Wednesday, 22 December 2010


so what does it mean.......
I talk type to much......well that would be...........YES
spend to much time on the computer........... YES
have lots of wonderful friends...........YES
some I have met others only online.............YES
get inspired to sewing...............YES
see wonderful creations by you..........YES
find out snippets of life around the world.............YES
but what it does mean I have done 800 posts on my blog............I remember how excited I was when I realised I had made it to 50 posts............not in a million years did i think I would still be blogging now and have posted this many posts on my blog...........
so in usual form as I have no sewing to share today i will share some farm stuff..............
Look what we found in the back yard today.......we have a mob of weaners in the back yard eating the grass down..........they disturbed me all night treading on but of tin or knocking a drum etc last night....................since they are just out the window I knew it would be bad...........but this afternoon we found this new baby..........and yes for those that know something about farming yes she is only about the size to join then grow for another 9 months before she has a about underage mothers...........the red one is the mummy and her new baby is asleep on the grass.........the picture is a little blurry as I took it thru the gauze window so I didn't disturb them........but she is a very attentive underage mother so far..........
now the cows were nothing last night compared to what I have bleating 5 metres from my bed right now..........the family did some sheep work today while I did town work (lucky me hey) and when I came home this is what I found............cute isn't it..........let me tell you if it doesn't stop bleating it may not make it thru the night.......
I got all the lines...........
......"but it's mum died so it had to come home MUM"......
......"we couldn't leave it MUM".......
....."I promise you won't have to feed it MUM".....
........"it'll keep my occupied in the holidays MUM".....
i've got 3 hours of driving tomorrow I need SLEEP...........there is always something happening
onto other things I got this lovely thank you present from Fiona in the mail today.........lavender scented with my initial on the front..............thanks Fee it is lovely........and definitely needed.........

I am now on holidays now too and I think this will be the biggest break I have had from my job since I started there many years ago.........routine is out the window...........I was practicing during the floods - it was good bus runs, no lunch "HURRY RUN WE'RE LATE"....
...I can't wait.........I have nearly a month...........I am sure it will fly.......we have nothing planned really.....was hoping to go to Sydney for a few days but being behind and having more jobs from the flooding that is looking unlikely now..........
and I am sure SUMMER will hit with vengeance it is unheard of we have not had a day over maybe 34 or 35...and we haven't had heaps of those either.......40 degrees is going to be hard to take once it gets here and it will .............just not sure when..........
so now my present to you (while I have time) for being such wonderful online friends.....
.......all those wonderful people who visit and leave comments...........
those that lurk and never leave a comment.......thank you but I promise I won't bite if you do leave a comment............

anyway I think I could get a thank you package together while on holidays........have no idea what it will be yet but since I usually do retrospective giveaways i'll do something different this time...........i'll pick someone from this post.........and if you tell everyone your lowering your chances of winning so don't tell do want to win don't you...........LOL

maybe my next post 801 on ???? day will be the ornaments that have been delivered so far in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap...........
Catch you later..............
PS so Jodie whats your secret????
PSS going to sneak off to bed now as the new lamb has stopped bleating..........I have a big day tomorrow and I need some sleep...........nighty night........
PSSS the lamb is winning............she will not be quiet and if she is then the cows aren't............I have moved to to the lounge..........AARARRRRRGGGGHHHH


  1. Congratulations Elf Donna with 800 posts! That’s a lot and I hope to read many more!

    I have no idea how many posts I’ve written, cause every now and then I remove some.

    I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday!

  2. oh but mum, it is soooo cute!! were are you off to tomorrow?

  3. Wow! 800 posts. That is a fine effort. I'm glad you have had some printed as a book as a record. I hope you get some sleep tonight without too many bovine and ovine interuptions.

  4. You go girl, I for one love reading about your life on the farm, heres to the next 800 posts xxx

  5. there is always something interesting going on around your place...always a joy to visit.

