Saturday, 22 December 2007


We are flooding and it is still raining.............this is what I woke up to.................


  1. wow - are they forecasting more rain? we've had 30mms!!!!! such a wonderful christmas present for us as it's been ages since we've had rain. i really enjoyed being inside as the thunder roared and the rain came down. it was grey and gloomy and just perfect. i had to go to the shops but we waited for it to abate and we walked in the rain - so much fun.
    i hope you don't get too much more!
    merry christmas

  2. Oh my, I hope the rains stop soon! Take care!

  3. Wow - sure hope it doesn't flood much more. Are all your rain water catchment areas full?

  4. Goodness! As long as it doesn't come into your house. Take care.

  5. Is there any danger that you have to evecuate because of the flood?? Looks like much water to me.

    I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. My SSCS present is still not opened :)

  6. My goodness Donna! That's a lot of rain! We've had heaps here in Canberra too, but we're on a hill so no flooding. I hope you're all okay and your stock too.

    So glad you were able to deliver Nicolette's quilt. It's beautiful and no wonder the recipient was overwhelmed!

    Hope you get some Christmas cheer amongst all those mozzies and the mud!


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