Sunday, 2 December 2007

Blue Chooky's from Netherlands

Remember Nicolette's Interactive Pink Ribbon Quilt in October...........I won the quilt for my friend (which will be here shortly) I also won a prize for myself.........

Opps my parcel was opened at Quarantine and thank goodness it i was opening the present these little lollies (very yummy ones) were falling out of the package everywhere............I could hardly imagine what they were

they also enclosed some brochures about what you are and aren't allowed to send in the mail..........

These are the beautiful materials she enclosed................

These amazing prints of chooks at that.............I am a very happy chookyblue...........

And this gorgeous little messenger bird with her own nest................fairy girl may have snavelled this.............we will see..........

Thanks heaps Nicolette.............I really appreciate this little parcel and to find chooky materials was such a treat...........I have never seen anything like them........Thanks
--------------Take care----------


  1. Great present - I'm glad customs didn't eat your lollies

  2. Fantastic fabric!!!How cute is that!!

  3. You received lovely fabrics and a very cute messenger bird!

  4. Hello Donna, I’m glad to see my little gifts made it to your home. It’s crazy though the others to the UK and USA aren’t even received yet...! I would like to know what the folders have to say. Enjoy your chooky fabrics... I wonder, did they put the chocolate back into the package?

  5. Sending sweets to and from australia can be dangerous LOL
    Enjoy you choocky fabrics :)

  6. Did you get all your lollies or did customs eat some of them. Taste test.????
    Love those little messenger birds.
    It surprises me that DD would want it. NOT!

  7. Very cool chook fabric! Glad your sweets got through,m and the rest of the package arrived in tact.

  8. Lucky you! All that great fabric, a chicken and rain all at once.

  9. Hi Chookyblue,
    I have had 3 parcels from USA opened in recent weeks, nothing removed, but the brouchers put in.
    I think that it is the shapes that showup on Customs x-rays, and also what their highly specialised sniffer dogs smell on the parcels. I have a friend who had a parcel from Canada opened and when she contacted Customs they said that they had found an apple stem in the book that had been sent, so better to be safe than sorry with our agricultural products etc.

    Absolutely in love with the blue chooky fabric, totally different to any that I have ever seen.

    We had 36mm of rain on the weekend lovely but no where near enough to break the drought down here. There wasn't that much in our water catchment area.


  10. I just love the messenger birdie that is one of my favourite patterns. At least your parcel was quicker than my exploding smarties that went to May Britt.

  11. You received a wonderful package. I love the bird.

  12. Amazing blue/white fabrics! Do you know who is the manufacturer? Have you decided what you're going to make out of it?

  13. OMG!!!!! I love all of that blue chook fabric you lucky duck...



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