  6. Hoping for a long bleatfree sleep and a wonderful Christmas break to you.... thanks for your bloghelp this year....

  7. oh wow 800 posts congrats I love your blog all the pics and stories and the SSSCS thank you for all of it cant wait to read some more hugs Beth

  8. Congrats on 800 posts!! I've enjoyed every one that I have read!

    Have a great Christmas!

  9. Congratulations on 800 posts!!!!

    I hope the little lamb stays quiet for a few hours!

    Enjoy your holiday break

    Merry Christmas, Donna!!!

  10. Congratulations with your 800 posts. I am very glad you did not stop blogging because I like your blog. I hope you have a very good holiday and enough quality time for yourself.

  11. 800! Amazing stuff!Here's to 800 more!

  12. Congratulations! I should check and see how many posts I've made. I think I talk/type too much too! LOL Love the little lamb! :0)

  13. I love surprises. As you know I follow you. I love your blog.

  14. 800 sounds like a lot but it certainly hasn't felt like a chore.
    Congratulations! (cute lamb.)

  15. Hey Chooky congrats on 800 posts!!! Wow, what an achievement...I thought I had done a lot and I am reaching 200 LOL!!! Your little lamb reminded me of our little poddy one we used to have...we called him Lamby ha ha...and he always used to come to the fence when he saw us coming...Have a very happy Christmas...Dzintra♥x

  16. LIfe on a farm is just so different to us in the 'burbs! Our nights are disturned by prowling cats (our own inside the house) and the dog ocassionally needing to go out - or daughters arriving home well after their (much older) parents are asleep. Then again you get to see baby animals being born and all those other wondrous things.
    Have a lovely break from work - hopefully the weather will clear up for you - and not get too hot (haha). In Qld we are looking forward to rain for at least a week - OK with me - hopefully more sewing time!!

  17. 800! Congratulations. Did you ever think when you started that you would be joining this amazing community? I rooly trooly heart blogging.

    (btw - this giveaway - it isn't that lamb is it?!?!?)

  18. Congratulations on your 800th post! I love reading and seeing what's happening in your neck of the woods. To my American eyes, seeing emus, goannas,'s all so exotic! Enjoy your time off and hope you got some sleep!! The lamb and calf were sure cute.

  19. I have loved reading your blog this year life is very near to my heart :) 800 posts is an awesome achievement! Merry Christmas to you and your family, hope it is everything you wish for and more.

  20. I hope you got the sleep that you needed.

    I have gotten very good at being able to sleep no matter what is going on around me. . . wish I could pass that ability to you.

    I've loved seeing all the nature photos you have been posting lately; one day I hope to get 'down under" so that I can try to see all of these animals in real life.

    Merry Christmas,

  21. HOpe you finally got some sleep!!!! It is a cute lamb though!!! Enjoy your holidays!

  22. Gosh that all sounds so familiar our kids were just the same mind you if it wasnt the kids it was me LOL and they were not even our animals most of the time. congrats on your 800 posts you do do the most intresting posts you have to admit that.

  23. Congratulations with 800 posts!
    I love reading your blog, and thanks for all the work you do with SSCS!
    I hope you'll have a wonderful holiday.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  24. Glückwunsch zu deinem 800 Posts,ich lese gerne etwas über die Landwirtschaft in Australien.Wir haben einen kleinen Bauernhof mit Milchproduktion .Hier ist jetzt Winter und wir haben viel Schnee und Kälte.
    Grüße an das kleine Kälbchen und besonders an dich!

    Wilma aus Deutschland

  25. Donna thankyou so much for being such an inspiration to lots of people. I love reading your blog, love your helpful tips, love hearing and reading and seeing about your farm (from someone who lives at the beach) and love seeing all your beautiful photos. 800 posts is amazing - you have lots of stories to tell and lots to share!
    I don't think you realise how much you are appreciated by everyone who participates in the Stitch A Long group - so A VERY BIG THANKYOU - just for being you!
    I pray that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and that 2011 brings you lots of stitching time, sunny days, huge crops, happy lambs and calves, and lots of creativity! Enjoy your holiday - you deserve it! Looking forward to seeing the next 800 or so posts! xx

  26. 800! Wow! That is worth celebrating. I love your blog! I sure hope you got some sleep last night, and that you did not have to get "up at sparrows fart" ... I will never forget that post! Wishing you peace an a holiday filled with family and loved ones. We here in California are having major flooding, and I can appreciate your clean up efforts with the mud etc. Happy Holidays!

