Saturday, 29 November 2008

Chrissy Banner..........

As this weekend we can put up the Christmas Tree I decided it was time for the Chrissy banner.........and I have a Christmas party tonight...........yippee.........the silly season begins.......
My SSCS "Angel" has a few things happening so head over and check it could be worth it.........

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Wow I can't believe you have a Christmas party already. Love your new banner

  2. Hmm I going to cry, still no sleigh on it's way to me and my parcel hasn't got to USA yet it went 11 days ago.
    Hope it will get there.


  3. Love the banner - fancy all those people all over the world participating!! I'm sure there is a christmas party somewhere in our street tonight, as there are cars cars cars.

  4. Fantastic banner Donna!!!!!!!!!
    and I'm happy to be one of these 156 swap girls that are in all the world.

    Enjoy your party.

  5. Yep the silly season has begun!!! I helped some of the kids put the Christmas tree up in the boarding house yesterday, "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..."

  6. Come on you SSCS girls dragging the chain. Chooky has put a lot of effort into this swap so lets make it a good one, don't let her down we are all so close.


  7. Lovely Chrissy banner-thanks for being such a wonderful elf!

  8. Love the banner! It is feeling like Christmas now. It is my son's birthday today and as soon as that happens I know it's nearly Christmas!

  9. Very exciting banner, Donna! Now the festivity really begins! And this weekend there was extra as my SSCS package arrived in the mail--hooray! So the sleigh passed over Norway! ;o) Happy weekend making ready for Christmas ((HUGS))

  10. No, thank you Elf Donna ...what fun this is to do and we all know you work hard on it for us!! Great banner and hope your party was wonderful!!!


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