Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Angel Swap.... and a report on lunch....

I have signed up for an angel swap....it is being organised by Janet at Wildcraft Farm and you can sign up and get details here .....it can be an applique or stitchery....even if you don't want to join in check out her blog as she is new to blogland.....

I am thinking about the pincushion swap that some of the girls are talking about on blogs...........

Oh and about lunch....I have a lovely time...I did mention it was raining here last night when I did my last post, well I woke up this morning to 1 inch of rain...very nice but today was very cold.....So my trip to town was very wet with all the dirt but at least I didn't do any 180 degree spins in the mud like last time it rained....
Lunch was lovely, thanks A... except now I have a few blocks to do for a project of hers that is a quilt a bit like a SBS, Dear Jane or Nearly Insane - I hope that I have picked easy enough blocks...it will be a good challenge so when I have them complete I will post..........


  1. Hi Donna,
    It is Freezing here tonight, they are predicting snow again. I have registered for the pin cushion swap, I can't resist a challange.
    Glad you received some more rain we had 20 mm's over night plus a bit more today. I might just have to check out the Angel swap as well

  2. Hi Donna, where exactly are you in NSW. We went through 3 lots of snow when we travelled down to DBIL 50th Queens B'day w/end. Glad there was no stunt driving in the car today and lunch was good.


  3. Like the idea of the Angel swap, I'll have a look at some patterns - LOVE your sunset

  4. I am going to check out the Angel swap.

  5. Keryn and I will be helping on Kaye and Bruce Brown's stand at the show, with the Gammill machines. They're The Finishing Touch. We should be able to grab a coffee if you come round and say hi!

  6. What a boring trip if there was no rally driving. The car must be thanking you.
    Only sprinkling for a little while this morning but very cold here too. Just have to work at home by the heater.... Hard job !!!

  7. Hi, It's taken me days to work out, but I have finally learnt how to leave a comment on your blog (a google account!). Thank you for making the comment about our Friendship Exchange (Angel Swap), I have had heaps of links from your blog, plus comments and emails, so it looks like we'll have a great assortment of angels coming this way in a few weeks (still not too late to start stitching!). I hope you have a ball in Sydney, looking forward to some pics on your return.


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