Wednesday, 26 December 2007

SSCS prezzies (post 2)

Aus Leanne was Santa for USA Judy

Aus Lynda H was Santa for USA Cindy

Aus Peg was Santa for USA Doe (Doreen)

Aus Robyn for USA Juliann

Aus Tracey K was Santa for Norway Laila

Aus Angela was Santa for USA Connie

AUS Anita was Santa for USA Carol E

Aus Hannah was Santa for Netherlands Corry

Aus Jodie was Santa for USA Paula Sweet P

Aus Kate was Santa for USA Kelli


  1. Still more gorgeous; the Roman Holiday rag quilt is especially cute!!
    So many talented people-and beautiful dolls and bags....and just so the PETA people don't email me, the real chickens in the photo were not stuffed into the post pack!!!!! Tracey


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