Sunday, 26 August 2007

It's all about a lurker - AKA - secret santa

Photo added to post 2-9-07..............I Can't Believe It's a Beginner" just completed and ready to be quilted..........sorry not a very good picture..there is a strip further down the post........

Hi all you Secret Santa's........this post is to introduce you to Gillian my lurker sewing friend who is now officially a secret Santa...........

(start of I Can't Believe It's a Beginner Nundle 2007)

I spoke to her when I started the swap and she was so tempted to start a blog just to be in the swap..........she just is to busy doesn't always have access to the internet so she offered to be my back up swapper if needed..........

.........well I was in a slightly sticky situation and my solution for this was to include Gillian in the swap.....let me tell you she is excited to say the least...........I did email her secret Santa which we cannot reveal and she has no clue about and she was very happy to make for a lurker friend of mine..........

"Remember When" Nundle 2006 (not her usual colours)

some info about Gillian

  • her favourite colour is blue

  • she loves all things Christmas

  • her favourite quilt designer at the moment is Margot Languedoc from Canada - the last two projects she made have been from her patterns including her Nundle Quilt his year

  • she is one of the girls I go to Nundle with for my fantastic retreat weekend

Between you and me I love Margot Languedoc also as she is The Pattern Basket and the designer of my Butter Scotch Pie (see previous post)

So please leave a comment for Gillian and welcome her to the swap.....................


  1. Dear Donna
    Do I get a secret Santa or ....?
    Ulla Fredriksson


  2. Welcome Gillian to the swap.

  3. Hi Gillian, here is a Big-Welcome to you:) I hope you will enjoy with the swap as much as I do:)

  4. Ciao Gillian welcome to Christmas swap.
    ciao ciao

  5. Welcome to the swap Gillian. You'll love it.

    I love your butterscotch pie quilt. The colors are very yummy.

  6. Welcome to the swap Gillian! Glad to "meet" you.

  7. You've done well with the sticky situation Donna.
    Welcome Gillian. Blogs can be daunting to set up but easy to look at. They are certainly time wasters. Gotta love em.
    Love all Gillian's work and pics.
    Can't wait to see what you make for Secret Santa.

  8. Hi Gillian, so glad you have joined in with the secret santa swap, it should be lots of fun, also looking forward to seeing the finished 2007 quilt.
    Your friend

  9. Welcome to the swap Gillian! :-)

  10. thanks for all the warm welcomes girls - am greatly looking forward to the swap.
    now, what to make??

  11. CB
    Thanks for the blogging tip!!
    much appreciated. Ps love the Remember When quilt!!

  12. Still haven't recieved my secret santa partner? I'm getting anxious...

  13. Welcome Gillian. Its always exciting to hear about talented people. Hope you enjoy being part of the swap.
    Please do set up a blog.

  14. I’m sure I left a comment to welcome Gillian and now I can’t find it. So welcome Gillian, I love the things you make, especially the pastel tone quilt! Blogging is wonderful but time-absorbing. Have fun making your swap-item!


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