Sunday, 12 August 2007

Update SSCS

Hi All
I am so excited about the Secret Santa Christmas Swap (SSCS) has been up for 3 days and I have over 40 people already..........does anyone know who "french knot" is as she has left a comment and I can't reply or find the blog bad name in a search as any reference to french knot comes up a zillion times.........I have a few girls to add but I am to tired tonight so will put them on tomorrow.........take care........


  1. Hi Donna,

    I have looked at a blog called french knots this week.This is the blog address, maybe it's the same.

  2. Hello - yes I think the link above is the right one for french knots. Goodluck with your swap!
    Kim x

  3. Thanks for tracking me down! Don't know why the link didn't work, looking forward to the swap. Jo

  4. Dale here I am interested in signing up for the Santa swap. I have just created my own blog, nothing on it yet but Im working on it. I live next door to Peg who is my best friend. Hope to hear from you soon Dale.www.


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