Friday, 3 December 2010

good mail...........

Mr Chookyblue made a quick trip to see if he could get to town this morning..............he was desperate for milk...........we drink a 3 lit bottle a day here- more if I would let them and a 3 litre bottle has lasted us days.........but it wasn't going to make it thru today let alone the weekend and with more rain forecast he made a quick decision to head in..........
Good thing is he got the mail while in there so now I have my advent swap from Margaret
This new book from Natalie Bird...........2011's project for the SAL 
it is gorgeous with quick projects..............already stitched one up.........
and finally dinner......
.......Bookworm was yabbying today and caught big yabbies unstead of the tiny ones like yesterday............anyway he got heaps - enough for dinner for me and Mr Chookyblue....
.....I do mine with butter and garlic and little cheese........divine...
........Mr Chooky does his with chilli instead of garlic...........
Hope your not being washed away where ever you are in eastern Australia......
......lots of flooding and bad storms around.............
Raining again as I type............
Catch you later..............


  1. Always lovely to find a package waiting for you at the post office.

    Don't know what a yabby is. Well, I might know it by another name.

  2. I'm glad I wasn't on board for that trip I bet there was a little slipping and sliding going on. I can imagine the boy yabbying.

  3. Oh, I went to you last post. I see what a yabby is now!

  4. I am glad you are not running out on milk and you got your post. We don't have rain but the snow is difficult too.

  5. and you found the book where Miss Chookyblue????

    Glad to hear you could get out to A) get some happy mail and
    B) get some milk

    can't live without milk lol

  6. Ok Ok I found where on the SAL blog lol, have emailed her so fingers crossed

  7. it looks like the yabbies are what I would call shrimps? yes? they look tastey. I love getting mail that is just for me...not "the house mail" stuff.

  8. I just spent several minutes learning all about yabbies. For anyone else who wants to know
    They are like crayfish (crawdads) here. But smaller? Lucky you having a son to get dinner like that for you. I love that book again lucky you!

  9. You can count me in on the Natalie Bird projects! I even contacted a USA distributor of her patterns and requested the book. If she gets them I will let all the US gals where they can get it.

  10. Your family have been the subject of much discussion in our household this week with all the rain and flooding, have been thinking of you. Glad there was at least one quick trip to town, a fair tradeoff mail for you, milk for them!!! Those yabby's look delicious, I love them. Yum! Had a quick visit from Tracey yesterday, so nice to catch up, first time I've seen her in ages.

  11. How exciting - a pracel, yeah!!!
    Send some of that rain over the ditch please. Our water tanks are down to just a couple of days - I haven't done the washing for a week just to save water, the dishes get done once every second day and I'm just gonna have to sew a nd sew co it doesn't require any water - oh dear how sad *wink*.

  12. Glad to see your mail came through. Don't get washed away, we'd all miss you.

  13. I'm glad that Mr Chooky was able to get through and save the day. It is great that you have now been able to join in the fun of receiving parcels and just not organising everyone else. Dinner looks scrummy. I'll have to see if there are any in our dam. We have a trap, but have never tried it.

  14. Glad to hear hubby was able to get fresh supplies and the mail.
    I'm wondering what do people do in this type of weather if they don't having sewing and stitching to do? :o)

  15. Yabbies - yum!...both ways sound de-lic-ious!!

  16. Now I'm going to have to check out this book :)
    Glad to hear you got through for some supplies...hope the rain eases up soon!


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