Monday, 18 June 2007

Thanks....the winner is....

OK everyone who went in my little 50th post draw...thanks for participating......I would like to respond personally to all posts but blogger as not been emailing me my comments after the first few so I don't know where they are going.....and the winner is Connie.....Simply Quilted.... and I will have a little prezzie for QLD so please email me you contact details also all international (not Australian) bloggers who commented please send me your details as I will pop a little surprise in the mail..........Thankyou all....


  1. Oh maybe my name will be drawn next time. Congrats to Connie.

  2. Oh -- Lucky Connie :))

    Are you able to get your comments to your email yet? Sometimes blogger just changes your setting all on it's very own -- not real reason why. Hope it's fixed for you :))

  3. I feel just SOOOOO lucky! Wow...I love to be a winner! Thanks so much!

  4. Congratulations to Connie!!! And are you serious about all non-Aussie commentors sending you details??? I'll do that just in case :o)


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