  27. They're all reeaallyy cute for about a day..!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy 2011...

  28. Congratulations on 800 posts! I really enjoy your blog as many others do...hearing about life on the farm and the animal antics and the great pics you take.

    thanks for organising the awesome SSCS, I for one love it and hope that it continues for many many years!

    Hope your sweet little lamb gives up the bleating and goes to sleep and allows you some too!

    Merry Christmas,

  29. Congratulations! Enjoy your holidays and have a lovely Christmas!

  30. Big Congrats on your 8oo post Phew! that's a lot of talkin....
    Enjoy your Break & I Hope that Hot Weather doesn't come yet I am Enjoying the Cooler days with this Rain....
    Merry Xmas Chooky to You & Your Family & All the Best for 2011....
    ho ho ho

  31. WOW 800... geez I have a long way to go... and I know that ''lamb'' story so well hahahaha

  32. Have you resorted to earplugs yet? Congratulations on 800 posts - what a milestone. Enjoy your break and have a great Christmas.

  33. 800 posts! Well Maybe it does mean you type (talk) to much, but you have lots and lots of interesting stuff to say. I love your animal posts, this one in particular. Thanks for bringing so many of us so much fun through your blog!

  34. congratulations - that's a staggering amount of posts!!
    that lamb is so cute - i'm having naughty thoughts of roast lamb for christmas lunch though - especially if it doesn't stop bleating. but seriously, i might think it but i could never do it. i'd make a ridiculous farmer's wife - we are babysitting a chook at the moment and i'm not coping with the pecking order business at all.....i've taken to sitting in the pen and protecting her - lol.
    i hope that you and your family have a wonderful christmas :)

  35. Wow thats a lot of waffling lol, 800 wonderful post and hope the is another 800 and more posts to come. It has been great to meet you in person and a friendship that we will have forever.

    O how cute is that little face. How could you try and send it back out to the paddock. I think he need a little blanket to keep him warm at night and then he wont keep you awake.

    Now look who waffling now. lol

    Have a great day

  36. OMG 800 posts! Congratulations. it sure is fun being on this blogging journey with you.
    Merry Christams to you and your family
    PS I think that lamb needs a cuddle MUM!

  37. We have had lots of arguments in the past over orphan lambs
    Every time they bleat hubby wanted to feed them I always argued that their tummies were only little
    Hope your Christmas is wonderful and enjoy your holiday

  38. Having been raised on a farm I have fond memories of raising baby lambs - They are just so cute - I love how they wag their little tails :) So pleased that my giftie arrived in time - have a lovely Christmas.

    Hugs - Fee X

  39. I'm in awe... Congrats, and happy 800 Donna! I enjoy getting a glimpse of your life through all you share through your lovely blog. Thanks so much for all that you share.

    Wishing your holiday will be all that you hope for - maybe the bleating and mooing will keep decent hours so you at least get a good nite's rest! ;o)

  40. Wow 800 posts .....that seems a lot doesn't it. I think I am only about a quarter of the way to 800:0)
    Enjoy your holiday.

  41. Dear Chookyblue, congratulations on 800 posts. I must say that i have enjoyed coming on and having my morning cuppa reading what you and yours are up to,being graziers here in FNQ it is great to see what the weather and how the country and cattle looks down your way and i thank you for that.Who needs a paper when we can come and read Blogs. I hope that you enjoy your well deserved holiday and that you and family have a Merry Christmas and New Year. I will be here to read your next 800 posts you can count on that.
    Crafty Hugs,

  42. Congratulations on 800 posts. I have only just foound your blog so I feel like a cheat commenting when you are having a give away.
    I have enjoyed what I have seen and read so far.

  43. Gee 800 posts - you sure do talk alot!! LOL Congratulations on reaching such a milestone - I have enjoyed being on the journey with you!
    Hope you got some sleep last night!

