Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Quilt Show pics........

First shopping at the quilt show from Honeysuckle Cottage who had a stall at the quilt show.....I brought an Anni Downs Hatched and Patched stitchery.....
Some fat quaters which don't go together and won't but I liked them all......little DD project with the hot pink piece. Following are some shots from the quilt show. The girls did so well. You can't even tell it is the local library barely a book to be seen.......lots of wonderful quilts approx 60 odd quilts then some bags, stitcheries and pillows etc.......

Oh things are better today...thanks for the kind thoughts...........and a blog lurker who had lunch with me know who you are......
Oh and I didn't win the quilt raffle...........


  1. Thanks for showing the quilts from the show. They are beautiful. Is it your quilt on one of the photos

  2. Hi Doona, hope all is well in your family, your photos's look great, there looks to be a few familiar quilts on show there.
    So I suppose I didn't win the raffle either or do you have a surprise for me.See you soon

  3. Good to hear things are better with your family.

    Thanks for the pictures of the quilts. Very nice quilts. It is fun to see the way they have hung them on the library shelves. Good use of space :))

    Sorry to hear you didn't win the raffle.

  4. Thank you for showing us these lovely pictures. I am glad to hear that things are better with your family.

  5. The photos look great ! Looks just the same as when we went through.
    Was the raffle drawn was it.
    They haven't rang me???

  6. Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts. It's fun to see a mini quilt shows in your own living room.

  7. Oh goodie, lovely photos of the quilt show! Thanks for sharing.

  8. HI,
    What a treat, in the second photo is someone's gorgeous version of my quilt, Liberty Fields!! I think I like the Denyse Schmidt version better than the original. Well done to her and thanks for showing it. Kathy at Material Obsession.


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