Thursday, 27 December 2007

SSCS prezzies (post 9)

Aus Donna special delivery for Canada CJ

Aus Gail P was Santa for USA Alice (The Quilted Giraffe)

Aus Jenny J was Santa for USA Darlene

Canada Floss was Santa for USA Meghan

Canada Pam C was Santa for USA San

Canada Rose Marie was Santa for Aus Peg

Netherlands Monique was Santa for USA Raesha

Norway nemo was Santa for USA Nancy (Near Philly)

USA Tami was Santa for AUS Robyn

Aus Carey was Santa for USA Linda R

Aus Dale was Santa for USA Carole P


  1. Beautiful works, really !
    THANKS for showing, Donna !...
    Still I'm wondering WHO IS MY SECRET SANTA ????????
    Will you tell me ? (at least this would help the waiting ..... :>)
    Smiles !

  2. Wow, what a lot of organising this must have been for you. Everyone has made such great things.
    Well done.

  3. Well done Elf Donna, are we near the end of the pics yet?

  4. I can't possibly neglect this post after commenting on all the others....especially as I now desperately want a giraffe and 20 more bags....(I sound like one of my kids so I will change it to , "i don't want them....I NEED them!") LOL off to the Warrnambool beach for a few days,-I'll get sunburnt for you, LOL, tracey

  5. ooooh can I put my name down for next Christmas???? PLEASE.
    It looks like such fun and I have to say you must be pretty amazing to organise it all.
    Hope your Christmas was merry and that things are drier there now.

  6. What beautiful presents and fabulous crafters everyone is! I'm drooling over everything and absolutely loving my quilt from Lynda in Australia!
    Thank you so much, Donna, for orgainizing this incredible swap!

  7. Congratulations on your most AMAZING organisational skills - what an amazing feat for your to facilitate all those people to make such wonderful things. I was in awe of you. Such wonderful crafty prezzies for our blogland friends. Well Done Chooky Blue! Thinking of you and the water. Keep smiling...

  8. Wow! What an amazing collection of special crafty goodness! It was such a lovely swap to do Donna and you pulled it off with such amazing skill and dedication!THANK YOU SO MUCH you are AWESOME!!!!Hope things are a bit drier and everything is ok :)

  9. What a wonderful christmas presents everybody received !
    I also received a wonderful present from Janet.
    I had a wonderful time with this swap so thank you very much Donna for organizing this swap.

  10. Donna - thank you so much for hosting this swap and now posting the wonderful gifts from the SSCS. All of the prezzies are amazing!! What a wonderfully talented group of ladies!
    I look forward to participating again next year, if you decide to do it again! Thank you so much for thinking of it - it was great fun!

  11. Great works!!!!!
    I'd like to partecipate next year, you are a special group!!!!
    Happy new year


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