feeling of freedom amongst like minded old and new friends is always the icing on the cake for me. Doesnt matter what you achieve there is encouragement all around and lots of live at the end.
    I think my favourite retreat was one with Rosie Dekker, Robyn Welsh and Leanne Beasley. So much fun, laughter, friendship and never ending memories which I will always treasure.
    Good luck with Scrub Stitching, wish I could join you. Xxx


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