Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Prezzy and the mail...

This is my present that I won on Tracey's blog....I am so lucky...thanks heaps Tracey I love it and just need a bag like this to take my sewing in instead of a snap lock bag that I am using at present....the peppermint aero bars have disappeared....I gave one to DH and he asked where did I get it and I said from my "imaginery friend" (this blog stuff is weird for him) but he did ask where was my "imaginery friend" from.....
This is some material I ordered from Z & S Fabrics.......packaged so beautifully I didn't want to pull it apart.....
......but I had to to show you.... These materials are from the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell for MODA and I have a couple of charm packs and another piece of material and an idea in my head which I will have to get onto paper before I forget.....
....till next time....


  1. Ohhh, such lovely treats, what a lucky win! I love ordering from Z&S, they are entirely wonderful, they package things up so nicely!

  2. Wonderful presents--- looks like somebody loves you!!! Love the fabric...packaging does make a difference...

  3. You lucky gal! That's a gorgeous ensemble. Love the fabric from Z & S. The packaging is nice. Their shipping prices to Oz is reasonable. Do you have any plans for the fabric? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well aren't you the lucky duck then? What a wonderful prize package. Lovely fabrics and yes the packaging almost makes you want to keep it tied up.

  5. Isn't it fun to have some many great imaginary friends...wonderful pressy.
    I look forward to seeing what your going to do with the April Cornell fabrics.

  6. Don't you just love blogging :)) Presents in the mail are such fun.

  7. You were lucky to win so nice prezzies. I usualy don´t win anything but last week-end I won something too, nothing quilty though, a machine to measure electricity use! Well better than nothing!
    I wish you a lot of fun with your new fabrics. Take care.

  8. Lucky you to get such a treat in the post. I am going to check out the Z&S Fabrics.

  9. Well done, your prize looks great, hope it will be packed for the road trip to Nundle in a few weeks time.
    I will take you up on that drink.
    The cover to Country Threads has a cushion with apples on it, it may not be in the shops yet!!!

  10. What a lucky girl you are!!!! You have to love fun mail like that! And yummy fabrics - can't wait to see your idea come to life! Thanks for your comment on the cow!!!!

  11. You are very lucky!!!

    Wonderful your fabrics.
    ciao ciao

  12. I think the fabrics and the aero bars are equally scrummy but the fabric will last a bit longer

  13. Pleased you like it! I am grumpy because I have successfully managed to miss everyone's lucky post draws in the last few weeks! Am always a little late or early!
    4 inches has certainly done it's job at your place, we are similar here, tracey


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