Monday, 27 August 2007

checking the paddocks

Here are some pics I took when we went around the paddocks to check feed and sheep/ I was snapping away it took alot longer............thought I would share my favourite ones with you.........
The Windmil........playing with black and white.......what do you think..........
At the old woolshed site...............part of some old scales...........1960 beer bottle..........old wheel and cooking pot.........

At a couple of different dams and a water dam had about 20 baby ducklings.......oh yes that's right we did see some was lovely cloud day for photos....

Finishing up with my the daisies which are flowering wildly at the makes things look magic.......

It is still green here at the moment but with the days warming up we are at a crucial time for more rain to keep crops alive and pastures growing.............

Bye for now and thanks for giving Gillian (see last post) such a wonderful welcome she has put a reply in for you girls to say thanks also.........
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  1. Beautiful Photography! I really like the black and white. That 1960 beer bottle would seem ancient, but I was born then, so I think it hardly qualifies as old ;)

  2. The daisies are my favourite too, and they look great in your blog header.

  3. I love your landscape. I love the windmills. Some day I will show some of the mills we have in our landscape. Do you have the camera with you all day? You really have a great eye for it!?

  4. I love the old 'stuff' at the woolshed.

  5. You must put flowers in the old pot. Thank you for the pictures, they are lovely.

  6. Love all your photos.
    I've got a beer bottle with my year on the bottom of the bottle.
    Just need a stand to display it on.

  7. There's always something to photograph on a farm, you should take the camera more often, even if it does slow you down.
    We had a dreadful hot north wind on Monday and it dried everything out so much, it's not looking good for the crops here again. We don't have daisies growing wild like that, only soursobs and salvation jane!
    Oh, and LOVE your Butterscotch Pie,you must feel good to get it in one piece and ready for quilting.

  8. Fantastic photos. Great range and contrast. I love those daisys, and the water shots, heck I like all of them!

  9. What a lovely collection of photos! I love the old machinery/scales etc. Lucy

  10. great photos, as usual. well done on teaching the class, tracey

  11. Wow. What a great blog and these photos are terrific. I love the daisies. Hugs, Khris

  12. I really love the black and white photos of the windmill. It look so isolated and lonely.


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