  44. Congrats on your 800th post. Have a great xmas. Kylie xxx

  45. As ever, your 800th post was just as enjoyable as ever. Thanks for always being so encouraging to others, especially us newbies! And it goes without saying that everyone appreciates your efforts with the SAL and SSCS - You are amazing!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours - Have a lovely break from work(the off-farm variety!)

  46. You look pretty good for 800. Hang a bottle of Mint Sauce out by the lamb that should keep her quiet.
    Now for the next 800.

  47. Hi Donna,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family...

  48. Merry and blessful Christmas to you and your family. Wishing you all the best for 2011 and now some peaceful and relaxing days (you deserve it after 800 posts...super, my compliments!) wherever you'll spend them.
    Christmas greetings,

  49. Congratulations - Wow 800 posts, that's pretty cool! I really like to stop by your place and see what's going on. Hope ya get some sleep. Merry Christmas!!!

  50. Wow, congratulations on 800 posts, thats great!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas- I can't wait to open my secret SAnta present tomorrow-yeeey!

  51. wow......800! I haven't even got to 300 yet...and I talk way too much and spend way too much time on the the pet lamb "lines"....we did the same when we were kids...every year Dad would say - no more pet lambs...and every year he gave in to our bleating when we were helping with the sheep and found a little loner! Have a wonderful holiday..I am looking forward to my two weeks off...can't wait. have been busy with Christmas stuff so am just catching up on blog posts.....

  52. WOW! 800 posts. Congratulations!
    Love the lamb, I am sure my kids would bring one home if their dad would let them. I have a sone who tries to bring home baby rabbits that have come out of the nest box, but I try to discourage this as often they are too little.
    The calf is just gorgeous, his/her mum looks very young; lucky that the calving went well for her.
    Enjoy your rest at home from work. I'm not looking forward to the 40degree days either....

  53. Have a fantastic holiday!!!! Wow!!! 800......and many many more are welcome....I love coming for a visit!
    many yuletide blessings
    XX Wendy :O)

  54. Feliz Navidad querida Donna, que en este dia especial nos alegremos en recordar la venida del Mesias a este mundo y disfrutemos del amor de Dios en compañia de nuestros seres amados.
    Muchos abrazos

  55. Congratulations with your 800 posts. That is really an anniversery. I want to thank you for the way you have arranged everything around the Stitch-a-Long blog and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  56. I, too, enjoy reading about your life on the farm and seeing the pictures of spring coming on as I sit here looking out the window at a white Christmas. Perhaps a good night's sleep should be put on your Santa wish list. Goog luck!

  57. Acabo de recibir mi presente, pero en el sobre faltaba el trocito de papel donde esta escrito el remitente. Solo se lee la "J" del nombre y la dirección. ¿Podrías decirme el nombre para mandarle el email y agradecerle? El obsequio para mi arbol es hermoso. En este momento y desde hace una semana toda la ciudad esta sin servicio de Internet. En cuanto pueda comunicarme con ella le agradezco.

  58. Nothing like farm babies to melt your heart.

    Hope you have a proper break soon and enjoy the school holidays!

    800 posts - who knew you'd have so much to say! Cheers to the next 800!

  59. Do hope you have had some sleep by now & also a fabulous christmas day. We had no rain here today, but it sure looks like we might get a storm tognight.

  60. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS Donna! 800 posts. Wowee!

    Hope you got some bleeping sleep!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by my poor, neglected blog :)


  61. Dear Chooky, I love reading your blog. From one farm girl to another I wish you peace, happiness and just the right amount of rain to fall!!
    Take care,

  62. Wow...800 posts and no doubt many more to come! Congratulations and enjoy your holiday!

  63. I love reading about your life in Australia. Hope to visit there myself some day. Well, I can dream,right? 800 posts is quite a feat. Way to go! Happy New Year!

  64. Oh my goodness 800 posts, I can only imagine!! Don't spend all your holiday working, take alittle time for yourself. Happy New Year!


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