Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Hi all have a wonderful Christmas..........although I am a little flat at the moment with all happening here the waters are receding............Santa should be right to call in..........

Thanks for all you caring comments on my flood posts and the great comments on the Pink Ribbon quilt I was honoured to deliver.

I have had a wonderful year joining blogland and have made lots of new blogland friends with one special one who has been keeping me same these last few days with our online chats...........the house phone has been out since Saturday and is not likely to be on until 28th if then..............the mobile only works when you are outside - can't say much for NEXT G (if you are in oz you will under stand that) but atleast we have been able to stay slightly in contact with the world.........

Enough of me for now ..............hope everyone has there SSCS presents although I doubt it as I have not heard from some people so they may have nothing yet still on the sleigh...........and I am not sure what is happening on Boxing Day but I may or may not get to post all the SSCS presents people have made...............I apologise now if I don't get it done but given the circumstances I hope you will understand................

We are not sure if we can go anywhere for Christmas Day yet so will see what the night brings......

Elf Donna


  1. Take care Donna. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas notwithstanding the flooding.

  2. Elf Donna, I hope you can celebrate Christmas in spite of all the water issues. Thanks again for organizing the SSCS and of course we understand when you post about the presents later! Take care. Merry Christmas to you all!!

  3. where ever you are I hope that you have a great day!

  4. Merry Christmas Donna to you and your family, I have tryed a few times to ring you but I thought your phone might have been down. Oh well at least you are not in drought anymore LOL.
    Have a great day, I look forward to seeing all of the SSCS presents, isn't it good we get to open ours before alot of the other ladies around the world - some advantages to living here in Aus.
    Take care and have a great day
    Love Kerry

  5. Ciao Donna I hope all now is better...........

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas Donna, I hope your day with your family is a great one.

  7. Dear Elf Donna! I hope you will have a merry Christmas - even with all the water.

    My pressie from Sharon have arrived safely (not sure I remembered to give you notice... If not: I'm sorry!), and will be opened tonight at our family pressie opening :o)

    Happy holidays and take care! Hugs...

  8. Merry Christmas wishes to you and your family. I hope that things somehow work out and back to normal as soon as possible. The SSCS was such fun and I want to thank you again for undertaking the project. It's been a pleasure getting to know you here and I look forward to continuing the friendship. A Christmas (((hug))).

  9. Merry Christmas to you Elf Donna. I pray and hope all is better and you are doing well.

  10. Merry Christmas to you Donna. I'll hope all the water problems are solved soon, take care!

  11. Hey Donna, relax, the SSCS stuff can wait! ;o) It is a time to celebrate with family and friends! I wish you and your loved one's a very Merry Christmas! Thank you again for all that you do! Hugs my friend!

  12. Sorry about the flooding.
    Here has no package arrived yet, but I am sure it will be here after christmas.

  13. Merry Christmas to the best elf ever! Hope life gets back to normal soon. Best wishes for a happy holiday with your loved ones.

  14. So sorry about the flooding. Hope everything is Ok for your holiday.
    I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the SSCS. I opened my present for Christmas Eve and it was so fun to get things from far away Norway. If you don't get all of the pictures posted it will be totally understandable. You have been such a great elf. :D

  15. if it doesn't rain, it pours! that's the saying i believe. your poor veggie patch - and everything else too. hope by now the rain has stopped and the flood waters have abated somewhat. take care and enjoy your christmas.

  16. I hope however it has worked out that you are having a lovely time.

  17. Merry Christmas Donna!
    I hope the flood situation sorts out fast and well.

  18. Hi Donna, Wishing you a wonderful Christmas through it all. Don't you remember the I love a Sunburt Country story. You know the bit about the droughts and flooding rains or is it plains . Yes it sure is the case here in Australia in 2007. Hope you all keep safe and Santa found his way in last night.

  19. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    I will show a photo of my SSCS gift shortly. However, I still don't know who it came from because she didn't sign the card. I only know it's from someone in Paradise Point, Australia. Can you tell me who it is?
    I hope you don't have too much damage from the rain.

  20. OMG Donna!!! Life got busy here...I was tuning in with a coffee for a big Post SSCS post and I see rain, rain and more!
    This country of ours is honestly enough to rip your heart out at doesn't b..... rain for years and then you get it all at once!!!
    I hope you and your famuly still had a lovely Christmas, especially as your initiatives added so much joy and fun to so many quilters all around the World, lots of love and prayers to you, Tracey

  21. It is now Boxing Day and yesterday I opened by SSCS....and gift was awesome.....I receive from Rose Marie (Canada) a fantastic foundation pieced carry bag.....Donna thank you so much for organizing this fantastic swap.....


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