Sunday, 19 August 2007

Girls in Print.........and what is a "chook"

At the newsagents today and found Australian Homespun Stitchery Classics.......not sure when it came out but 2 fabulous secret Santa Christmas swap Janet and Kate........... have projects in the magazine.....
Also top projects from Natalie Ross and Leanne Beasley .........
....nice day out today............beautiful day to be out in a garden and then drinks with friends.........I did get my stitchery finished for the stitchery swap I am in so now to make it into something.........hmmmmm...................

.......and finally just what is a "chook" well most Americans call them Netherlands they are ‘kuikens’ and I call them chooks.......hens (girls), roosters(boys) and chickens are the babies.......but I call the lot chooks or "the girls" and here they are.......

Now about "chookyblue" well very simple I love chooks and I love blue to loves now back to you where did your blog name come from...............


  1. Wow what an aweseome blog. I loved reading it all. Do you mind if I add your link to my Blog? Hugs, Khris

  2. devliegendekoe (the flying cow) is a nickname I was given during my study at Art School. As I loved (and still love) cowes, I tried to draw, paint and photopgraph them constantly and I was running (flying) from one point to the other to get everything done during my study. So, that’s why.

  3. I put no thought at all into my blog name because I was just going to try it out. It was mainly for my family who were living far away at the time and I was making them some quilts. I thought they'd like to keep track of the progress. I never dreamed it would take me to such wonderful places and friends but now I am stuck with a blah kind of name. Oh well, as long as the blog is not so blah...

  4. First, I wish there were stitchery magazines in the US as great as the ones in Australia. I'm going to have to start hunting for them here. I already know the Barnes and Noble doesn't carry them. I'll have to try some quilt shops.

    Second, where did I get my blog name? I love coffee. I love quilting. A year before I started my blog I registered coffeetimequiltstudio as a domain name. I had a one page web site. So when I started a blog the name was an easy choice. I have since let the domain name expire. I suppose I should register it again.

  5. I love chooks! They are my favourite. I wish I knew of a place where I can get magazines from Oz. I would love to have access to those. Love the flowers from your parents. What a great birthday you had! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'll have to go into the newsagency on my way home today.
    My name came from: Everyone like butterflies but I remember the dragonfly from "The Rescuers" and when I went to search for the symbolism, I couldn't believe how much it was Me!!!

  7. Thank you for telling us what that meant. I have been wondering and actually thinking bout asking. So now I know.
    My name: red is my favorite color, geraniums I love and I love cottages. So.......redgeraniumcottage
    There you have it.

  8. Abyquilt comes from Abysinian cats which I had two of some time ago (love those cats) and from quilting. Two of my favorite hobbies.
    How fun to recognize names in magazines. It's sad we have to wait so long before magazines comes to norway.

  9. My dear friend Donna,
    Rite now I am informed about my SS swap partner;) O-ohhhh la laaaa... Can hardly wait for starting my surprises:)
    In the meantime, times has been really hectic here for me and ... I will absolutely mention about this swap in my Blog, follow me:)
    Have a fantastic week and Lovies,

  10. Thanks for telling us what the meaning of your name...I had no clue LOL. I'm going to have to try and find that magazine but they are limited here.

  11. Hi, that homespun looks good.
    Love the sunset pic,
    really love the chooks!!
    From another chook lover...Tracey

  12. Dear Donna
    Tried to send e-mail to you but get no answer.You said I'm in the Christmas Santa swap on comments on my blog but I have got no partner and I can't find my name among the swappers.
    What happened?
    Ulla Fredriksson

  13. I always wondered about chookyblue. Thanks for the explanation.

    I don't like my blog name but it would be like renaming a child after they were two. That just won't do, eh?

  14. I love Homespun magazine and can't wait to get my own copy. Thanks for sharing!

  15. My blog name, eh? From the time I got on the internet, I called myself Nancy, Near Philadelphia. So Blogging, Near Philadelphia seemed very logical.


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