Thursday, 16 December 2010

xmas spirit..........

Are you in the Christmas groove?????.............I finally feel like I am getting there...........
I know I have had Christmas sewing and the SSCS planning and the tree is up  but you do need a few Christmas parties too...........
Due to all the flooding a few Christmas parties have been cancelled or postponed or the roads were wet and I didn't feel like battling my way to town............a big one for this Saturday has been postponed to next month due to the fact that everyone will be trying to harvest anything they have left or it will be wet or the MOZZIES are so bad we would not enjoy ourselves outside............
Did I tell you it is difficult to find mozzie spray in lots of country NSW towns at the can't even hang washing on the line without something town the sandflies will eat you alive......
Anyway I was feeling a bit blah with no parties.............BUT after the kids school concert and yesterday at work I was organising our work Christmas party I feel like I am revving up for Christmas.................yippee..............
today I am off to finish the Christmas shopping and I even get to make it to the Cottage on the Hill for the Christmas sale for real........... exciting....
.....quite by accident but I will be there while she is having her big sale.....
I showed this little decoration on the Stitch-A-Long blog..........but I forgot to show you it has gone to Margaret as part of the Advent swap presents............It is a stitchery from The Birdhouse Natalie Bird's new book Tis the is going to be the SAL project for 2011.........but I just had to stitch one up as soon as I got the book...........I love this one..........
Catch you later..............
PS Hope your getting in the Christmas cheer................
OH and only 16 presents for Santa to drop off the sleigh for the SSCS................
PSS and thanks for all the comments on the goanna's..........don't you just love the wild creatures we have around here..........


  1. Lovely decoration Chooky! I managed to get a copy of "Tis the Season" already so am ready when you are!!! (for the next Stitch A Long). Just need to finish off my Gardeners Journal first!!! I'm getting there!!

  2. hope you have fun at the sale and spend lots of lovely stitching/Quilting $$$ My "Tis the Season has'nt arrived yet When you posted about the the stitch a long they all went flying away in the mail so Sarah has had to order more in :)

  3. That's a great kind of accident - have fun :)

  4. grab some goodies at the the Bon Noel....

  5. I will have to get this book...thats such a cute little project! I haven't done any sewing for what seems like ages and am having withdrawals! lol!

  6. I haven't picked up my GJ in a while but will finish it up after Christmas..I just have to sandwich, quilt and bind it...I ordered the new book and I'll probably do the ornie up...I have a few PIFs to do from early in the Fall...good that I have a year.
    Well, one good thing about winter is no mosquitoes...
    Mama Bear

  7. Everything is starting to dry out a bit up here thankfully. It's amazing the difference a few sunny days make. (We'll get the dreaded mould next - very humid here). It is starting to feel like christmas now, all the decs are up - hubby even bought some christmas lights (for around the railway carriage garden).
    Oooh the sale sounds fab, have fun and indulge in a little christmas shopping.

  8. That is a very sweet stitchery. I think I will head off to Kerry's on the weekend too.

  9. OH, fun! Hope you have a great time this season!!

  10. I think I am finally getting into the mood although I do hate all the shopping at this time of year :-(

  11. Definitely in the mood and my new Christmas decoration is hanging on the wall above my Advent calendar.

  12. Glad you have the Xmas spirit. I'll get some photo next week of what we have done at work - amazing is all I can say.

  13. Apart from the SSCS having to be in the mail I really didn't do anything about Christmas until the 1st Dec this year and am well and truly in the Christmas spirit and loving it! I've kept it simple which helps. A weekend without anything in the diary so cleaning, wrapping and baking while listening to carols is on the agenda!

  14. HI - I was just reading some of your old posts and noticed your comment about sewing the binding together to make the ties for the top for Fairy Girl - lovely pet name by the way - anyway I thought I would mention something I saw a while back - and that was to use fabric glue to hold the binding on a quilt down while you machine down the biding. I am talking about glues that come in a pencil style - and they wash out later on. It won't solve the fiddly bit of making sure the binding doesn't get eaten by the amchine - though there are special feet that can sometimes help with that - but it does save the need for pins - which means you do not have to stop & remove pins and can concentrate on just the machining. They are made by Sewline. And I know this may not have been useful - since it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing - but maybe for future reference.

  15. seriously I can relate to the mozzies..itchy nasty pests-I have allergic reactions ot many of the personal repellants amd someone pit me onto an AVON product..if you have access to AVON products..try and get some skin so soft (SSS) bath only need to rub a little bit on and gee it is wonderful for keeping mozzies & sandflies at bay..
    the stitchery is gorgeous,cheers Vickie


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