Friday, 28 December 2007

my prezzies..........

I will start this post with the pile of biscuits I made yesterday..........they will last about 5 minutes when the visitors come...........

I received this little thankyou gift from Hanne..........chooks around the bottom and dh is currently making me a round table so this will be made up for it.........

my SSCS Santa was Nihal..............she sent me these goodies

she also made this great stocking.........

and this Santa bag.....I am so lucky thanks Nihal..........

Nicolette sent me this little thankyou gift - remember I went crazy when she sent me the blue chook materials well this time she sent me a bundle of reds with the same prints on them........I love them thanks for being so thoughtful........

Carole sent me this fat quarter of chook material (love it) and a charm pack - the thing is yesterday in the mail I received more material which I ordered from this same range Autumn Journey........I love it so this charm pack will be used with the fat quarters - perfect

this came from Anita so I will sit down and have a "cuppa" with her we will get to meet later in 2008 - with a chook serviette do you see a theme happening here

I love all my presents...........thanks so much girls......... I just have a terrible feeling I am missing a present that has been sent to me over the last few I was saving them to open at Xmas..............but as my house is still in renos mess I need to do a major if you have sent me a present and have not seen it on the blog email me please at least that will confirm I am supposed to be looking for something.............

.............we do know of 1 flood of my black chooks died...........I think she is the one that may have been down during the flood.........she went up into a tree sometimes and all the others spent the time in the roost............I couldn't do anything for them as I had more to worry about and the water was to deep to go to them but the whole chookyard was well under water for a day..............lucky I didn't loose more..........

-----------take care---------


  1. I’m glad to see you received some lovely thank you gifts! I love the tablecloth woth the running chooks! You have done a real wonderful job Elf Donna with the SSCS swap. Thanks again!

  2. Wonderful little goodies! Sorry to read about your chook! Keep well!

  3. the biscuits look yummy - i wouldn't mind coming over for a cuppa myself!

  4. Your presents are wonderful! Lucky you-you deserve to be spoilt!

  5. great prezzies....yummy, are they Anzac those....

  6. Sorry you lost one of your real life chooks Donna. Hopefully lots of fabric friends will help ease the the Santa stocking you received :)

  7. Great Pressies!!And a lot of sewing!
    Also I loved all your flood and rain photos too,brings back memmories,how much rain did you end p having? My parents had 180points and it left a fair bit of water around which is good as the previos rain must have primed the ground,maybe they ll get some feed coming through now.They are expecting a big river and maybe a minor flood soon!

  8. Love that red chooky fabric. Sorry to hear about one of your chooks. I just heard today that Mr Fox had all 5 of my friend's chooks for christmas dinner while she was away - the poor neighbour who was looking after them... Your biscuits inspired me to bake yesterday. I am feeling like I'm on holidays now.

  9. A chook loss...should send flowers lol!!
    Love your pressies, as I tell my DH-"you can never have too much chook stuff!!".
    Love your snake! and the latest present pics, Tracey

  10. Thanks for popping by my blog so I could discover yours! Love all the SSCS pressies going around! What a fantastic swap! I'll sign up next year. :)

  11. Your presents are beautiful! It's so wonderful to see what each santa made, thanks for showing us. There are many creative persons in blogland!

  12. The SSCS gifts are all so lovely, think of it, they were all made because you were so brave to be the host of this swap. Thanksssss

  13. Those cookies looks delicious, can I have one??? And; can we do the SSCS next year too Pleeeeease - pretty pleeeease ;-D I had so much fun :o)

    Best wishes for the New Year:o)

  14. Oh my those biscuits look good! Wonderful presents! Happy New Year to you and yours!


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