Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Busy Busy Busy......

Life has been running on FLAT OUT.............althought I did stop to take this sunset photo yesterday arternoon.....

We have had Christmas parties, school concerts, birthday parties, shopping trip to the big town to get the photo with Santa for fairy girl, visitors, visitors, renovation mess oh and visitors again..........there are some christmas presents to sew........

here is the vegie patch.........grown heaps....

We have also had lots more rain and the paddocks are looking fantastic.........here is a photo of the clouds around the mountain over the weekend.........

opps nearly forgot I managed to fit a coffee in with Blueberry Lane........that was nice and hopefully we can do that again soon...........


  1. lucky you for getting so much rain - it's so lovely to hear someone is getting rain. we are still very dry here in adelaide - they are forecasting showers - lets hope it turns into rain! it would be the loveliest christmas present.
    still loving the pics

  2. Rain!!! We should be so lucky!

  3. What a beautiful sunset, thanks for those lovely pictures they lighten up my long dark day.

  4. Oh Oh how many parties..........

    Wonderful sunset and beautiful pics.

    ciao ciao

  5. Enjoy the rain! Your veges are looking so healthy :)

  6. Your paddocks are looking great...we had New South blokes at the door today begging us to agist cattle-nothing where they are.
    I can't get over how advanced your season is on us-corn only just in here, Tracey

  7. Lovely pictures! I especially love to see warm beautiful in the depths of our winters.

    Merry Christmas!!


  8. Miss chookyblue,
    I understand the craziness and the busyness so just in case I don't get back to say hi in the next week. I hope you and your brood have a wondrous time over christmas and I can't wait to catch your blog again in 2008. This blog is like happiness on a web page - thankyou

  9. Busy busy busy - I'll be happy to stop soon. It will be soon won't it! Hail storm here tonight - grow little plants!

  10. Truly is the silly season isn't it. Thanks for the pics of the vegie garden, far more than a patch, very impressive.


  11. natalie ross in stitches19 December 2007 at 22:44

    I know how you feel Chookyblue. I too have school and sporting presentations to attend and sewing to do. can't wait for Chrissy day so I can stop and sip on a cocktail :-)

    Together "In Stitches"


  12. Life is flat stick every where lately. I hope you get a nice rest soon. I can't believe how well your vegi patch is doing. It looks amazing!

  13. I don't know why we do it each year Christmas is just crazy. I am happy to report it is rain here at the moment thunder and lightening to boot the dog is under the bed and I'm sooo excited.


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