Sunday, 18 October 2020

Oct zoom sewing day.........

Wow girls.....another wonderful marathon zoom sewing day......starting bright and early or as they say early bird catches the worm.......

The conversation was once again easy...........everyone just fits in......we all have the common thread that links us together.......everyone was so busy sewing

I think that the most on at once was 15 or 16 but there was 25 of us altogether and I have linked everyone on the sidebar on the left on my blog so you can all go visit each other...........
The security guard aka Bridget was on duty. Well sometimes she was sleeping on the mat across the door way but if she heard movement she was up and wanting to come innocent but so guilty all at once.........
I once again worked on my EPP Blue Lanterns.......
slowly sections were being worked on..........
Added the 3 blocks to the left side..........
got this whole section together.....lucky I numbered each block on the back as I had already forgotten what I had done....trying to work out from the pics a few months ago what I had done was a bit's ready to join onto the main part now........
And into the night I kept sewing.......chatting was sporadic for me as the day went on with the wind then the cloud coming over my wonderful internet was not happy............I kept freezing and doing weird things on the other end according to the girls so some of my messages were chat text..........Lucky for me I could mostly hear and see everything fine....but i had patches where it was fine.......I relied on others to chatter when it was not's just like sitting around the table chatting with your sewing good........

If you want to join in you just need to leave a comment or email me when I put up the post that we are zooming. I can't give heaps of notice as often it is not until close to the weekend that I can work out that I can fit it into my day....checking other commitments or farm jobs don't pop up in the way.........

And as you like to see whats happening on the farm this is a crop pic from during the week.............
Harvest is coming soon......some have started.........hopefully the rain we are getting today doesn't do any the girls who have been on before know it's been pretty chilly in the Chookshed for a zoom gathering but yesterday was our hottest day since last summer........35 the air con was turned on early to keep me cool..........
today it is barely 1/2 that 17deg and I have my jumper and trousers on again.........

Catch you later............



  1. Love those lantern blocks. Happy Zooming.

  2. What a difference a year makes! The land around your place is so different to when Tony and I visited you last year.
    Thank you again for hosting a wonderfully inspiring zoom stitch a long. I really wasn't prepared for it and Tonys night shift got in the way, but it was great fun to join in with the chatter and see what every one was up to.
    You are making great progress on your lanterns, a few more zooms and they will be finished. ;-)

  3. your lanterns are beautiful, love those blue fabrics!
    It was lovely to join in with the zoom sewing for a few hours.
    Bridget looks quite at home

  4. Thanks for organising another great day. Looking forward to the next one. Good progress on the lanterns.

  5. Thank you for hosting our zoom party Chooky, was so good to chat and sew with all. Great laterns, wonderful quilt progress and beautiful blues in the quilt.

  6. Good work on the lanterns, and love the photo of Bridget, and thanks again for organising us all. It's always a great day, and I managed to achieve a fair bit, while listening to the chatter.

  7. Wonderful day enjoying everyone's company. Love your lanterns. Bridget is so cute. Hugs, xx

  8. Thank you Chooky for our great Zoom GTG. Lovely to pop in and out for a chat and some sewing.
    Bridget ain't no little lamb no more....

  9. How fun! I got home too late from work to join in, but I am so glad you did this, Chook!!

  10. These zoom chats are so much FUN! I always look forward to them and am grateful that you host them. You were pretty funny at times!

  11. Thanks for organising us all together on Zoom Chooky... it's always FuN.
    AND yes it does feel like sitting around sewing together... xox

  12. Thank you for a great day on Saturday, you are making great progress with your lanterns. Lovely to see Bridget and the farm, I hope the harvest goes OK. You were entertaining to watch on occasion, they way your internet was coming and going.

  13. Oh this looks like it was a lot of fun. I'll keep an eye out for your next zoom catch-up. Your blue lantern project is looking great. I really love all of the different blue prints you've put together.

  14. Good idea this zoom sewing !
    I love your lanterns.
    Have a good day.

  15. Sorry I didnt make it - just too much going on here at the moment and I dont have any quiet me space where I can sit and chat. Maybe next time. xx

  16. Personally I think you should make a face mask for Bridget and let her in. I'm sure she'd behave.

  17. It was great to pop in again, even if it was only for a short while. Funny how we are actually spending more time together than usual now that we can’t meet in person. Mick is amazed at all the different topics that get discussed and how wonderful it is to learn about different parts of the world from ordinary people rather than the media. Oh, and we even get some stitch done.

  18. It was great for the short time I was there. (I'll try to do better next time)
    Interesting about your weather - we have so little variation from day to day - probably 5 degrees max.

    Looking forward to Bridget's face mask picture!!!!! LOL

  19. I just came over from Days Filled with Joy, found out about your Zoom sew in. This sounds like so much fun, and I love finding new blogger friends. I'd love to be a part of your next one, if you have some space.

  20. It was such a lovely day! I enjoyed the chatter and seeing old and new faces :) Thanks for hosting and I will be in on the next one :) xx


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