Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Fav pics for this week at TAFE........

Thought I would share some of my fav pics of the week from tafe with you........will be interesting to see how and if things change from now till the of the course .......
...the weaners (still bellowing after 2 nights...lucky it is winter and the house is shut up otherwise there would be no sleep for me)
(weaners is what we call calves when they are weaned from cows)

river rubbish washed up

foot prints in the sand
also wacked in a new header ........what do you think.....

..............take care til next time.........

PS.... sorry the header thing is not working out but will leave this pic for a few days unless it really bugs me.........the following pic in the one I wanted to use but it is just not going to give the effect and is to big......
PSS changed the header again now rock in water


  1. The new header looks nice. If fills my screen when I go to your blog. Keep well and happy quilting!

  2. Love the new header Donna (at first I thought you were talking about a John Deere header).
    Ah water, lovely water...
    A great shot, and it will be interesting to see what you do with the others too.

  3. Owwww - you changed the header picture on me! Makes my above comment look weird, cheeky thing.

  4. Wow, the water, trees and the sky, it all looks so calm and silent! Beautiful!

  5. Lovely pictures that you have taken. Are you learning lots from the photography course? What is TAFE? I'm guessing weaners is Australian for Cows? LOL

    You can resize your pictures to use in your header. You just need a photo editing program, and import the picture to the photo editing program and usually it is under image size and then just change the number of pixels and re-save it as another name.

  6. The photo you wanted for your header is very peaceful. The refelction is so still. Was that taken early morning or evening?

    I like the footprints in the sand.


  7. The photo on your header is very nice, you can resize to fit better if you like. It took me a few times to get mine the right size to fit.
    The nature pictures are oh so nice to see, love the still water.

  8. Your photos are beautiful and I like your new header!


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