Thursday, 23 April 2015

Calling Russia...........

Hi bloggy friends...........
every so often I look at my stats...........more often just to see where people are come from.....still amazes me that my little spot in the web is viewed around the world........
when I looked today I have had LOTS of visitors from Russia.........
but I don't hear from any bloggers from Russia so who's out there reading............
what country are you from..........
Image result for map russia
also amazes me the amount of visits to the blog I have compared to the number of comments..............
people don't comment as much as they used to that is for sure............
I love the interaction of comments and emails back and forwards.........
that is how I have made many friends online around the world.......
i'm sure if I wanted to I could blog hop my way around the world no worries staying with my online friends...........
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........
PS I do understand we cannot possible manage to comment on every blog we visit but I try to spread the love around when I make comments............


  1. It is nice to get comments, and I too notice the numbers that visit. I have lots more comments this week due to a giveaway! Sometimes it is hard to leave a comment, there are some blogs that I go round in circles and then give up. Glad you had some rain.

  2. Sometimes I just don't know what to say or someone else has said the same thing. I love fairy girls scrappy top. Amazing what can be done with scraps.

  3. Ditto to al that you said Chooky. I like to see who my viewers are - even tho the majority of the visitors don't leave comments. It is hard leaving comments on every blog you read but I do try!! And the follow up emails are great - all adds to the learning process and making of great friendships!!

  4. Hi chooky for is I have often thought the same thing the ratio of comments to visits,I agree with you about the comments it's a great way of meeting new friends xx

  5. I so love blogging and the friendships around the world that it has created, and that can only start with comments left and following up with replies and/or emails. We are the modern day pen pals!

  6. I wonder if your Russian visitors are like me when I visit non-English blogs? I like to look at the pictures but don't always comment as I can't read the content. (I've not had much luck with the translator thingo)

    Glad to hear you have got some rain.

  7. I love comments too. ..Hmmm might have to check out my stats too hehe

  8. Recently I have had many visitors from Russia, but I don't know who they are. Like you I think it's so nice to get comments from people living in other countries. Have got may new friends via blogging. I also know that I can be better to comment on other blogs. But I often experience that I never hear back from for me a "new" blogger. May be they don't appreciate the comments?!

  9. Chookyblue, thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought I'd pop over and check what you're up too... and of course I couldn't leave without leaving a comment on this for you!
    I agree, comment vs visits/hits ratio is always intriguing... and it makes we wonder if all the people reading who don't bother to comment just think I'm a crazy ranty person on a soap box (I hope not!) but are too kind to say it to my face, I mean, blog.

  10. I've just found you via Pomegranate and Chintz, so you can add Scotland to where your visitors come from. I find that I get very few comments compared to the number of people who read the blog - I would love to get more comments, as I do enjoy getting feedback. I have made some super friends through my blog, and when on holiday in Australia I have met up with a friend in Sydney, as well as Meredithe and her friends in Melbourne.
    So hello from the sunny Glorious Scottish Borders!

  11. Well, this visitor is from Ireland. I'm absolutely terrible at commenting though!

  12. Popping in from Maryland, USA. I'm trying to cut back on my computer time, so I don't comment as much as I used to. And I never comment on the "Big" blogs, where I know I'll never get a response, and the blogger would never come to my blog. I've discovered a nice community here, and love commenting and emailing with my friends. Love reading your blog - never know what I'll find here.

  13. I'm in New Jersey, USA.

    I don't always comment when I pop in to read. . . . .partly because I am at work and am usually just "checking in" on you. (Gee, nothing like sounding like a stalker! ROFLOL).

    I love seeing what you are working on. . . . I would love to take part in the stitch a longs but the patterns are not available locally for me. . . .

    Have a wonderful day.

  14. Just a little hi from Norway :-) Take care and have fun !!

  15. Hello from Arizona USA and I most often do comment when I visit in the blog world. And you are right...either they are no reply or just stop in with no comment. I will try harder to always comment as I do when I stop by with you.

  16. Independence, Missouri USA (Its in the middle) My commenting depends on whether I have something to say! Oh, by the way, I'm glad you are getting rain! I wish I wasn't.

  17. Crikey I thought I had just written your post for you! I am working down my follower list and visiting blogs while I am waiting for dinner to cook and asking myself the same question.
    I totally agree and I feel that this is why many blogs have stopped because people are not interacting with the comments like they used to. I know blog awards annoyed some people but even that seems to have stopped as well.
    You have 17 comments here...........I am lucky if I have 1 and recently some posts which I have spent ages getting the content together gets zero comments.
    I have many visitors from the USA but I only really know three as such. I also have well over 300 hits a day and maybe one comment.
    Perhaps my blog is rubbish.
    I shall comment as much as I can and bore you with my ramblings. I even asked if anyone would rather follow me on Instagram just as an experiment and still no comment. Got to be a rubbish blog? Ha Ha.

  18. Come and see ME! (Oh Wait. We already did that -- virtually. Do it in real life!) And YAY for rain!!!!

  19. A big hello to all those from OS who said hi to Chooky and to you Chooky. It amazing that women with like interests connect no matter where we are in the world

  20. I would like to think people always left a message, but I know myself sometimes I dont have the time or anything special that I want to say! Russia is a bit of a mystery to me, as I too seem to have many visitors from that part of the world, I do hope it has nothing to do with hacking/re routing servers/dodgy brothers and everything to do with just enjoying the pictures we post and not understanding english.

    1. You've said what I was going to say Sue...a friend closed her blog down because of the amazing increase in 'traffic' from Russia...don't know where she got her info about the risks of hacking and ID theft etc from, but she wasn't taking any chances.

  21. Yes it is interesting how many folk visit from all over the world and don't leave comments. I find I don't blog or comment as much as I used to but it because where I live the Internet is sew slow I get frustrated and just give up..

  22. Hello Donna,

    I have noticed spikes in visitors from certain parts of the world, like some of the previous comments I wonder if there visits are genuine. I think it depends how busy you are in your own life as to how many comments you leave.
    Happy days.

  23. I try to leave comments when I visit but sometimes time runs out...likewise with me, lots of looks on some days but no comments. from not far away in Victoria!!

  24. Hello, I visit you most days but usually do not comment. Enjoy your quilting and farm posts. I am from Atlanta area of Georgia. I visit a lot of quilt blogs but recently have not been sewing much. I have lots of things that need finishing. Glad you have gotten some rain recently. Sending Georgia sunshine your way!

  25. I hope you're ready for everyone to comment on this post! I love seeing where my followers come from, it's mind boggling.

  26. The Triangle part of North Carolina. You’re right. Lately I’m a blog stalker rather than commenter. I need to be more talkative! :-)

  27. Roma Qld.
    I'm a bit sporadic with comments.
    I love reading though.


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